A History of Nursing Professionalism

Nursing professionalism was started by Florence Nightingale in the 1820’s where she started the nursing profession. Nursing professionalism hits on a few characteristics that an individual must attain to be just that. Nurses must be responsible, have a good attitude, respect their patients, be willing to help others, be honest and disciplined. With out these quality characteristics within the mix it would be hard to show professionalism. I’ll expand on attitude and willingness to help others. Having a good attitude in nursing says a lot.

The way you live your life outside of the workplace and how you view your surroundings on a day to day basis.

A nurse with a good attitude will get acknowledged and become more successful compared to a nurse with a bad attitude who will most likely end up losing their job. Not talking back to your superiors would fall into this category. When a nurse with a good attitude gets asked to do something he/she just stops and actively listens.

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Having a good attitude in the work place really puts a different kind of aura around yourself and others. No one wants to be around or wants to work with someone who has a bad attitude, but of course this isn’t a perfect world and they’re out there. A professional nurse always has a willingness to help others. Professional nursing isn’t about just looking out for yourself and not for your co-workers. If you help others throughout life then you’ll be more opt to get help in return when your’e in need.

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My best friend Norman Chau is an ICU nurse at Westside Regional Hospital, and he tells me stories about his experiences within his nursing career all the time. A lot of his stories always start with him explaining that he’s not alone and with another co-worker/friend. One time he told me this story that they were all working together to turn a 600+ pound man over to his side so they can change a dressing and wash his back.

He said he’s really fortunate to have such great co-workers that have such good attitudes and such a willing ness to help others. Professional nursing is all about wanting and having these key ingredients. Of course no ones perfect and going to contain every single ingredient, but you can strive and want to be the better you. To me being a professional nurse would be an honor and I know I have the drive to excel and chase all the major ingredients that are required to show that I contain nursing professionalism. Attitude plays a great part within a nurse and is seen by everyone he/she comes in contact with most importantly the patients. Attitude is shown through your actions, the way you speak and the tone you speak in, as well as your facial expressions. Having a willingness to help others is an attribute every professional nurse should have, because of their profession. Also ricochetting along to your co-workers and superiors in your workplace. You want to be seen as a nurse who helps and cares for others even when they’re not ill. Ultimately being the best human being you can be all the time, and wanting to always have a positive aura around you.

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