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The consequences of using a phone while driving

As a result of this phone usage practice all over, many citizens are losing their lives on a daily basis as a result of the disruption that is caused by this practice. How many children are going to be left parentless, how many women are going to be windowed before the people realize this danger? It seems no one has an answer on this issue but the big thing that can be done ...

Current competitive strategies of Samsung and Apple

 Likewise, Samsung should consider modifying its current competitive strategy. This is despite the fact that it has propelled the company to the position of number one Smartphone manufacturer in the world. To begin with, Samsung needs to modify its current strategy and lay more emphasis on innovation. If nothing is done, the current strategy puts the company at risk of being seen as a...

Compare and contrast the practices of Apple and Samsung

In conclusion, there are a number of differences and similarities between these two major players in the technology and Smartphone markets. Although Apple has been the largest manufacturer and seller of smart phones for some time, it has been overtaken by Samsung in the last few years. Due to the nature of the industry that they operate in, both Samsung and Apple are sometimes forced to...

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Marketing Strategy of Nokia

In order to diversify its business in to mobile network market, Nokia needs to make use of its leading mobile phones manufacturer image. As Nokia has build loyalty among its mobile phone users, it can use this for attracting customers towards its SIM cards and thereby gain market share. Also with its world class R & D department, it can offer many services to its customers which will help them...

SureStart Services

Under the data protection act 1998, the purpose of the act is to protect the rights and privacy of individuals and to ensure that data about them are not processed without their knowledge and are processed with their consent whenever possible, this act covers personal data held in electronic formats, manual data and relevant filing systems. Surestart has devised a form that has recently been updat...

Vodacom Marketing Research Paper

We propose some changes in Vodacom’s target market. We would recommend expanding the current target market from ages 30-55 to 15-55. By doing so, Vodacom will be targeting an up-and-coming generation that is technologically advanced and furthermore has potential of growing. I would also recommend that they target not only the developed market, but the developing market in South Africa as well. T...

Marketing strategy of Teletalk Banladesh

The biggest advantage of is that it’s a government company though teletalk did not established as a market leader. And teletalk can improve its product and service to retain in the market. GP is the leader in the market and banglalink is in the second position. Teletalk has got lot of aspect to improve the situation. To be the market leader teletalk must be very careful in the field of marketing...

Effects Of Cell Phones On Society

The first negative effect is the cost. The newest Smartphones are expensive and their lifetime is short. They are always coming up with new upgrade technology that make people feel they need to buy the newest model. Also, the cost of the service is expensive; users need to pay depending in how many minutes they need or the Internet velocity. In addition users will pay for extra programs, applicati...

Advantages of mobile phone

So, they will learn more and more words in a day.They will also learn the pronounciation of unfimiliar words .This will definitely improve their grammar and writing skills. To conclude, smartphones are an technological invention to follow the evolution of the society. Today, it is impossible not to think of using smartphones in everyday life. They became really important and essential as they are ...

Cell Phone and Anti-Social Behavior

It is arguable that person to person, face to face interaction is the most sincere and most intimate form of connection. For the majority of humankind, in-person transmission was one of the few options for humans to communicate. As the way of life has changed, so have the forms of communication, but the new form of disclosure has entirely stripped the affinity of human connection. People are impla...

Vodafone mobile network

Vodafone must seek to understand the nature of its competitive environment if it is to be successful in achieving its objectives and in establishing appropriate strategies. If it fully understands the nature of the Porter's five forces, and particularly appreciates which one is the most important, it will be in a stronger position to defend itself against any threats and to influence the forces w...

Tesco Marketing

3. Given how the UK grocery retailing market has changed and is continuing to change, what role do you believe should be played in the future by loyalty based schemes such as Clubcard? From this case study we understood that even being a leader in a market, even an innovator, is not enough to be sustainable and profitable. We have of course to admit that the Clubcard and the CRM strategy of Tesco ...

Carphone warehouse

Carphone warehouse needs to improve on their weak spots.  There were criticism and accusation that they were slamming to win new customers, customers alleged that when they bought phones on this store their landlines accounts were subsequently switched off without their consent, a scenario like this will portray bad picture on this company. The company needs to improve their corporate image by co...

Internet Traps and False Information

At the same time, it may be easier for some teachers to make corrections or comments on student’s work on the computer. In this way, the professors can concentrate more on teaching. They don't need to care about students' behavior like eating, talking on the cell phone, or going to the toilet. Traditonal class makes sense to attend classes in person if you decide to live in the dorms or are an i...

Theoretical Phonetics Exam Answers

23.Phonostylistics. Types and styles of pronunciation in English. Styles of pronunciation - special forms of speech suited to the aim and the contents of the utterance, the circumstances of communication, the character of the audience, etc. Several different styles of pronunciation may be distinguished, but generally accepted classification of styles of pronunciation doesn’t exist. Jones: the r...

Negative effects of technology

In the words of Sara Thomee' " Public health advice should include information on the healthy use of this technology." I couldn't agree more just as alcohol ads, so should technology companies have a warning label on their advertisements. There's only one solution and it's simple, turn it off, and get some sleep. The impact of technology on our social, mental, physical and environmental health can...

Tata Docomo Service

TataDocomo is providing some unique features and services like pay per second, SMS per character, pay per site plans that are making them being different from their competitors. Awareness of the TataDocomo is spreading widely among people due to their promotional activities. Buyers are now insisting for cheaper plans or threatening to opt out. Majority of the customers are satisfied with the servi...

Brand Audit of Mobilink

Mobilink message are communicated through using all channels of media including building an identity for the corporation and brand, advertising campaigns, sponsorships, media relations (newspaper coverage, press releases, press conference before launching etc), point of sale material preparation (brochures, tariffs, flyers etc), website. Message delivered on electronic media through jingle and usi...

Txtspk: Effect on the English Language Skill of Students in Slc

No Effect. A third view is that there is no effect has text messaging on English Grammar. As may be considered as another language, learning a new language such as text messaging does not affect a student’s ability in grammar. It is just a matter of learning the basics – to know the difference between slang, texting lingo and correct English (http://www.ehow.com/list_5828172_effects-text-messa...

Eagle Eye Movie Review

Eagle Eye is quite the far-fetched movie to say the least. However, we can see how manipulative technology can be by looking at the accounts of Jerry and Rachel. The female caller who symbolized technological corruption showed the frightening possibilities of a not so far away technologically centered world. Turkle has similar fears and foresights and realizes that humans are subjects to the power...

Impact of the Telephone

It is hard to say whether the invention of the telephone was a good thing or a bad thing for our society. Some might argue both sides. When attacking this issue there are a lot of different facts a person has to look at before they can decide. Some of the advantages of this technology are: In the event of an emergency, the proper authority can be contacted, we can now communicate with our family ...

Texting While Driving

Alcohol Problems and Solutions, (2013). Driving While Texting Six Times More Dangerous Than Driving While Drunk. Retrieved from: http://www2.potsdam.edu/hansondj/files/Driving-while-Texting-Six-Times-More-Dangerous-than-Driving-while-Drunk.html Snyder,E., & Associates, (2013). Cell Phone and Texting Accident Statistics. Retrieved from: http://www.edgarsnyder.com/car-accident/cell-phone/cell-ph...

Filipino Children’s Uses of the Internet and Mobile Phone

Livingstone, S. & Bovill, M. (1999). Young people, new media. Report of the Research Project. Children, young people and the changing media environment. London School of Economics and Political Science. Available: http://www.lse.ac.uk/collections/media@lse/whosWho/soniaLivingstonePublications3.htm Livingstone, S. (2002). Children’s Use of the Internet: A Review of Research Literature. Nation...

Product Lyfe Cylce of Iphone

And as of right now the first IPhone is the decline stage because they no longer make them and no software updates are available as well. For the IPhone 4S to stay in the maturity it must come out with a software update. Apple is currently working on IOS 6 which is coming this fall and its going to have features that will make it easier for people who have disabilities to use the devices. Another ...

A Study on the Comparison of Nokia and Samsung Handsets

Over the last two decades the mobile phone market has gone through tremendous changes, with unbelievable products and rapid growth in the market. The growth of the market is still continued. Nokia is using its creative marketing strategies to hold its market through strong positioning and competitive strategy in order to beat the competition. Whereas Samsung establish many stores to increase the ...

Project Understanding Document Formats and Details


WhatsApp Inc

WhatsApp uses a customized version of the open standard Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). Upon installation, it creates a user account using one's phone number as username (Jabber ID: [phone number]@s.whatsapp.net). WhatsApp software automatically compares all the phone numbers from the device's address book with its central database of WhatsApp users to automatically add contacts...

Should mobile phones be banned

From what I have read, I agree with Stephen Moss. Using a mobile phone in school can cause a bad concentration and will decline the learning atmosphere. It is not possible to use a mobile phone and pay full attention to the lesson. They can also disturb teachers and students. According to The Guardian, an online poll showed that most schools do want to ban the mobile phone. This is because it is ...

Online Shopping

Some of the replies from the evaluation survey commented that the Flash animation of the paper doll did improve interaction and that it helped them to better imagine the clothing on them. However, some said that even though the paper doll help to increase imagination, there is no way to feel the quality of the material, which somehow discourage them to shop for clothes online. This was the second ...

Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile phone

Your kids can reach you in the event of an emergency and vice versa. - If in danger, your children can reach the authorities or a medical provider. - Phones can be silenced during class or study periods and active only in appropriate places. - Students can take pictures of class projects to e-mail or show to parents. Ordinarily, parents do not see projects that are completed in groups in school. -...

Impact of mobile and internet banking

Central Bank of Kenya. (2008) Bank Supervision Report. Nairobi: Central Bank of Kenya Central Bank of Kenya. (2009) Bank Supervision Report. Nairobi: Central Bank of Kenya Central Bank of Kenya. (2010) Annual Report. Nairobi: Central Bank of Kenya Cooper, D and Emory, C. (1995) Business Research Methods. Chicago. Irwin Diamond, D. and P. Dybvig (1983) ‘’ Bank runs, deposit insurance and liquid...

Role of Technology in Electronic and Digital Media

They do the same tactics with much of the news from around the world. People believe what they see and hear through the media, without ever thinking that it most likely not the whole story. Digital technology in the electronic media also influences the thoughts of the viewers. Movies, music, video games, and even books are all rated based on the content. Movies have a rating of either NC-17 for no...

Sony Corporation

According to the popular beliefs of the public, most still think that Sony is an upstanding brand. Their phones are ever so popular in the market, and most are not aware that they have financial problems. Their good name has not been tarnished because the general population does not probe that deep when enquiring about the latest electronic technology. However, most are aware that Samsung has prov...

Nokia Strategy Analysis

In my opinion it won’t. As I have read in many places that Nokia had released a Laptop and its sales was not successful. I think Nokia is knows as a Mobile Phone producer and has to focus more on that market only. As if it produces other electronic devices, Nokia’s customer will lose their focus on the Nokia as the leader in the Mobile phone devices. Nokia if is trying to expand, its better to...

Identify the Current Legislations, Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young People Including E-Safety.

There is no exact definition of bullying as there are many different kinds, a child may experience bullying attacks which are; Physical - hitting, pushing, pinching, shoving, or other forms of violence. Verbal bullying – name calling, spreading rumours, sarcasm, teasing. Emotional bullying – Exclusion, humiliating, ridiculing and tormenting. A bully will often use a mix of all the above, usual...

One Problem of My Country

Two main purposes of using the mobile phone is phoning and chatting. In the youth’s language, phoning in a very long time called “cooking the phone”. They just think it was so much fun when phoning with other people. Actually, it is real that there is a wave of mobile phone, which is not good for health, especially when we usually press our head against the mobile phone. Besides, chatting is...

Does Modern Technology Make Life More Convenient

1. Mobile phone use while driving is common but controversial. Using the hand-free phones or the use of Bluetooth while driving can increase the risk of road traffic accidents, let alone the hand-held ones, because the distraction of a telephone conversation itself is a significant safety problem. 2. In Croatia law prohibits usage of mobile phones while crossing the road as a pedestrian. 3. Since ...

Making and receiving telephone calls

2.8 Describe how to follow organisational procedures when receiving a telephone call When receiving calls within the department we always answer with our name and the department we are in, this way the caller will instantly know if they have phoned the right location which will also save wasting anyone’s time. Another of the trust’s procedures is answering the telephone within three rings, th...

Changing communication by technology

For example, “General Motors uses social networking tools to facilitate communication between executives and employees, as well as to give product experts the opportunity to present new designs to the employee community” (Holtz, Shel. “GMnext: A preview of corporate communications in the social media era.” January 3, 2008). Furthermore, communication between staff members also changed com...

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