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Nurse Burnout

Morse, G. (2012). Burnout in mental health services: A review of the problem and its remediation. Adm Policy Ment Health, 39(5), 341-352 McHugh, M., Wright,. (2011). Nurses’ widespread job dissatisfaction, burnout, and frustration with health benefits signal problems for patient care. Health Affairs, 30(2), 202-210 Witkoski, A. (2012). The longer the shifts for hospital nurses, the higher the le...

Medication Errors

C. G. Bailey, B.S. Engel, J.N. Luescher, M.L.Taylor: (date unknown) Medication Errors In Relation To Education & Medication Errors In Relation To Years of Nursing J., Treiber L. When the 5 rights go wrong: medication errors from the nursing perspective. Journal of Nursing Care Qual 2010;25:240–7 Experience: retrieved July 31 2013 from http://www.lagrange.edu/resources/pdf/citations/nursing/M...

Prescribing in Practice

Through this experience I am able to develop in my new role as a V100 prescriber using specific tools like the consultation model and good prescribing steps. Furthermore I had the opportunity to apply appropriate communication skills and medical knowledge along with the legislation to conclude with a safe and effective prescribing practice. A new CPNP I can utilize different assessment tools based...

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Lack of Respect for Nurses

Because of that it decreases the rate of taking Nursing course in college. Some people says Why do you take up Nursing?, you can’t get job when you graduate or you will end up working on a Call center. They don’t know that nursing students study hard, practice a lot to improve skills and other things that other people can’t do. Respect is the word that is missing here, respect for the people...

Transition from graduate registered nurses in the practice of the registered nurse

During the discussion forums in my tutorial class, patient-centred care was one of the topics which grasped my attention. The forum provided an insight into what is involved in patient-centred and examined some effective strategies. I found this topic interesting as the class shared their experiences and viewpoints on the issue. One participant shared that when recently working in aged care as an ...

Community health nurses

Jamaicans use fruits and vegetables for their healing properties. Papaya helps relieve indigestion, while guava leaves treat diarrhea, and tamarind soothes itchy skin and chicken pox. Herbal medicines are popular, and herbal medicine practitioners and balmists, who practice bush medicine, provide treatment for a wide range of ailments. Herbs are administered as an infusion (tea), a poultice or ba...

My Experiences in Hospital: Reflective on Practices

In conclusion it can be seen that the nurse has a very important role in supporting the patients relatives through their loss, emotionally, psychologically and a caring perspective. It can be seen from this reflection that effective communication and listening skills are the key to effective care to enable nurses to support families through their loss. Parkes (1988) model of loss has been useful i...

Roles and Ways of Knowing for Advanced Practicing Nurses

American Nurses Credentialing Center (2014). Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Silver Springs, MD: Author. Retrieved from http://www.nursecredentialing.org/FamilyPsychNP-Eligibility.aspx Hamric, A. B., Hanson, C. M., Tracy, M. F., & O’Grady, E. T. (2014). Advance practice nursing an integrative approach (5th ed.). St Louis, MO: Elsevier Saunders. Monti, E. J., & Tingen, M. S....

SWOT analysis for Nurses and Health care environments

One of the most effective ways to conduct a SWOT analysis is not in isolation, but with a team effort. When the goal is shared, then a brainstorming session can be run. Ensure than when running such a session it is facilitated by a person not involved with the content – this is best with an independent person. If budgets do not allow this – then talk to another establishments head, and arrange...

Competency of student nurses in the operating room

4-Competent (Student performs consistently in an effective and efficient manner) 3-Progress Acceptable (performance is usually effective and efficient but not always) 2-Needs Improvement (progress in performance is too slow to judge satisfactorily; task performance is not done properly for majority of the time0 1-Progress Unacceptable (no progress in performance has been demonstrated and/ or perfo...

The Difference in Competencies between ADN and BSN nurses

American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2013). http://www.aacn.nche.edu/media-relations/fact-sheets/impact-of-education American Nurses Association. (2013). http://www.nursingworld.org/EspeciallyForYou/What-is-Nursing Grand Canyon University. (2012). http://www.gcu.edu/degree-programs/bachelor-of-science-in-nursing-bsn-pre-licensure Maricopa Community Colleges. (n.d.). http://www.maricopa.ed...

Bachelor of Science nurses (BSN) vs Associate degree nurses (ADN)

Carroll, C. A., Cox, K. S., Hunt, C. E., Sexton, K. A., & Teasley, S. L. (2008). Differentiating the Workplace Needs of Nurses by Academic Preperation and Years in Nursing. Jouranl of Professional Nursing, 28, 105-108. Doi:10.1016/j.profnurs..2007.06.021 Fact Sheet: Creating a M Highly Qualified Nursing Workforce. (2013). Retrieved from http://www.aacn.nche.edu/media-relations/NursingWorkforce...

Competency Differences Between Associate Degree Nurse and Baccalaureate

A 76 year old female patient admitted with the diagnosis of breast cancer to the oncology department. Cancer care technician arrives, providing daily care of a patient. An RN Arrives, welcome the patient, oriented the room, call bell, introduced staff, checks the vital signs, assess the skin, treatments given for the wound and evaluate the plan of care. A nurse with BSN degree is responsible for t...

You have been asked to investigate a new procedure that physicians would like nurses to adopt in the hospital

The competence, knowledge, and experience with the procedure must also be taken into consideration in order to determine if additional training may be necessary. If any training is required, then a plan must be made of what the training should entail, how long it will take, along with other details such as when and where. When it is time to introduce the new procedure, “you’ll need to be prepa...

Image of Nursing

Because public opinion is often based on inaccurate images, nurses must participate in the public arena to shape our image (Gambrell, 2004). Nurses are not given due recognition for the skills they have by the majority of the public. The essence of nursing is not always clear and nurses still suffer from many stereotypes including gender. The media often depict nurses working at the patient's beds...

Multiple Methods of Nursing

I believe in the Planetree motto that “we are human beings taking care of other human beings” is an accurate statement. I continually try to remind myself of this statement. It is important to communicate with your patients what health and heeling is. I need to ensure that all my patients have the necessary resources to encourage a healing environment. I feel I do a good job with empathy and c...

Assessment and Nurses

Information gathered during the assessment stage was not sufficient enough to devise suitable plans and goals, therefore the implementation stage failed. Evaluation was also unsuccessful as it did not identify were the previous stages had gone wrong. Because all of the stages are interrelated, failure in one stage has a knock on effect to the other stages (Barrett et al, 2009). Because the nurses ...

Critical Care Nurses (Aacn) Mission Statement

Educational programs for professional development and advancement can be obtained through AACN using resources such as web based learning, conferences, or chapter events. AACN is a leader in setting standards for current practice and education and is used by hospitals and learning institutions. Health policy is influenced by AACN with position statements to support legislation, working with coalit...

Mentoring Student Nurses in Theatre

Time spent working with the student should be utilised well with plenty of opportunity for discussions. Once a rapport has developed, as a mentor I should display insight into the students needs which will show a degree of empathatic understanding, which will make them more at ease. I now understand the significance of a conducive learning environment so that the student Feels comfortable in the u...

Indicated by Fagermoane the professional identity of nurses can be defined as

Indicated by Fagermoane, the professional identity of nurses can be defined as the values and beliefs held by nurses that guide her/his thinking, actions and interactions with the patient (Hoeve, Jansen & Roodbol, 2014, p. 303) A nurse's professional identity is exceedingly essential to health and human service delivery How? Their role is to be attentive and understand vital information such as pa...

Nurses' Professional and Personal Values

Personal Values PaperYeEun (Grace) OhAzusa Pacific University Personal Values Many nursing scholars emphasize the significance of understanding a nurse's moral development and the study of ethics as they provide a framework for a nurse to deal with challenges and dilemmas in clinical settings (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2013; Fowler, 2015). The purpose of this paper is to understand how diverse cu...

The nurses' ability to provide safe and quality care to patients is

The nurses' ability to provide safe and quality care to patients is greatly impacted by the health care work environment. An unhealthy environment can create undue stress which can result in adverse events to the patients and nurses. A healthy work environment contributes to fulfilment, effective performance and greater patient outcomes. It is essential that nurse leaders and managers take respons...

Human papillomavirus and Vaccination: Knowledge, Beliefs, and Perception of Future registered Nurses

There were gaps in the knowledge of cervical cancer, HPV and HPV vaccination among nursing students in Sudan. Full acceptability of HPV vaccine was also high beside; several obstacles to vaccination were identified, such as the unavailability of a vaccine in Sudan. However, the majority were willing to be vaccinated if the vaccine is available. Capacity building, training, and involvement of nurse...

Assessment the Knowledge and Practice among Nurses

It is concluded that nurses who had in service training after graduation had higher average scores of knowledge. Cynthia Chernecky, Lindsey Casella, Erin Jarvis, Denies Macklin, Marlene Rosenkoetter (2010) conducted a study among 100 staff nurses regarding nurses knowledge on intravenous connectors in USA by using a questionnaire. Survey research design and simple random sampling was used. Results...

Societal Breakdown and Violence Towards Nurses

The societal breakdown has created the perfect storm, in regards to the violence we see towards nurses in healthcare today. Mental illness and drug abuse patients, have no choice but to be treated in non-psychiatric units, due to lack of funding and resources. The decline in family morals, along with social media misconceptions, give rise to unstable adults. Physical and verbal abuse towards nurse...

Advanced practice nurses subscribe to the ethical principle

Conclusively, Afaf's transitions theory is a robust framework that helps advanced practice nurses in developing treatment plans which take into account the adverse effects associated with change. It enables patients to gain knowledge and resources for coping and responding to change healthily. Its main emphasis is on the primary goal of offering patient-centered care and ensuring that there is int...

Communication is imperative to health care in general and nurses

However, there are some gaps in my skills and knowledge. The first weakness is that when I am stressful, I am unable to concentrate on my work and feel nervous which usually leads to unsuccessful results and anxiety. To alleviate personal issue, I will try my best to control my feelings or request the manager to let me have a break for a few minutes to keep calm if necessary. Furthermore, I am not...

Being A Nurse Is Hard

Due to this experience, I had learned that by properly guiding a newly-graduate nurse can help boost their confidence and morale which would enable them to perform any procedure without any hesitation knowing they are prepared and has full knowledge of the nursing procedure. Mentors acting as peer teachers can ease the transition from the academic training classroom to the clinical unit by assisti...

NOVA Nurses Organization

Nursing is a holistic caring Professional career and with this many nurses through history have determined the need for camaraderie, and education, professional resources and advocation would best be met by forming the many nursing organizations in todays existence. Since things happen easier in groups and its more efficient to form groups to share ideas, network with other nurses through out the ...

Competencies Between Nurses Prepared at Associate Degree Level vs Baccalaureate Degree Level

For example if a elderly women complaints of abdominal pain and she is restless and short of breath, If it is a ADN who is assigned to this pt her skills and critical thinking ability is limited and she would be look at the problem which the patient complaints and help the client to be comfortable, But if it is a BSN she would use her critical thinking ability and look beyond the present complaint...

Financial and Strategic Management for Nurses in Leadership Roles

Worrying about Accounting in Health Care. Accounting, Auditing ; Accountability Journal, 7 (3), 4-17. Ginter, P. M. , Swayne, L. E. ; Duncan, W. J. (2002). Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations. New Jersey: Blackwell Publishing. Zelman, W. N. , McCue, M. J. Millikan, A. R. , ; Glick, N. D. (2003). Financial Management of Health Care Organizations: An Introduction to Fundamental Tools, ...

Financial Incentive Systems for Nurses in Saudi Arabia

Rights and Duties: the Saudis’ need to over-haul their recruitment practices and pay closer attention to retaining their nurses by creating a positive work environment to enhance job satisfaction and commitment and promoting avenues that offer ways for the nurses to obtain continuous education through seminars and classes to strengthen their work skills and improve their quality of patient care....

Neonatal Nurses

People with a master’s degree or higher have an excellent chance of being hired over other competitors (Careers in Focus: Nursing 88-93). Massey stated that there are multiple areas to advance in this field which gives many people more opportunities than most careers could offer. This field rapidly changes in medicine, so one who would like to enter this career or one who is already started in t...

Nursing and American Nurses Association

These early pioneers laid the groundwork for the specialties we have in nursing today, for example Anesthesia, Obstetrics Public Health Nursing and Patient Education. The hard work and accomplishments by these women makes me more determined to further my education. The definition of nursing as put forward by the American Nurses Association has as its first tenet caring of the patient to promote he...

The Difference in Competencies between ADN and BSN nurses Essay

MentionsAmerican Association of Colleges of Nursing. ( 2013 ) . hypertext transfer protocol: //www. aacn. nche. edu/media-relations/fact-sheets/impact-of-education American Nurses Association. ( 2013 ) . hypertext transfer protocol: //www. nursingworld. org/EspeciallyForYou/What-is-Nursing Grand Canyon University. ( 2012 ) . hypertext transfer protocol: //www. gcu. edu/degree-programs/bachelor...

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