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Altruism: Research perspectives from Current psychology

...Many new nurses have very hard time while making decisions concerning life and death. In most cases it takes a lot of maturity to get wisdom, knowledge and certitude. Ethics in the healthcare and nursing profession is what it always drives the process of making decisions whether good or bad. Altruism as one of the most critical code of ethics should always be involved in any other decision that is made (Johnson, Larkin, & Saks, 1995). Nurses are also put in a fix that they have to always res...

Ethical dilemma in nursing profession

...In conclusion, ethical principles are very significant in the nursing practices since they guide the nurses to make their every day decisions. The nurses, however, face ethical dilemma since they are not able to decide whether they are not able to determine whether their decision is either right or wrong. Nursing is a profession that requires a lot of decision making since they are working to save patient lives, though they are required to make decisions depending on the c...

Qualities of a Good Nurse

...I came to learn that nurses can work in various tasks, but they should also collaborate with fellow workers. Nurses cannot provide effective care to all patients without help from others, because some situations are hard to handle and random. For the nurses to provide effective services to their patients, they require teamwork (Gokenbach, 2013). I realized that a good nurse should be compassionate. They should be concerned about the family and the patient who is undergoing...

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Changes in Nursing

...Bethke, Elliot. "The History of Insulin Pumps." - BIOE 414 Instrumentation Projects. The Board of Trustees at the University of Illinois, College of Engineering, 13 Dec. 2011. Web. 13 Oct. 2013. Blanche, Julie. “Nursing 50 Years Back and Today: How the Nursing Field Has Changed Over the Last 50 Years.” HeatheCareers Network. HealtheCareers, 2 Nov. 2010. Web. 15 Sept. 2013 Boyle, Charlene. Life as a Nurse. Telephone interview. 28 Sept. 2013. Judd, Deborah M., Kathleen Sitzman, and Megan Davis...

High School Reflection

...“Without struggle there’s no progress” was the quote I looked up to through out my high school experience. As I woke up every morning I hated the fact that I had to go to Warren Easton and feel stressed about it. The only positive aspects I thought about were “you have to graduate, and prove society wrong”. From the first day I stepped into the halls of Warren Easton, I felt over worked, but very confident. The whole idea of being in high school was great, but the work that sat in my f...

Care and Compassion in the Nursing Profession

...Caring. (n.d). In Oxford online dictionary. Retrieved from http://oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/caring Compassion. (n.d). In Oxford online dictionary. Retrieved from http://oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/compassion Hart, M. (2011). Compassion: A Necessity For Quality Nursing Care. Retrieved from http://www.anurseiam.com/show_winners.php?winning_nurses_id=57 Schantz, M. (2007). Compassion: a concept analysis. Nursing Forum, 48-55. Retrieved from http...

Nursing as a career

..."Using Blum's model of vocations it is argued that such occupations are socially expressed within practices embodying traditions, norms and a range of meanings: industrial, social, personal and moral. Vocational workers are those who identify in certain ways with these traditions, norms and meanings."(PubMed, 2002) "Nursing as a job requires not only treating patients who are sick and injured, but also offering advice and emotional support to patients and their families, taking care of paperwork...

Journey to Become a Nurse

...Next you want to consider what nurses do on an average day at work. They go around feeding the patients, checking the patients to see how they are doing, be a friend to them and their families, etc. An average nurse’s day is consisted of recording a patient’s history and symptoms on their medical charts, discuss their patients with other nurses and doctors, change the dressings on the wounds so they don’t get infected, observe the patients to see if they are progressing in health or decli...

The Cycle of Nursing Theory

...Advancing from the role of a registered nurse, primary care nurse practitioners increase their competence, knowledge, and skills. This increase in knowledge helps nurse practitioners in decision making, treatment options, and educating the patient. The primary function of the nurse practitioner is to educate patients across the lifespan, and help patients maintain health. Prevention is the best intervention. Since nurse practitioners begin their careers as bedside registered nurses, advanced nur...

Professional Nursing Philosophy

...307-322. doi:10.1177/089801019401200308 Hochhauser, M. (2007). Consent forms: No easy read. Applied Clinical Trials, 16(5), 74. Retrieved November 17, 2012 from http://libproxy.uta.edu:5745/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?sid=dd795158-f393-4eb8-b67b-8a1cc3b595fd%40sessionmgr104&vid=4&hid=121 Meyer, G., & Lavin, M.A. (2005). Vigilance: The essence of nursing. OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 10(1). doi:10.3912/OJIN.Vol10No03PPT01 Poma, P.A. (1983). Hispanic cultural influences...

Evidence-based practice

...The results were narrowed by choosing the publication dates between January 2000 and December 2010. Results were further sorted by re arranging them in a date descending order and a suitable article titled ‘Detection, treatment and referral of perinatal depression and anxiety by obstetrical providers’(Goodman ,J,H, Tyer-Viola, L, 2010) obtained. Key words were combined by using Boolean operator ‘AND’. The combination of key words postnatal depression and nursing interventions generated ...

Medication Errors

...I learnt that the nurse are the doctor’s eyes and ears; and they rely on them to identify errors, changes of condition, abnormal lab values etceteras so that they may prescribe the right medication appropriately. It is important to always have your reference material available such as, drug reference book, patho-physiology reference book etceteras; because medication administration goes beyond just following the doctor’s written order and giving the patient the medication. If a nurse does no...

Health Belief Model

...Information will be provided on disease processes related to this lifestyle, such as heart disease and multiple lung diseases. A nurse has to explore an individual’s knowledge resulting to continued tobacco use. Understanding of patient’s behavior and own knowledge of the chosen lifestyle gives a nurse a clear education plan on what needs to be included with health promotion. If a patient is not aware of his or her risk factors for a disease, teaching should be directed towards informing the...

Nursing concepts: competence, compassion, professionalism,

...It is important for me as I progress through my nursing practice to remember that my competency level has to reach beyond simply checking off assessment on a checklist, or a test. As I will come across patients or situations of different nature, culture and need to be able to use skills that will cater to the specific situation or need at any given time. Competency in one area neglects to fulfill the needs of the patient overall and decreases quality of care. The same principle can be applied to...

Associate Nurse VS. Baccalaureate Nurse

...Blegen, M.A., Goode, C.J., Park, S.H., Vaughn, T. & Spetz, J. (2013, February). Baccalaureate education in nursing and patient outcomes. Journal of Nursing Administration, 43(2), 89-94. Creasia, Friberg, Joan L. Elizabeth E. Conceptual Foundations: The Bridge to Professional Nursing Practice. 5th Edition. Mosby, 2011. VitalBook file. Pageburst online. Pages 87-88. Moore, D.S. (February 2009). The Difference Between Associate Degree Nurses and the Baccalaureate Degree Nurses. West Coast Unive...

Person Centred Care

...Dimond, B. (2002) Legal aspects of patient confidentiality. London: Allen Publishing. Dimond, B. (2005) Legal aspects of nursing. 4th ed. London: Pearson Longman. Dougherty, L. (2011). The royal marsden hospital manual of clinical nursing procedures student edition. 8th ed. West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell. Health Foundation (2014) Person-centred care: what is person-centred care? [online]. London: [Accessed 27 March 2014]. Available at: . Henderson, R. (2014) Urine dipstick analysis. [online]. Leed...

Concept analysis

...Changing Minds. (2013). What is Trust? Retrieved March 8, 2014 from: http://changingminds.org/explanations/trust/what_is_trust.htm Dinc, L., & Gastmans, C. (2011). Trust and trustworthiness in nursing: an argument-based literature review. Academic Journal, 19 (3), 223-237.doi:10.1111/j.1440-1800.2011.00582.x Dinç, L., & Gastmans, C. (2013). Trust in nurse–patient relationships: A literature review, 20 (5), 501-516. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/0969733012468463 Getting Comfy. (2013)....

APN Interviews: Caring, Competency, and Compassion

...Linda contribution to midwifery and woman care is many years of delivering babies, not all deliveries are happy. Some babies are stillborn or babies are born premature, and some with undiagnosed congenital anomalies. Part of Linda’s spiritual belief is that all babies are gifts from God and all life is precious. An example she related to me was about a Hispanic patient screaming in the labor room. The woman already received some medication for pain. The nurses were getting frustrated at this ...

Personal Goals

...According to (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2011)suggested recording your progress in a weekly journal as a means of measuring your progress toward your goals. As for myself, I have a planner that I usually write in to keep track of my assignment due dates, completion and submittal of assignment, as well as my accomplishments. Caring and compassion for others comes second nature to me. I enjoy helping and taking care of others. Accomplishing my goals will help me align myself in a better positi...

Nursing As a Discipline

...Evans, R. J., & Donnelly, G. W. (2006). A model to describe the relationship between knowledge, skill, and judgment in nursing practice. Nursing Forum, 41(4), 150-7. Retrieved from http://ezproxy.utas.edu.au/login?url=http://search.proquest.com/docview/195028141?accountid=14245 Bryant, R. B., Foley, E. R., & Percival, E. C., A.M. (2008). The role of RCNA in promoting transcultural nursing as a discipline of study, research, practice and management in australia. Contemporary Nurse : A Jou...

Change and Conflict Theories and Change Agent

...Retrieved October 19, 2013, from http://www.sagepub.com/ Manktelow, J., & Carlson, A. (n.d.). Management training and leadership training, online. Mind Tools New Articles RSS. Retrieved October 19, 2013, from http://www.mindtools.com/ Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. (2010, November/December). 24th Annual Conference of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (16), 366-387. Retrieved from http://jap.sagepub.com Blake, N., PhD, RN, CCRN & Young, C. (n.d.). How to...

Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing

...American Nurses Association, Code of Ethics for Nurses. (2014). Retrieved from http://nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/EthicsStandards/CodeofEthicsforNurses/Code-of-Ethics.pdf American Nurses Association, End of life issues. (2014). Retrieved from http://www.nursingworld.org/MainMenuCategories/EthicsStandards/End-of-Life Blais, K.K., Hayes, J.S. (2011). Professional Nursing Practice: Concepts & Perspectives. (6th ed., cpt. 6). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice-Hall. Chitty, K.K. &a...

Reflection Using The Gibb’s Reflective Cycle model

...This is also another way to describe “reflection in action”. It is whereby the practitioner recognises a situation or problem and thinks about it while still carrying out an action (Schon, 1987). Also if this situation were to happen again I would remember what I had learned by my previous experience. My experience with James has taught me a lot about self-awareness, communicating effectively, empathy, patience, having a comprehension of the patient’s illness, respect, empowerment, not put...

The media positively or negatively represent the public’s image of nursing

...However, due to Nurse Jackie’s questionable ethical practices many nursing organizations feel that this portrayal hurts the image of nurses and hinders them from recruitment, retention, and allocation (Nemeth 2011). In which many organization have fought to refocus the community and general public’s attention on what good nursing incorporates. An organization of nurses, named The Truth about Nursing, has given awards to shows for best and worst portrayal of nursing in order to steer Hollywoo...

Practicum Evaluation Summary

...Create a program to educate nursing staff to learn and understand how to care for veterans with PTSD at the rehabilitation center using classroom lecture with PowerPoint presentation for all shifts.Michele Reed, JD,MSN,RN Orlando VAMC-Conduct a review of literature to use evidence-based nursing practices -Design a teaching/learning plan using a PowerPoint presentation, handout and test -Implement the program to the nursing staff at the Rehabilitation Center -Evaluate the teaching/learning progra...

Professional Development of Nursing Professionals

...Aiken, L. H., et al. (2003). Educational Levels of Hospital Nurses and Surgical Mortality. Journal of the American Medical Association, 290(12), 1617-1623. Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing, at the Institute of Medicine. (2011). The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. IOM, Pg. 97. Retrieved from http://books.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=12956 Institute of Medicine. (IOM). (2010, October 5). The Future of Nursing: Leading Change...

Anxiety, stress and burnout in nursing

...In conclusion, the nursing profession is under high demand as our population is growing older and the acuity of patients is increasing. To ensure sustainability of the nursing profession it is essential that graduate nurses are supported in their transition from university to a hospital environment so they continue to remain in the profession. To retain more experienced nurses there must be change within nursing environments and organizations to create a more flexible and supportive workplace. T...

Evidence based practice

...Haynes, R. Richardson, W. (1996). Evidencebased medicine: what it is and what it isn't. British Medical Journal, 312, 71-72. http://cebm.jr2.ox.ac.uk/ebmisisnt.html Sackett, D., Richardson, W., Rosenberg, W., & Haynes, R. (1997). Evidence-based medicine: How to practice and teach EBM. New York: Churchill Livingstone. Simpson, G., Segall, A., & Williams, J. (2007). Social work education and clinical learning: Reply to Goldstein and Thyer. Clinical Social Work Journal, (35), 33-36. Smith, ...

Care at the end of life

...Cantlupe, J. (2013, September). A fresh look at end-of-life care. Health Leaders, 12-22. Gastman, C. (2012, September). Nursing ethics perspective on end-of-life care. Nursing Ethics, 19(5), 603-604. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.ezproxy.apollolibrary.com/docview/1041054841 Gourdji, Iris. McVey, L., & Purden, M. (2009, Spring). A quality end of life from a palliative care patient's perspective. Journal of Palliative Care, 25(1), 40-50. Izumi, S., Nagae, H., Sakurai, C., & Ima...

Peplau’s Contribution to the Advancement of Nursing Knowledge

...Gregg, D. (1999, Jul-Sep ). Hildegard E. Peplau: Her contributions. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, 35(3), 10-12. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/200788729?accountid=34574 Holden, M. (2002, Nov.). Hildegard Peplau: Psychiatric Nurse of the Century. Military Medicine, 167(12), 111. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/217052138?accountid=34574 Parker, M. (2010). Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice. Philadelphia, PA, United States of America: FA Davis. Spray, S. ...

The Differences Between Modern Day Nursing Education and the Old Hospital Based Training Model

...1b When did the Diploma of Nursing become the nationally recognised entry level qualification for Enrolled Nurses in Australia? Why did this occur? The diploma of nursing was nationally recognised in 2010. It coincided with the establishment of the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority (AHPRA) (AHPRA 2012). This was essential as previously, each state had different systems and standards and this was not practical for national management .This was evident when enrolled nurses (EN) ...

Historical Perspective Essay

...Nursing theories like Nightingale’s Environmental Model and Notes on Nursing will continue to guide research and guide nursing to professional modern nursing. Human beings are living longer thanks to research and theorists. With an ever-changing environment, nurses will continue to conduct research and manipulate the environment to meet the needs of the patients. New theories and research will continue to use Nightingales Environmental Model to use as a framework in support of new intervention...

Being a Nurse Is More Than a Job, It's a Treasure

...Like it said in the documentary, a nurse takes advantage of opportunities, faces daily challenges, and most importantly in my eyes, is a powerful advocate for the patient. Watching this video enlightened me to the most significant responsibilities of a nurse. I’ve realized that a nurse is the liaison between the doctor and the patient. They ensure that the patient fully understands what is happening to them in their most vulnerable states. Nurses are responsible for patient education and for m...

Patient-centred care is a fundamental issue

...During the discussion forums in my tutorial class, patient-centred care was one of the topics which grasped my attention. The forum provided an insight into what is involved in patient-centred and examined some effective strategies. I found this topic interesting as the class shared their experiences and viewpoints on the issue. One participant shared that when recently working in aged care as an assistant nurse, patient care was often carried out in regards to time restraints and thus resulting...

Family Health Assessment

...A person should sleep average 6-8 hours at night. Nyennoh’s family has no sleep deprivation. They go to bed at 9 o’clock and get up 6 o’clock in the morning. They have a good sleeping pattern so they never use any medication to induce sleep. The elimination pattern is varies in individual. This family is not experiencing any bladder or bowel problems. There is no evidence of diarrhea or constipation in the family. Bowel movements and regularly in every day. Parents always take special atte...

Lack of Respect for Nurses

...The data collected by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2012) confirmed that nursing represents the nation’s largest healthcare profession with more than 3.1 million nurses and 2.6 million licensed RNs. Nursing can be a satisfying profession; however, nurses continue to experience lack of respect from their patients, doctors, administrators, and even from their coworkers. Due to the increase number of nurses, many hospitals can’t hire more nurses resulting to unemployment....

Compare and Contrast of a Two Grand Theories

...In Merritt’s article, it is both important for the nurse to work with the patient and family as well. In both articles, I feel that the “nurse” serves as an “advocate” in different ways, one from a medical perspective, and the other from a psychological perspective, however these can be intertwined as the families who lost a loved one due to “brain death” and a transplantation will occur, also need emotional support. Nurse-patient relationship encompasses many strategies throughout...

Transition from graduate registered nurses in the practice of the registered nurse

...During the discussion forums in my tutorial class, patient-centred care was one of the topics which grasped my attention. The forum provided an insight into what is involved in patient-centred and examined some effective strategies. I found this topic interesting as the class shared their experiences and viewpoints on the issue. One participant shared that when recently working in aged care as an assistant nurse, patient care was often carried out in regards to time restraints and thus resulting...

Physical Restraints on Dementia Patients

...Accountability of outcomes because of failed actions, like not applying a restraint, appears to be greater than putting a restraint on a patient. A dementia patient is still a human being entitled to his rights of freedom and dignity, and nurses have to weigh this with the notion that these patients may also be challenging. It is therefore necessary to refer to available guidelines to assist nurses in making a decision with regards to patients care. Also, keeping updated with trends in patient c...

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