The Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia vRS isn’t like a fruit cake at all. It’s just plain evil! Skoda’s cars have been considered cheap claptrap for years. If I asked anyone old enough to have an opinion they would answer “useless pile of junk” or “Eastern European unreliability”. Skoda, wanting to give themselves a new image came up with the “Cake” ad. With the tagline “Made of Lovely Stuff” they were obviously trying to rebrand their product, to say their cars were made of good quality materials with love and attention.

Skoda’s famous ‘cake’ advert would have you believe the Skoda Fabia is made of chocolately goodness and gluttonous cake; think Willy Wonka’s birthday cake. Skoda has now made the sequel, and it is not cakey, nor chocolately. To show just how tough the Fabia vRS is the new advert shows a group of utter nutters lovingly biting, punching and rattling the hot Fabia. Skoda is currently enjoying its best year on record; and obviously the company wants to build on the momentum by launching a new TV campaign for the Fabia vRS hot hatchback.

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Skoda decided to follow in other companies footsteps and create a tongue in cheek parody of their product. The new ad, which is meant to show the darker side of the 180-horsepower-strong hatchback, features the “Made from Meaner Stuff” tagline. Following a similar format to the Fabia ‘Cake’ advert, the new ‘meaner’ vRS campaign now adopts a much darker feel. Set in a secret location within the Skoda factory, the liquorice, treacle and jelly vehicle components of cake make way for a bone chassis, a snake-powered engine and some unorthodox finishing techniques.

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The recent ad appeals to a new audience compared to the earlier cake ad. It is aimed at a younger male audience. Hot-hatchbacks, such as this, are perfect for a younger male car owner as they are practical for driving with your mates and are also fast and fun to drive. It has been turbocharged and supercharged to produce a smidgen under 180 horsepower giving it a top speed of 139 miles an hour (good for a “Skoda”). The Fabia comes with sports suspension so is quick and less floppy in the corners than the standard version. All this adds up to it being altogether fun to drive and go fast in.

The ad also accentuates the “meanness” of the car with humorous and strange materials used for creating the car. The engine is made of snakes and runs on snake venom. The chassis is made out of a skull. The alloys are cast from samurai swords. All this adds up to equal “MEAN”. The man biting the door into shape reminds us of Jaws from the Bond movies. While the crossbow that ends up being the windscreen wiper which is extremely crazy. The song in both ads is “These are some of my Favourite Things” however while in the cake ad it is the original version with Julia Andrews.

In the “Made of Meaner Stuff” ad it is a heavy rock version by The Amatory Murder. While it may appeal to a younger male audience, this ad may not appeal to an older audience because of the mean nature of the ad and older people are generally more precautious so wouldn’t want a sports car. This would lose Skoda a large proportion of the market however that audience wouldn’t be likely to buy a souped up hot-hatchback anyway. This means they didn’t actually lose much of the potential market anyway.

And the older female audience would be more interested in the normal Fabia which Skoda advertised with the Cake ad, which incidentally increased their profits to their best year on record. Overall the ad is successful and memorable with a clear and excellent “unique selling point”. It creates a mean and crazy impression of the car that I’m sure would convince many a young adult to buy the Skoda Fabia vRS instead of say a Ford Fiesta ST or Golf GTi. Skoda will surely succeeded in putting out there that they make “exceedingly good” cars.

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The Skoda Fabia

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