Why College Is the Best Choice

There are many paths for success in the modern world we have today. Many high school graduates just want the diploma in our hands, move on to the workforce to develop skills for all types of labors and get a job from the get go or join the military for the salary. There is one ideal path for life after graduation from high school, and that is to go to college because it is beneficial for the long term, able to make connections, and broaden our interests.

The first reason why college is the best choice because it’s about the long term effect on your life. College is a place where you can ” … explore and broaden your interest, attain your goals … “ (Why Go to College, the University of North Texas) And after you graduate with a bachelor’s degree earn 74 percent more per year than those who only complete high school.”(Why Go to College, the University of North Texas)

“In a survey conducted by the United States Census Bureau, the income replacement rates of aging Americans were analyzed.

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Most participants who held a bachelor’s degree have a current income replacement rates close to 77 percent. However, high school graduates who had only a high school diploma have a current income replacement rates below 67 percent. “Most people are unable to live comfortably with less than 70 percent of their income,” according to bestvalueschools.com.”

Another reason why college is the best choice is because when interning or getting hired for a job often comes down to who you know.

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“Forty-four percent of Americans who were job hunting recently said some sort of relationship – a professional connection, family member, friend or friend of a friend – was the most important resource in their search”, according to a 2015 Pew Research Center report. “And the people you meet college, (like fellow students or teachers)- through campus professional organizations like the American Medical Students Association, social groups like fraternities and sororities, and more casual gatherings – could give you a boost in the job market”.

Having at least a college degree, it opens doors that would’ve been closed, giving you a wider selection of jobs. In bestvalueschools.com, they have stated that “… a patient assistant in a hospital may want to be able to help with medical procedures and be more involved in patients’ care plans.” And in order to be involed, they must have at least a Registered Nurse or “…RN degree, that individual can meet goals and have a wider range of career opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes, private care and even travel nursing.”And also, “Ninety-nine percent of jobs created since the Great Recession has gone to workers with at least some college education”, according to a 2016 report by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce. “ College gives you options, which is the best thing for anyone to have, “ says Corey Miles, a social instructor at Virginia Tech who was a first-generation college student. “ I don’t have to be tracked into a job that I do solely to pay the bills.” (Nerdwallet.com)

But on the other hand, there are students and parents concerned regarding about college debt and believing that you always have to owe someone; unfortunately they’re incorrect because there’s a financial aid program called FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, it’s a form to apply for financial aid (i.e. such as grants, work-study, and loans) to pay for college or career school. In addition, there’s another opportunity for financial aid is scholarships, which is guarantee many for school.

In conclusion, college is an ideal choice because it’s beneficial for the long term, able to make connections, and broaden your interests. And you are able to pay off college or career school with FAFSA and scholarships. And if you go to college, your children and your grandchildren will be more likely to go. Don’t you want a successful future?

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