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Why is Cell Phone Use So Dangerous While Driving?

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Essay, Pages 6 (1365 words)



Essay, Pages 6 (1365 words)

It’s better to lose one minute of your whole life rather than losing the whole life in one minute. People shouldn’t use a cellphone while driving because it is very dangerous. It should be banned by the government. People know that this is already against the rules, but they don’t understand. Using cellphones while driving results to car accidents, violation of traffic rules, and leads to miss-happening if people use cellphones while driving just to show off.

Using cell phones while driving distracts the mind of the driver from the road and this leads to fatal accidents.

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First, people try to use cellphones while they are on wheels and they try to communicate with another person on the phone. Consequently, this distracts their mind from the road and people meet with the fatal accident and lose their lives. The National Safety Council’s annual injury and fatality report, “Injury Facts,” found that the use of cellphones causes 26% of the nation’s car accidents (Kratsas, 2014).

Moreover, using a cellphone during driving also affects the driving ability of the driver. When a person uses a cellphone while driving, his or her mind get divided into two tasks. He or she becomes busy because of doing two tasks at one time, which affects their smooth driving. As a result, the driver becomes unable to pay full attention to the road and this results in an accident. Because of the usage of the phone during driving the driver look less on their left, right and rear side.

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The reaction time of the driver becomes slower and when the driver tries to react against any situation, and due to slow reaction time people become a victim of the car accidents (Dinerstein, 2018). Furthermore, using phone while driving also affects the longitudinal vehicle control of the driver. Sometimes, driver’s mind gets diverted from the road and when something like animals, human being, suddenly come in front of the vehicle. The driver fails to control vehicle and the vehicle gets off from the track and collide with some roadside barriers, and signboards or other obstacles like rocks, which results in the fatal accident. The execution estimates examined were chosen to explore drivers’ visual conduct, longitudinal vehicle control, parallel vehicle control, and debased response time to unforeseen occasions when utilizing a phone. Every single inferential test was directed at the .05 dimension of criticalness (Houghton, 2014).

Using cell phones while driving also results in the violation of the traffic rules. Many times, it has been seen that people violate the traffic rules unintentionally. Violation of the traffic rules happens with them because their minds are distracted from the roads. To begin with, sometimes people miss the traffic lights intersections which lead to the violation of the traffic rules. Therefore, they get punished by the traffic police. Police is very serious about those people who use cell phones on red light intersections (Masters & Hamilton, 2017). Moreover, people miss the signboards and speed limits on the roadside because their half attention is being used in operating cell phones. Many accidents and fatal tragedies have happened because of the usage of cell phones while driving.

People think that they are giving attention to both driving and cellphones but somehow, they miss road signs and speed limits that are recommended in certain areas. Because of this type of ignorance, the driver gets fined if police catch them while doing this. Not drivers create problems for their own but also others (Godfrey, 2018). Also, the government has now become serious about the usage of cellphones while driving. Now, using phones during driving is also a crime and against the traffic rules. Punishments for drunken driving and using phones while driving are almost similar now because in both cases, the driver’s attention is not the road. So, not only drivers create danger for themselves but also for the people in the other cars and pedestrians. Nowadays, Police have become very strict and they observe especially those people who use cell phones while driving (Allen & Smith, 2016).

The majority of the population thinks that using cellphones while driving is beneficial, but they don’t understand that they are creating danger for their own. Doing so, results in different types of tragedies such as car accidents, hitting another person with the car. Many people lose their precious lives because of the usage of the cellphone while driving but still, people don’t understand that this is harmful. Some people do this just to show off their skills. People try to show that they are professional in driving as they can use cellphones also while driving a car. Anything that takes off eyes from the wheels is not good (Aschwanden, 2018). Moreover, some people think that they save time when they use a cellphone while driving. People who use cell phones during driving named this as multitasking, but they don’t know that multitasking can cause many difficulties for them. According to David Meyer, a psychology professor at the University of Michigan, “If you’re driving while cell-phoning, then your performance is going to be as poor as if you were legally drunk,” (Hamilton, 2008). Moreover, people use cellphones to talk to their relatives and other close ones like friends Sometimes, when a person takes a call during driving and he or she starts trying visualizing what they are talking about. As a result, their intention gets off from the driving and this leads to the brutal car collisions and consequently, they lose their lives (Griffin, 2016).

On the other hand, opponents think that using a cellphone while driving is beneficial. Refusers believe that using a phone while driving saves time. A person can use GPS in the cellphone to find the destination and using cellphones while driving enable clients to call for bearings when they can’t discover their goals. Besides, numerous mobile phones have GPS innovation that gives turn-by-swing headings to any goal and maps that give continuous traffic data (Ellis, n.d). Although, one can use cellphone while driving to complete some urgent work that he can finish by talking over the phone by using the hands-free feature of the cellphones. Using hands-free makes his or her both hands free to use them on the steering wheel, so by using this feature person can do multi-tasking and he or she can do two works on one time (Barone, 2017).

As far as my opinion is concerned, people should not use cellphones while driving because it causes accidents and deaths. Using cellphones during driving also results to the violation of the traffic rules and some people used cellphones just to show-off the multitasking, which is also not good this also distracts the mind of the driver from the road and leads to an accident. So, using cellphones while driving should be banned by the government.


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