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Essay on Production

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Firm or Country's Competitive and Comparative Advantages

When one firm/country is able to produce Goods or Services at a lower Opportunity Cost over another firm/ country, it is said to have a Comparative Advantage. For E.g. if one country uses more machines and produces 10 units of each Meat and Clothes in one hour. And another country uses fewer machines and produces either 4 Meat or 6 Clothes in an hour, each country can gain from trade because their...

Nintendo Product Planning in Video Games Industry

Segmentation in video games is related demographic, psychological and behavioral. In this period, demographic is quite important part, from teenagers to adults, girls or boys; video games industry has a wide market. Video games are necessary for entertainment and become a kind of fun with family and friends. However, the contents of all games have to be good for education, it should reduce the vio...

Product Mix as a Kind of Customer Loyalty

Direct Marketing is a channel-agnostic form of advertising that allows businesses and nonprofits to communicate straight to the customer, with advertising techniques such as mobile messaging, email, interactive consumer websites, online display ads, fliers, catalog distribution, promotional letters, and outdoor advertising. Corporate image corporate image may also be considered as the sixth ...

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Economics on Total, Average and Marginal Product

The continuous marginal product of a variable input can be calculated as the derivative of quantity produced with respect to variable input employed. The marginal physical product curve is shown (MPP). It can be obtained from the slope of the total product curve. Because the marginal product drives changes in the average product, we know that when the average physical product is falling, the margi...

Agro Based Industries of Cotton Production

Raw materials used The main raw materials used in iron and steel industry are iron ore, manganese, limestone, silica, chromate, feldspar, scrap iron, flux, and fuel. Coking coal obtained from Jharia, Raniganj, Bokaro, Giridih and Korba is used as a fuel. Manganese is used for hardening of steel and also for removing impurities. Steel products need to be falvanised to make them rust free. This is d...

Inter-Temporal Production Possibilities and Trade

Home’s inter-temporal production possibilities are biased toward present production. But what does this mean? The sources of inter-temporal comparative advantage are somewhat different from those that give rise to ordinary trade. A country that has a comparative advantage in future production of consumption goods is one that in the absence of international borrowing and lending would have a low ...

TVS Group Companies and Future Business Plans

By now this brand has created a good image among the ladies segment. They have included many unique features into this scooter to attract more customers. They introduced the upgraded version, Scooty Pep Plus. Thus they increased their profits. But eyeing the ladies segment many companies are producing scooters which brings in a great challenge for this producing product. They can compete with thei...

Comparison of Philips and Matsushita Brands

Global knowledge transfer is important to provide basic foundation and technical support for innovations. Second, Matsushita should form cross-functional teams to investigate the local market. By employing a diversified profile of people, they can give findings or suggestions on various parts of operations like customer-relationship management, manufacturing, marketing, rather than just produce de...

Enager Industries Ltd

ConclusionEnager Industries Ltd was a relatively young company whom manufactured and produced products/services within three divisions. The company was using ROA method in assessing divisional performance. There were a few problems and conflicts arose within the company due to inefficient use of ROA. Switching to Balanced Scorecard will help Enager obtain stronger goal congruency while alleviating...

Patagonia Challenge

In the past, company has grown tremendously because of taking decisions, which may be cost incremental and expensive in short term but are in favour of environment. Also, there is always some trade-off between being socially responsible and highly profitable. But what’s more important is that company promotes and does actions in conformity with its mission and values. Also, there is no certainit...

The Skoda Fabia

And the older female audience would be more interested in the normal Fabia which Skoda advertised with the Cake ad, which incidentally increased their profits to their best year on record. Overall the ad is successful and memorable with a clear and excellent “unique selling point”. It creates a mean and crazy impression of the car that I’m sure would convince many a young adult to buy the Sk...

Difference Between Branding and Brand Equity

Finally, according to these definitions, it is obvious that (1) ‘branding’ is the process of creating, developing, protecting, and managing the special identity of the product, or the ‘brand’ (to differentiate it in the marketplace) and it is not only marketing effort, it includes all the companies efforts to build this differentiation; (2) the ‘brand’ is the end result of that process...

Basic Introduction of Cement Production Process

This jaw crusher has the high-efficiency, multi-function, excellent crushing product quality as well as the reasonable structure design and prominent crushing characteristics. It has the strong adoption ability for the transporting quantity, material particle size and abrasiveness. It brings long wear time and higher work efficiency. The reliable and stable quality establishes the perfect reputati...

Distribution of Product: Daing Na Bangus

Calcium is also found in fish and this helps in body-building and regulating processes and is distributed evenly in the body. Vitamins B2 and B5, called niacin and riboflavin, respectively, are also contained in fish. These B-vitamins help keep the eyes and skin particularly in the mouth and nose healthy. Eating fish like boneless bangus will lessen the probability of having those kinds of sicknes...

Beer Production and Kool Breweries Limited

The microbiological status of a packaged beer, especially one destined for a distant market, is of prime concern for beer flavor and for the safety of the consuming public (potential for exploding bottles). The only satisfactory microbiological test is to pass at least 100 ml of beer through a 0. 45 micrometer membrane, then plate the membrane on media (such as MRS) under conditions (for instance ...

Honda and Toyota Brands

The second guideline is Business partners are partners in creating a better environment, Cooperate with associated companies. The third guideline is As a member of society actively participate in social actions. The last guideline is toward better understanding actively disclose information and promote environmental awareness. The four basic policies are contribution toward a prosperous 21st centu...

Determining Audience Needs Prior To Project Launch

Since the diversity of the audiences, the organizational differences among and within departments, and the division of assignments are so significantly different, one might logically assume it may be impossible or highly unlikely to have a successful product launch. In spite of those differences, if the company follows the audience evaluation techniques described in this analysis, they can have a ...

Acetone Production

The process that been used in order to produce acetone is the dehydrogenation of isopropyl. Propylene and water are used as the raw material and is mix into the mixture drum and then is been pre-heated and fed to a catalytic reactor, where acetone is formed. Then it will be cooled down at feed into the phase separator and then it will undergo distillation process and acetone scrubber in order to p...

Balance Between Domestic and Foreign Markets in Economy

Secondly, since to win a market requires deep understanding of the customer, he identifies unfulfilled customer needs and so he makes the decision for the development of certain products that match markets needs. This creates an advantage of competitive pricing. Conclusion When companies operate in countries with different cultures, they need to modify their operations in these areas as well as ot...

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