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Essays on Production

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Firm or Country's Competitive and Comparative Advantages

Difference between competitive advantage and comparative advantage An advantage that a firm has over its competitors, that differentiates the Product or services offered by the firm and allows the firm to reduce it’s Cost or generate Higher Revenue or Margin is known as Competitive Advantage. A competitive advantage is something that a consumer views in a product or service as having higher value than the other competitors of the firm in the industry. It is an expertise that one firm…...

Nintendo Product Planning in Video Games Industry

Company Analysis Nintendo released a kind of video game player that is played at home called Wii in 2006, but it has been available in 7th December 2007 in market. Nintendo has founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi on in September 1889 in Kyoto, Japan. Nintendo has 21 subsidiaries and 8 affiliates and also a common deponent in Video games industry. Its brand was established for the family entertainment. Nintendo’s history is a company for video games and toys with the reason…...

Product Mix as a Kind of Customer Loyalty

What Is a Product Mix Product mix, also known as product assortment, refers to the total number of product lines that a company offers to its customers. For example, a small company may sell multiple lines of products. Sometimes, these product lines are fairly similar, such as dish washing liquid and bar soap, which are used for cleaning and use similar technologies. Other times, the product lines are vastly different, such as diapers and razors. The four dimensions to a…...

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Economics on Total, Average and Marginal Product

Total Product Curve The total product (or total physical product) of a variable factor of production identifies what outputs are possible using various levels of the variable input. This can be displayed in either a chart that lists the output level corresponding to various levels of input, or a graph that summarizes the data into a “total product curve”. The diagram shows a typical total product curve. In this example, output increases as more inputs are employed up until point…...

Agro Based Industries of Cotton Production

Location The first cotton textile mill on modern lines was started in Bombay in 1854. Later the mills were started at Ahmedabad in 1858, then in Kanpur, Nagpur, Sholapur, Surat and other places. As I said before, today India holds the third place among the cotton textile producing countries of the world. It provides emplyment to a large number of people and also helps to ear foreign exchange. Gujarat and Maharashtra states, lead the country in cotton textile production. Mumbai…...

Inter-Temporal Production Possibilities and Trade

Instead of trading one good for another at a point in time, we exchange goods today in return for some goods in the future. This kind of trade is known as inter-temporal trade. Even in the absence of international capital movements, any economy faces a trade-off between consumption now and consumption in the future. Economies usually do not consume all of their current output; some of their output takes the form of investment in machines, buildings, and other forms of…...

TVS Group Companies and Future Business Plans

Iyengar .It is one of India’s largest industrial entities and it epitomizes Trust, Value and Services. Today there are over 30 companies in the TVS Group which employs more than 40000 people worldwide and a turnover in excess of USD 4 billion. TVS having a steady growth, expansion and diversification, commands its strong presence in manufacturing of two-wheelers, auto components and computer peripherals .It also have businesses in the distribution of heavy commercial vehicles, passenger cars, finance and insurance. GROUP…...

Comparison of Philips and Matsushita Brands

Philips and Matsushita are two giants in the global consumer electronics market. Their international strategies and organizations are very different — while the former pursued a localization strategy, the latter pursued a global standardization strategy; while the former made use of highly self-sufficient national organizations (NOs) for strong local responsiveness, the latter adopted ”one product one division” structure for cost cutting. Nevertheless, both companies encountered their difficulties as global environment changed and have then undergone major restructuring over the years.…...

Enager Industries Ltd

Introduction Enager Industries Ltd (Enager) was a relatively young company whom manufactured and produced products/services within three divisions- Consumer Products, Industrial Products and Professional Services. Consumer Products, the oldest among the three divisions in Enager, designed, manufactured and marketed a line of houseware items. Industrial Products built one -of -a- kind machine tools to customer specifications. Professional Services, the newest among the three, provided several kinds of engineering services and this division had grown rapidly because of its capability to…...

Patagonia Challenge

-Established in 1972, Patagonia is an outdoor-clothing company known for its green business model. It was founded by Yvon Chouinard who has “ turned his passion for outdoors into an amazing business” -Patagonia represented an “experiment” to challenge conventional wisdom and present a new style of responsible business. Patagonia strived to build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. -Patagonia’s product line was composed of 4 main product…...

The Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia vRS isn’t like a fruit cake at all. It’s just plain evil! Skoda’s cars have been considered cheap claptrap for years. If I asked anyone old enough to have an opinion they would answer “useless pile of junk” or “Eastern European unreliability”. Skoda, wanting to give themselves a new image came up with the “Cake” ad. With the tagline “Made of Lovely Stuff” they were obviously trying to rebrand their product, to say their cars were made…...

Difference Between Branding and Brand Equity

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending”. (Bard qtd. in. ThinkExist. com) This quote shows one fact that the process of ‘branding’ is endless. Because, simply, when ‘brand equity’ is known or measured, the brand could be protected and managed properly. This essay aims at giving an overview of the ‘branding’ and ‘brand equity’ terms or concepts to show the difference between both of…...

Basic Introduction of Cement Production Process

Cement manufacturing as a procedure and as a big production line has undergone many phases of makeover in current times. An integrated cement manufacturing process is that prepares the raw mix, feeds it to the pyro-processing system (kiln), and then grinds the clinker from the kiln system into various cement products. Finished cement is stored in large silos on site or bagged for small quantity use. The coarse crushing China mobile crushers can crush the material in the first-line of…...

Distribution of Product: Daing Na Bangus

Products Boneless Bangus Boneless Bangus also known as “Daing na bangus” was one of the famous foods in the Philippines and it is one of the delicious and nutritious foods loved by most Filipinos. Fish like bangus contains proteins, fats, vitamins, calcium and iodine that is needed by our body towards a good and a healthy lifestyle. Through the process of deboning milkfish and marinating with vinegar and garlic, the product Daing na bangus became known in the country. Dagupan…...

Beer Production and Kool Breweries Limited

Kool Breweries Limited is a premium-branded beverage company dedicated to delivering quality products enjoyed by millions around the world every day. An academic visit to the Kool Brewery manufacturing plant in Haryana was organized as a part of the course ‘Biotech Plant Site Layout’ on the 19th March 2007. This visit provided with the opportunity to observe the different processes involved in the beer manufacturing, i. e. mashing, lautering, whirl pooling, fermentation, filtration and packaging. Also the quality control measures…...

Honda and Toyota Brands

The Honda Company was founded by Soichiro Honda . Soichiro Honda was a racer, a businessman, and a manufacturer. But most of all he was a dreamer. He dreamed of a better way of making piston rings, founded a small company, and began production. He dreamed of giving people everywhere an economical form of transportation, and began producing small motorcycles, including one built in 1949 called the D-Type Dream. Soichiro Honda started Honda Motor Company in 1948, at the age…...

Determining Audience Needs Prior To Project Launch

The audiences we will be dealing with in our inter-department communications regarding the new product launch are highly diverse in terms of both educational backgrounds and technical aptitudes. We will be communicating with several distinct departments: Research and Development, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Technical Support, Finance and Accounting, and Human Resources. As such, careful analysis of each audience is of the utmost importance as "One way to ensure that you know your target audience in business communications is to thoroughly…...

Problems of Rice Production

Rice is considered as a staple food, more than half of the world's population depends on rice because it is a source of livelihood, with rice receiving a higher ranking. It can reach 148 million in countries such as Asia, Africa and Europe. The first rice-producing country is China in the Great Wall of China. Farmers are farming so far because rice cultivation is a traditional craft, often in poor countries such as India and the Philippines who are still…...

Acetone Production

In this project a 95 000 MT/A of acetone will be produced annually which is equivalent to 206 kg/hr. The process that been used is the dehydrogenation of isopropyl alcohol (IPA). There is 6 main equipments used in order to produce acetone, and the equipment are mixture drum, there is no reaction take place in Mixing drum ( V-401 ), the main reactor ( R-401) the reactor been used is a tubular flow reactor, in this reactor the conversion of…...

Balance Between Domestic and Foreign Markets in Economy

Market entry decisions are some of a firm’s most important strategic choices. Today’s internationalizing firms need to know as much as possible to decide which foreign markets to enter and when to enter those markets. In the marketing literature, differences in culture have been found to affect brand image strategies (Roth 1995), consumer innovativeness (Steenkamp et al. 1999), negotiations (Campbell et al. 1988; Graham 1985), and marketing decision-making (Tse et al. 1988). Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) theory argues that, firms…...

BMW Production Process

Driving change in a highly competitive marketplace through continually enhancing the aspirational driving experience; the boost in production capacity will positively impact the logistics, suppliers, and distribution networks that support the manufacturing BMW process. (Josef Kerscher, president of BMW Manufacturing, BBC) Introduction The BMW brand, for many years has been characterized by its unique elegance, comfort and beauty. The company's blue and white roundel recalls an era when BMW operated in a very different technical arena. The badge is a…...

Agricultural Revolution, Productivity And Economic Growth

Throughout history a so-called agricultural revolution has been detectable in every age. From the Neolithic period, from ancient Egypt, through to Rome, thirteenth century England, Britain in the 1860's, and again in the 1950's, are all given dates to when agricultural revolutions have taken place. In this essay, however, the term `agricultural revolution', is used to refer to the, roughly, one hundred years after 1750. In fact, the term itself is somewhat misleading, as the word `revolution' means a full…...

Effect of Bad Quality of Product

These are certain costs which are associated with product and services quality. To prevent from the poor quality and after having bad quality in a product or services organization incurred some cost. An estimated loss that a company can bear on defective or unsatisfactory products is 20 to 30 percent of gross sale. There are four types of cost of quality: Prevention costs Appraisal costs Cost of internal defects Cost of external defects Prevention costs are related to prevention of…...

Process Analysis: Natural Diamond Formation

Introduction "Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without" (Confucius 1). It is a common belief in today’s day and age that it is better to be something of value that is flawed than to be something of no value that has no flaws. Diamonds are formed from pure carbon, which is one of the most abundant elements on planet Earth, and makes up about 18% of the human body. In fact, all life on earth is carbon…...

Toyota Production System

The concepts of the Toyota Production System (TPS) The Toyota Production System (TPS) commonly referred to as lean production in America, has been a popular trend among American firms to remain competitive. Toyota learned how to do more with less by eliminating waste and has now become a world-wide manufacturing icon, especially in the auto industry. American manufacturing is now playing a game of catch up and has left the mass production, batch-and-queue era in an attempt to become more…...

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