Ocean Essay Topics

Tuna Overfishing: Taking Too Much from World’s Oceans

Scientific accounts and anecdotal memoirs support the revealing facts that tuna, an important commercial fish, has been disappearing much faster than one thinks.  As more and more illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing thrives on the principle of “catching more and catching quickly,” tuna populations would critically diminish causing the global tuna industry at the brink… View Article

UN on High Seas Laws

The UN General Assembly resolved and declared the resources of the High Seas as the Common heritage of the mankind which shall be governed by a proposed international regime- Comment. Common heritage of mankind is a principle of international law which holds that defined territorial areas and elements of humanity’s common heritage that includes both… View Article

Biography and Artwork of Guy Harvey

Guy Harvey was born in Lippspring Germany on September 16 1955. Guy Harvey is a 10th generation Jamaican as his family of German heritage immigrated there in 1664. Guy Harvey grew up next to the islands of Jamaica where there he spent most of his time diving and fishing of the islands southern coast. Guy… View Article

Case Study Summary Intergovernmental Relations and Ocean Policy Change: 1971-85

As I focus on summarizing the case study pertaining to “Intergovernmental Relations and Ocean Policy Change: 1971-85”, there are several aspects that should be considered. One of the most essential as well as important aspects involves understanding the affects that policy changes have toward society. In my opinion, this case study is an appropriate example… View Article

Endangered Animals of the Ocean

In earlier times, Florida was known to be uninhabitable because of the existence of some swamps all along its canals. It used to be rich in species over its wildlife. But because of some developments created by man, it now belongs to a region with significant level of biodiversity exposed to threat of destruction. Deforestation… View Article

An Imaginary Airplane Crash

Fifteenth of January in 2011, it was the day which I decided to go to the United States for my bachelor degree. Before I went to America, I had a large quantity of things to prepare: do researches about universities in the United States, write documents to apply to a university, get a visa so… View Article

Stcw Amendments and Critical Analysis

Introduction: The STCW Convention “The Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping (STCW) Convention was drafted in 1978 by conference at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London, and was activated in 1984” (wikipedia/stcw). Since its beginning, its scope has been to set qualification standards for masters, officers and watch personnel on seagoing merchant ships. On… View Article

Womens Contribution to Nation Building

Clouds: Where two masses of air from different sources and with different characteristics meet, Boundary lines are formed where the cooler and heavier air runs under the warmer and Lighter air and compels it to rise. As in the previous case the expansion and cooling of this air results in the formation of Clouds spreads… View Article

My Grandparents’ House

One favorite place from my childhood that I remember is my grandparents’ house. My grandparents’ House is also the perfect vacation spot. I have many wonderful childhood memories of all the fun activities my family and I did there. To begin, it has a marvelous location. My grandparents’ house is in St Peters burg FL,… View Article

The Beach Case

It was early evening, maybe about 8 o’clock, and the sun was just starting to dip below the horizon. Clouds were beginning to form in the cobalt sky, insulating the remaining heat from the stifling day and promising a lusciously warm evening ahead. It had been hot, even by the harsh standards of Canarian summers,… View Article

The Beach

On a hot summer day the best place to be is the Beach. Have you ever been so hot you could melt, and just want to play in the cold, salty ocean? I have! The best felling is the wet, grainy, sand between your toes. When you go to the beach all you see is… View Article

A Day at the Beach

I glance and take a quick look at the weather, 78 degrees in Malibu, California. Perfect. The two hour drive from the Bakersfield, increases my anticipation as my brother and I listen to relaxing music, ecstatic to leave behind the horrible congested weather of Bakersfield. As the farms and mountains race by in a blur,… View Article

The Indian Ocean

In 2004, the world most witnessed one of the most devastating natural disasters that had occurred in the last 100 years. On December 26th of that year, an earthquake in the Indian Ocean spawned an enormous tsunami that claimed the lives of thousands in the surrounding lands. In the months following the tsunami, many wondered… View Article

The major ocean surface current patterns

An ocean surface current is a constantly directed and continuous movement or flow of ocean water. Major ocean surface current patterns are powered by the wind. However, these patterns are also largely influenced by other factors such as the Corolis effect, which is the deflection of the water to the direction of the wind, the… View Article

Aurora Research

Our country’s natural resources are the cornerstones of our progress. It is only fitting that we do all that we can to protect and conserve them. The Philippines is a global priority for the conservation of marine biodiversity. The country is also highly dependent on marine resources, with more than one million people directly dependent… View Article

Moby Dick: Chapter 58

It is in human nature to hold in contempt and fear things unknown to them, on the other hand many people hold the pursuit of knowledge as the one true path to fulfillment in life. The dangers of the pursuit of knowledge are an underlying topic in Ishmael’s discussion of brit. Ishmael describes the sea… View Article

Super Kikay and Her Flying Pagong

The turtle is a magical and gave Kikay the power to save humankind and the sea creatures. It is her duty to protect the ocean deep from the giant small Octopus and its master disciple from getting the magical pearl that gives life to the ocean deep. As a training, Super Kikay fly around their… View Article

How the Sea Level Is Rising

This report will define, classify, and will find solutions to the risk that most coastal regions around the United States or around the world are facing against Global Warming and how it is causing the sea level water to rise to a certain risky level that will push it to invade the coastal regions, particularly… View Article

Mystery of Under Water Crop Circles

Current Events Paper Synopsis: Under Water “Crop Circles” Thesis: Although 95% of the ocean hasn’t been explored, researcher and photographer Yoji Ookata just recently named his new find the “mystery circle”, an intricate design of an underwater crop circle created by a tiny puffer fish, a find that uncovers yet another mystery of the ocean…. View Article

Timothy Egan’s “’The Good Rain”

In this essay “The Good Rain: Across Time and Terrain in the Pacific Northwest” Timothy Egan begins his essay by introducing himself that he was born in Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington and he is the Pulitzer Prize. He views Seattle as a new and interesting city which has changed a lot… View Article

Moby Dick: The Brit

It is in human nature to hold in contempt and fear things unknown to them, on the other hand many people hold the pursuit of knowledge as the one true path to fulfillment in life. The dangers of the pursuit of knowledge are an underlying topic in Ishmael’s discussion of brit. Ishmael describes the sea… View Article

Cleaning Human’s Mess In The Waters

One can not perfectly estimate how long it will actually take to clean up the oceans polluted by oil. It always depends on the techniques used, the efficiency of the people working on it, how often workers clean the oceans and the budget alloted for the clean-up. Cleaning the ocean is the less difficult part,… View Article

Deep Sea Adaptations

1.0 Introduction What is an extreme environment? An extreme environment is an environment where humans could not live without technological assistance. Organisms that live in these environments possess special adaptations that enable them to survive the extreme conditions of their environment.1 An extreme environment can be characterized by conditions that are far outside the boundaries… View Article

South by Kamau Brathwaite

The poem “South” by Kamau Brathwaite is a nostalgic poem. It focuses on everyday themes such as the longing for home, the idealization of childhood, the dislocation of people due to oppression and social unrest and personal conflict. The speaker is nostalgic, reflective throughout the poem as he speaks with a longing for and pride,… View Article

Wind and Ebony Breast Plate

The icy lands whipped him in the face. The cold heart of the land was beating like an ice wraiths heart. Cold and barren, He trudged along the frozen land. The heavy armor was wearing him down. The wind wasn’t helping much ether. The sound of his footsteps on the hard snow made crunching sounds… View Article

Oceans Act of 2000

From sea to shining sea, America has always been a country dependant on its coastal waters. We use the oceans and the abundant resources found in them for everything from physical exercise, food, and medicines, to a place to dump our garbage, dispose of toxic chemicals, and to travel to far off destinations. The oceans… View Article

Ocean Acidification

The article “Anthropogenic ocean acidification over the twenty-first century and its impact on calcifying organisms” primarily discusses how anthropogenic activities such as use of gasoline contribute to the increase in the levels of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide was reported to be the main culprit in ocean acidification. Moreover the acidification of ocean has cause massive… View Article

Ocean Dumping

The environment is a natural asset that the human race is charged with taking good care of for it is the source of the diversity that man is proud of. Biodiversity is supported by the environment and considering that this diversity is important to the survival of man it is of importance that man develops… View Article

“The sea” by James Reeves

1) The two aspects being identified are the characteristics of the dog and the sea. James Reeves is personifying the sea as if it were a dog. 2) James Reeves is mentioning the vastness of the sea by calling it giant. By stating the sea as grey he means that it’s opaque and to give… View Article

Oceans support

What would happen to the earth’s terrestrial and aquatic species (a) if most of the world’s oceans disappeared and (b) if most of the world’s land disappeared? a) More than two- thirds of the earth’s surface is covered with oceans. These oceans support up to nine tents of the habitable environmement without which most the… View Article