Dangerous Driving

Most People have no idea that they are risking their lives each and every day by doing the simplest of tasks and one of them includes riding and or driving a car. Nowadays, more drivers have begun to develop excessively dangerous driving habits. Not too many people know, but, traveling by car is actually a lot more jeopardous than flying on a plane. You would truly be a lot safer by taking a train, or boat or anything else. Unfortunately, our society has become dominated by time; causing us to ignore everything around us, putting us at serious risk.

Not many people know, but, you are more probable to die in a car wreck than in a plane crash or any other type of transportation mishap. There are about 160,000 road accidents in Canada every year. According to the Transportation Safety Board approximately 2800 to 2900 people are killed on Canadian roads each year. So, I don’t really see why so many people are afraid to fly, when in reality, it’s a lot safer than driving.

You don’t hear about plane crashes in the news very often, but every day you hear and read about hundreds of thousands of car accidents that happen daily.

Almost all of these accidents are caused by dangerous driving. There are many different levels of dangerous driving. This may vary from driving while under the influence to texting while driving. Some of these dangerous driving habits include speeding, driving too slow, eating while driving, failing to signal, using your cell phone.

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Dangerous driving habits can be seen on highways, on residential streets, and in parking lots. You do not have to travel far to see people driving with risky driving techniques.

Many of us survive these situations, but some do not. Dangerous drivers kill people and destroy property everyday. Younger drivers can be dangerous drivers simply because they lack experience driving in various environments, such as driving at night, or driving on interstate highways. But there are drivers from all age groups that have dangerous driving habits. Even older drivers are sometimes dangerous because their senses and reflexes are not as good as they were.

Some bad habits that dangerous drivers practice are: Speeding Driving at an excessive rate of speed is quite common. This practice is especially dangerous when driving through a residential neighbourhood or a school zone. Posted speed limits are not meant to be suggestions; ignore them and you run the risk of being stopped and ticketed by police. Driving Too Slow Drivers become distracted and don’t realize where they are driving and drive at the same speed on the highway as they do in a residential area. A better strategy is to look at the posted speed limits and adjust your speed accordingly.

Cell Phone Use Many people use cell phones on a regular basis to keep in touch with family, friends and work associates. The problem is that it’s very difficult to keep your eyes on the road while talking on a cell phone. If you feel that you need to be accessible while driving, set your phone to hands-free and use the speaker feature. Eating While Driving It may be tempting to try to multitask and have a snack (or a full meal) while driving, but this is not recommended. When you are behind the wheel of your vehicle, your full attention should be on what is happening around you on the road.

Trying to eat while keeping control of your car is a difficult, if not impossible task. Applying Makeup While Behind the Wheel Some women, when pressed for time, continue with their morning rituals while on the way to work. More than one person has been observed trying to apply cosmetics when her attention should have been on the road. Failing to Use Turn Signals When a drivers uses the turn signals that their vehicle is equipped with properly, it give notice to other people on the road of their intention to change lanes or make a turn.

Failing to do so may cause an accident, and may also be at the root of situations where a motorist has experienced the consequences of road rage. Even if you catch yourself being guilty of one of these dangerous driving habits, you can make changes to your driving routine to improve them. Being aware of what you are doing when you are behind the wheel is the first step. Make a point of focusing only on the road when you are driving, and if you need to eat, apply cosmetics, or make a phone call, pull over first.

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Dangerous Driving
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