The Application of Management Theories in the Field of Nursing

Nurses at all levels empower themselves and others for purposes of achieving the organizational goals. It means that the nurses have the opportunity of exhibiting leadership qualities in the provision of care to the patients(Part 1- Theories of Leadership and Management, 2014, p. 4). In this regard, therefore, the management theory article for this research will be “the Review of Classical Management Theories” by Mahmood, Basharat, and Bashir (2012). The report has detailed the management theories that organizations can apply for the success of their activities.

Some of the theories of management presented in the article include the scientific and the administrative theories which all fall under the banner of the classical management theories.

The management theories mentioned above are relevant to nursing because of the necessity for efficient management and leadership in the healthcare facilities. Besides, these institutions often undergo massive challenges as they carry out their operations (Mahmood, Basharat, & Bashir, 2012, p. 512). The theories in the article provide ways that could be used in ensuring that the patients receive adequate treatment.

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Some of the issues continually faced by those in the nursing fraternity that can be sorted out by the management theories encompass the reduction of costs and efficient utilization of resources. The theories provide ways that the management of healthcare facilities use in monitoring the activities taking place. The management of the nursing fraternity could integrate the theories discussed above into their daily practice through a number of ways.

The most fundamental is developing a substantive chain of command within the healthcare sector.

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Individuals at different levels of the chain will be responsible for the management, coordination, supervision and even the implementation of the deliberations of the health care managers. A research study that has incorporatedthe classical management theories is the “Relevance of Classical Management Theories to Modern Public Administration: A Review” by Nhema (2015). The research notes that there are several lessons which public institutions and other modern bureaucracies can learn from the elements of this theoretical framework (Nhema, 2015, p. 1). In conclusion, therefore, the article has discussed the concept of management theories and the ways that those in the nursing sector can use in the improvement of the services being offered.

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