The Pros and Cons Of Cell Phone Usage By Teenagers

For over a decade, cell phones have been a necessity to people of all ages. Even more recently, smartphones have come out, allowing for easy access to the internet. This has led to massive adoption of cell phones into everyday life. People rely on these devices every day, for school, work, directions, health, and much more. The constant use of cell phones, however, has raised many questions, especially when it comes to teenagers. Many parents wonder about the health and social risks of cell phones.

There are pros and cons to cell phone usage by teenagers.

There are definitely pros to teenagers owning cell phones. Parents can keep track of their children and be in quick contact in case of emergencies. With cell phones, teenagers can now easily connect to their friends outside of school and even around the world with just the touch of a button . In addition, school is becoming increasingly online, and cell phones are a convenient way to access the internet to check grades, do homework, and set reminders.

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There are also many ways for kids to learn online outside of just schoolwork. Online platforms such as Youtube or Instagram, which are available right at their fingertips with cell phones, can spark interest in new hobbies like music and art.

There is, however, many cons to teenagers owning phones. A study by the American Psychological Association shows that teenagers psychological well-being dropped after 2012, when smartphones first became common in everyday life. Cell phone usage has also been linked to loss of sleep, procrastination, and a rise in cyberbullying.

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Phones can also be an economic burden. The average cost of a smartphone in 2018 was $363. However, the most common complaint about cell phones is social. Teenagers would rather simply text a friend than have a face to face conversation. It may seem convenient, but it actually discourages social contact with everyone.

My opinion is that cell phone use by teenagers should be limited. While cell phone usage can be good, I have seen a lot of the cons, especially cyberbullying. Parents should do their best to put restrictions on their teenagers phones, like making it a rule that all phones should be put away before a certain time. Parents should also encourage their kids to go outside or join extracurricular activities instead of sitting inside on their phones.

In conclusion, a case can be made for the pros and cons of cellphones. While they can be very helpful with schoolwork and communication, they can also come with a serious health risk. However, it is a personal choice, and parents are responsible for researching the risks and benefits of cell phones for teenagers and deciding what the best choice is for their son or daughter.

Updated: Feb 24, 2024
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