Possible Solutions To Texting While Driving

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Texting and driving have become a major problem in this day and age. We are in an era where almost all our activities are centered around our phones. It has almost become sort of an unavoidable and incurable addiction. It should not be surprising that a good number of crashes that occur on our roads today are caused by this addiction; texting while driving.

According to a statistical release by the National safety council, 1.6 million accidents that happen every year are caused by texting while driving. The same study also reveals that close to 400 000 injuries are sustained on the road annually due to texting while driving and amazingly, in the united states, one out every four crashes that occur is caused by this same reason.

How do we then get rid of this life-endangering habit? How do we put it under check?

These tips will totally help you check the habit of texting while driving. While learning how to drive under reputable tutelage like under the Driving lessons Dublin is important, we must also strive to adopt or implement certain strategies and smart ideas to reduce dangers on the road.

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Leave your phone at home

This might seem like the foremost way to eliminate the total possibilities of texting while driving. Since you don’t have your phone with you, what could you probably press besides the horn? That in fact means you are focusing on the screen in front of the wheel rather than the screen of your mobile phone.

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Leaving your phone at home greatly excludes you from the dangerous potentials of texting while driving.

Apart from the fact that it eliminates the possibility of texting while driving, it also does your tendency to give in to temptation. The only downside is that when you finally pull over, you might still not have access to your phone. In cases where you have envisioned that you wouldn’t need your cell, why not do away with it totally. Better still, you could leave your phone in the car but where your hands cannot easily extend to.


Another interesting way is using the letter X as an indication of your decision not to text while driving. You could use a marker on your fingernails to serve as a reminder. You could also upload #X, so your family and group of friends would be aware of your inability to respond to messages at the moment.

Mute your phone

One of the foremost reasons why we are distracted while driving is because a message popped in and gave a sound. This part is what lures to the path of danger. It is possible to totally get oblivious of the presence of your phone while it is muted. It is strongly advised as a solution to texting while driving that your phone is muted. While you are unaware of the presence of a message, call, or email, it is easier to avoid texting while driving.

Switch off your phone

This is like the extreme of muting your phone. You can also turn it off if you have weighed the level of your tendency to still text while you are not necessarily aware of the presence of any message. This remedy is definitely for you in that instance. Alongside switching it off, you could also place it out arm's length.

Take a pledge to stop texting while driving

This might seem like one of the easiest ways, but it indeed requires an amount of self-control, commitment, and dedication. Since it was our word from the start, it is quite easy to break. If this can be truly done successfully, you would have overcome the urge and temptation to text while driving whether your phone is on airplane mode, muted, or even turned off. It's the best form of control we could have over our cell phones as insignificant as it might seem. To make this easy, you can get a no text while driving a pledge card. It goes for just a token anywhere.

Use apps

You could use several apps to aid your no-text-while-driving cause. Some of these amazing apps include

• AT & T driving app

The app when downloaded will automatically turn on when you are driving 15miles per hour and turns off after you stop. For premium users, an automated message can be sent to people trying to reach them.

• Drivesafe.ly

This app reads your message aloud so you don't have to pick up your phones necessarily while driving. There is also an automated response you must have set earlier that will let your friends know that you are currently driving and not available to use your phone at the moment.

• Drive scribe

This app monitors movement and responds accordingly to your different strides on the road. It rewards you for excellent driving with its reward system

Use hands-free

Hands free devices enable you use your phone without necessarily touching your phone. An example of this hands-free device is the Bluetooth headset device. According to researchers, in fact, using hands-free devices exposes you significantly less to the risk of danger on the road. Some researchers have shown that cognitive distractions are not as harmful as that of being physiological divided between several activities. Combining the hands-free Bluetooth device with apps that read incoming messages aloud would be an excellent and effective way of preventing texting while driving.

Read statistics

The harms are inherent in texting while driving might not be eminent to you until you actually take time out to brush up on the statistics. Reading information from publications online would reveal to you and expose the tangibility of the dangerous potentials of this act. This consequently should strengthen your resolve to follow any of the listed possible solutions for avoiding texting while driving. It is essentially reminding yourself why you have taken the decision which you took.

It is crucial to employ one or several of these means in keeping safe on the road. Texting while driving could seem quite enjoyable but the outcomes of it might be far from enjoyable. It has unthinkable consequences. Without the case of accidents, being caught texting while driving has its penalty and causing an accident adds up to the unpleasant consequences of this penalty. Life is not worth risking over a mere message that could be read later.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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