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Distribution of Product: Daing Na Bangus Essay


Boneless Bangus Boneless Bangus also known as “Daing na bangus” was one of the famous foods in the Philippines and it is one of the delicious and nutritious foods loved by most Filipinos. Fish like bangus contains proteins, fats, vitamins, calcium and iodine that is needed by our body towards a good and a healthy lifestyle. Through the process of deboning milkfish and marinating with vinegar and garlic, the product Daing na bangus became known in the country. Dagupan City is one of the famous sources of daing na bangus particularly Bonuan for its perfect and delicious taste. Daing can be served with plain rice or fried rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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They are readily marinated to a good taste that will surely be loved by the customers. Boneless bangus lasts for about ten (10) days up to two (2) weeks upon good preservation. If not, it will be perished. Daing are placed into packs that consist of three (3) medium pieces. The group gets the product by pack; usually the price from Dagupan is ranging from P75.00 to P80.00 per pack. The group sells them at P100 per pack so as to earn a reasonable profit. Source of the Product

The product daing came from Magsaysay Market Avenue, Fernandez St. Dagupan City Pangasinan. It is quite far from Muñoz, Nueva Ecija that is why the transportation cost may lessen the profit that the group can be earned. Luckily one of the group member’s brother works there. During weekends he goes back to Muñoz to spend time with his family. The group asked him if he is willing to be the medium for delivery, so that the group can save a minimal amount of transportation cost. Fortunately he agreed upon the request of the group. From Dagupan market, daing na bangus is being transported in Muñoz, Nueva Ecija then the group distributes it to their customers.

II. Why Product was chosen for Distribution?

The group thinks of a food product that will be easily bought by the customers at an affordable price with nutrients good for our body. The group chose daing for distribution activity because the product is easy to market since it is affordable and considered as an all time-favorite by most Filipinos. It can be served in the breakfast, lunch, and even dinner time. The group also considers the source of the product; one of the group members has already a contact to the dealer of daing in Dagupan City that will surely deliver fresh daing at the time the customers needed the product. Selling perishable products takes difficulty for the distributors because they need to ensure that their products are still in good condition when it is delivered to final consumers. Perishable products need time, proper management, and proper handling upon selling to be able to guaranty customers that they will receive a good product. The group also wants to ensure that the consumers will be able to receive proper nutrients.

III.Persons involved

Tasks of the Group Members

All group members performed equal tasks. The products are equally distributed to the group members and they are able to sold daing to their respective places, neighbors, friends, classmates and schoolmates. Other group members sold it directly in the market, canteens and stores. After experiencing selling individually, the group agreed to sell it as a whole. Starlet, being one who is responsible to contact her brother have done her part by informing him when and how many daing orders are going to be delivered to the group. She is also responsible for bringing the products to the group after she gets it from her brother.

Maila have done her tasks successfully in distributing and selling daing. On the first order, Maila, being one of the members of the JBEES organization, asked help to the organization in distributing and selling bangus, they successfully sold out eighty (80) packs of daing na bangus. After that, she sells bangus by herself to gain profit as well as experience selling such product. She sold it to her family, neighbors, friends, and even professors in CLSU. Shekinah, another member of the group, have done her part successfully by selling daing not only to her family, neighbors, friends, and schoolmates but also to her churchmates and to stores near to their house. Jay-Ann sold her daing to her friends, classmates and boardmates.

By means of connecting to other people, called networking, the group had fast distribution and sale. While selling daing, she also sold mushrooms on her own in order to have a high profit. Starlet uses her connections to other people in order to sell her products immediately; she sold bangus to her organization, family and friends. Chris John Paul also used his being a marketer. After he sold proportionate number of daing, he makes Maja Blanca on his own strategy and sold it to his classmates. After selling individually, the group agreed to help each other for faster distribution and sale. The group sells inside CLSU that is why it takes short period of time selling those products. The group went to Old Market and offered them the product.

They also offered daing to the tricycle drivers inside CLSU and to the construction workers currently working in the hostel. About twenty workers bought the product and they really liked its taste that is why they bought another twenty pieces to the group. The group makes sure that their product, daing na bangus, are fresh and delicious. Before placing an order, the group has to make sure that they can dispose the product fast to maintain its good taste. If there are excess daing, the group puts it on a proper storage to maintain the good quality of the product. Reasons Why Tasks are done

As part of the distribution activity the group members has to cooperate to the group. Each member did those tasks because they want to acquire more knowledge about selling products. They have to experience persuading customers to buy their products. They want to have a good communication to other people to easily sell and distribute their products. They did those tasks to be more trained and confident on dealing with different people in the near future. Also, they want to have profit from the selling activity. And most of all, they want to see themselves done those tasks successfully and confidently.

IV. How Undertaken

Duration of the Activity The selling activity started on June 28, 2010 and ended on August 23, 2010.

V. Who were the customers and why were they chosen?

The group members’ customers are their classmates, friends, professors, family, neighbors, nato tricycle drivers, and construction workers in CLSU. The group sold daing to their classmates since many of them are living on a dormitory, and boarding house. Their classmates commonly had problem thinking of their viand for their meals that is why some of them bought daing from the group. Since one pack of daing consists of three (3) pieces, they can share it to their board mates or roommates so that the cost will be cheaper. They also sold daing to their friends inside and outside CLSU.

They spread the message about the product through the use of cellphone. If for some reasons their friends have no money, they will still find ways to endorse the product to their friends so that it will be more fast and easy for the group. The group, being persistent to their selling activity, sold their products even to their professors. Mostly, their professors are easy to persuade since most of them have their own family and they always think of a dish for their family’s dinner before they got home during afternoon.

That is why they are easy to convince and they are familiar to the boneless bangus’ deliciously taste. During the first distribution, some of the group members bought daing for their family’s consumption. For them, it is really worth buying because of its taste and nutrients. Commonly, it can be served with a mixed tomato, onion and “alamang” or other vegetable dishes. It can also be served on breakfast with fried rice which commonly favored by most family members. Neighbors are easily reached by the members, most of them often stayed at their house that is why anytime, they could get the products.

The nato tricycle drivers are quite hard to persuade into buying the groups product, daing, their main reason is their low daily income. The group exerted patience on persuading them until such time there are drivers who bought the product. The construction workers are currently working on CLSU hostel, upon convincing them they first thought of their salary because they usually get their salaries during Saturdays and we sell daing on weekdays. On that case, a deal has been made. The group sold daing to them on credit. The group could give the Boneless bangus to them upon delivery from Dagupan and so they are going to pay on the stipulated date.

VI,. Approach to Customers

Convincing people to buy “Boneless Bangus” is quite difficult for the group. Aside from the fact that the product is in good quality, delicious and affordable; a good approach to customers is highly important. First, the group introduced themselves as a marketing student and selling is part of the distribution activity as a fulfillment to their subject Marketing305. Second, they approached their customers politely and educate them about the product; where it is made and how it is being made. Their selling skills helped them easily dispose the products. They make sure that they are knowledgeable about the product they are offering, and have a good customer relationship to their buyers. These are the elements to have a successful selling activity. Benefits and Advantages of the Product

Nowadays many people die from cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and other diseases because of their bad eating habits. That is why one must have to be conscious about their health. The product “Boneless Bangus” is nutritious that is rich in proteins, fats, vitamins, calcium and iodine. Nutrition experts say that protein from fish like bangus contains more of the essential amino acids needed to build and repair cells for the body. Aside from protein and iodine, fish also gives fat which is a source of heat and energy for work and play. Fat from fish is easy to digest because it has a low melting point.

Calcium is also found in fish and this helps in body-building and regulating processes and is distributed evenly in the body. Vitamins B2 and B5, called niacin and riboflavin, respectively, are also contained in fish. These B-vitamins help keep the eyes and skin particularly in the mouth and nose healthy. Eating fish like boneless bangus will lessen the probability of having those kinds of sicknesses. Aside from that it tastes good because it is marinated with vinegar and garlic. It is also affordable and easy to prepare; for just P100 you can have three (3) medium pieces of boneless Bangus that is guaranteed fresh. The fact that daing na bangus is deboned, it will be easier and safe to eat especially to kids and adults.

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