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Essays on My Family

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A Garden Lover in my family

It gives me immense pleasure to talk about a garden lover in my family. As we all know gardening is a creative activity in which nature is made to order. Garden provides inexhaustible sources for paintings and poems all over the world and it is a home for many species of birds and flies which lend charm to the verdant looks of the garden. The heartening sounds of birds distract us from the monotonous regimen of our daily lives. My…...

Endless Love For My Family

Someone once said, "Love is the answer everyone seeks. Love is the language every heart speaks." Funny isn't it? Although every country, every city, every individual is so completely and utterly different in thousands of ways, we all have one common desire. Love we crave the experience, even when there is no one to experience it. It's many a time’s said that love is even created by people it was never meant to be found with. Purely and solely because,…...

Interactional View Theory and My Family Relationships

This theory states that within family relationships there can often be misconceptions between each family member and the problem can only be transformed when addressed by outside members of the family (or situation), or simply stepping outside the situation yourselves and looking at all possible aspects that way, or reframing. Watzlawick claims that through the repetitive actions of a family system, a self-­regulating, inter-­depending network of feedback loops guided by member’s rules, we tend to stick to a status quo,…...

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The Sweet Old Lady Called Grandma

Warm, friendly, sweet, generous, and kind-hearted; these words cannot describe my grandmother enough, but they are greatly stressed in defining her beautiful character. Her short, black hair resulted in frizzy hair due to her frequent hair-dying. When walking by the kitchen I would see a tiny head of thick hair leveled with the counter, which reminded my grandmother and everyone else of how short she was. Her thin wrinkles extended and multiplied near the corners of her eyes and around…...

Story About Myself and My Family

My name is Amanda L. Winter. I was born on 17 March, 1983 in Lexington, Kentucky, where I lived until the time I went to college in another state. I'm the fourth child and the only girl in a family of five. My father, Mr. Paul Winter is a retired physician and he currently runs a drug store within the city. My mother, Mrs. Beverly Winter was a registered nurse working for various medical institutions across the state, until she…...

Diary of Boo Radley

Pretend you are Boo Radley (from To Eliminate a Mocking Bird). Compose your secret diary entry about how you have actually been penalized and kept in a virtual prison for fifteen years. It has actually been so long since my daddy initially locked me up in this home. I indicate, I was only a teenager having a good time, I did not do anything major or anything. At initially, after a number of days penalty, it thought I would be…...

The Knight in Rusty Armor Book Review

The Knight's armor represents how he masks his feelings and hides from other individuals. He does not reveal his sensations and the truth that he got his armor stuck meant he didn't know how; after concealing his feelings for so long, he had forgotten what it implied to express them. "We're all stuck in armor of a kind. Yours is simply simpler to discover." (The Knight in Rusty Armor, 9) The Knight's armor also represents that he was scared to…...

An Analysis of Coming Home Again by Chang Rae Lee

In _Coming home Again_, Chang Rae Lee talks about his relationship with his mother and how the relationship changes as he grows up. Lee talks about his mother's cooking moments to show the relationship. As Lee describes the moment when he watches his mom "… takes up a butchered short rib in her narrow hand… and with the point of her knife cut so that the bone fell away, though not completely, leaving it connected to the meat by the…...

My Family, My Everything

Family is the cement the mends my life, keeps me grounded, and allows me to be a part of something greater than myself. My family has always been very close, we always look forward to spending time together. We have mostly gotten along and supported each other. Not to say we never get mad at each other, like the time my sister took my car without asking and accidently wrecked it, we do always work things out. Though we have…...

My Family History

Family history is very important to remember. By knowing where you come from, you can have a knowledge of your family. Interviewing our family members is the best way to have a clear understanding of our family background. It allows you to appreciate your family history. After you interview your family,what you learn may influence So our roots and origin is one of the most important things to explore. It can bring me closer to myself discovery. What I can…...

Camping With My Family

There is nothing better than sitting in front of a campfire, late at night, talking with my family. It seems as if we talk about things that we wouldn't normally have time to talk about. This makes me think about what is important in my life. It seems that the topics that we talk about around the fire are what makes up my cultural identity. My family and I enjoy the outdoors, Norwegian dishes and traveling for fun. My family…...

Memorable Moments with My Sibling

A relationship with a sibling is everlasting: last longer than the bond with a spouse, parent, or friend. Have you ever thought about the times you have spent with your siblings? Those are memorable moments that I would always cherish. The bond with my sibling taught me many lessons in life. My childhood relationship with my sibling has changed since I became an adult. The communication and the people we associate with had changed between us. During any oppression we…...

My Unforgettable Experience with My Family

This was the moment when we were down, helpless, and totally disappointed after we tried hard to earn a name for our family. This was the moment when my mother and other members of the family tried to console my father to be calm and not to be desperate at all. We advised him also to be positive in everything he does and always believe that there is always sunshine after the rain. This was also the moment of struggling,…...

The Modern Filipino Family

During the time that I come to realize what their role is in the family, is about the same time that I come to realize that the way of life highly differs from the traditional American ways. Their friends do not live as they do with so many people around them; their friends are not prohibited from being with others outside their own race; their cultural beliefs, traditions, superstitions – everything that the Filipino child had grown up with believing,…...

The importance of my grandparent’s legacy

"In all of us there is a hunger, marrow deep, to know our heritage - to know who we are and where we came from. Without this enriching knowledge, there is a hollow yearning. No matter what our attainments in life, there is still a vacuum, emptiness, and the most disquieting loneliness. ” –Alex Haley This quote explained to me the importance of my grandparent’s legacy and their history. A long twisting family tree inspires one who does not know…...

The Ideal Mother

Jessica just gave birth to their first child, named Tyler. She knew at that very moment, she wanted to be the best mother that she could. She started thinking back to when she was just a kid and some of the things that her wonderful mother taught her. Even as a child, she knew that her mom dedicated all her time to her family. Jessica, like many mothers, wishes to be the best mother that she can be. An ideal…...

Food in My Family

I come from a very diverse ethnic background, with many variations of what maybe considered cultural foods. I have many fond memories of family reunions and all the interesting dishes my relatives would prepare. Food in my family holds so much meaning; it’s the glue that has held us together for many years even before I was born. Food in my family isn’t just a substance we consume in order to keep our bodies healthy and energized. When we create…...

The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me: My Daugter's Birth

I have selected the occasion of the birth of my daughter which has transformed my life in a very positive way. My daughter Madison Patricia Rock is genuinely and completely my everything. If it wasn’t for her I am not sure where I would be right now. The day she was born I grasped how much you could really love another human being. The actuality that I made her and she derived from me makes it so abundantly special. I…...

First Confission

The opening sentence drew me in: "All the trouble began when my grandfather died and my grandmother - my father's mother - came to live with us. " We learn that the grandmother, a country woman, is unsuited to life in town. She walks around the house barefoot, eats with her fingers, and drinks quite a bit of porter - straight from the jug. The narrator, a seven-year-old boy named Jackie, is mortified by this behavior, while his older sister…...

Me, My Family, Community Values and Social Work

Me: Who Am I We all belong to a specific race, gender, and ethnicity that defines us, set us apart from the crowd. So it's important that we know the definition of these terms. First, race is a group of people who is related by common descent or heredity. Second, gender is the way people define their sexual orientation. And lastly, ethnicity is a group of people who shares a common and distinctive culture, religion, language, dance...etc. And in case…...

My family is a typical Christian family

My family is a typical Christian family they go to church every Sunday, bible study every Wednesday. They've been baptized they did the drink god's 'blood' thing but it was just actually wine with a cracker. I've had to do it all I also went to church every Sunday and Wednesday I was that kid who fell asleep because it would be 9am on a Sunday morning with a guy just talking about something that doesn't make sense. I was…...

A letter to my Family

Dear Friends and Family, Recently, I was given the opportunity to spend a week this spring in Hawaii to advance the kingdom of God. My current college mentor and spiritual leader has invited me to work alongside him at Hume Hawaii on the north shore of the island, which is a Christian camp for middle and high schoolers. This opportunity will give me the chance to be surrounded by God's beauty while also getting to serve the teens that live…...

My Family Story

I wake up on a saturday, more excited because it's finally the weekend! On Saturdays we normally go out with my family over somewhere far. But this time round it's not the same. ''Mum where's my suitcase'' i yell across to my mother. ''It's in the car already, hurry up and get ready were about to go on the road trip''. My mum is screaming from the top of her lungs. Im finally in the car but as per usual,…...

Dinner at Uncle Boris's by Charles Simic

Uncle Boris's Wild Dinner Dinner at Uncle Boris's reflects the family as competitive, but also caring and loving. Throughout the dinner the underlying mood of this dinner could be described as friendly banter between family members. Throughout the dinner, without hesitation, one can say with certainty that Simic's family enjoys each other's company. This is displayed when they eat dinner and endlessly drink wine until early the next morning. While arguing in a playfully argumentative style, the family as a…...

My Family and Experience in Life

My name is Toh WiYang. I am 20 years old. My family is made up of my father,mother,grandmother and a elder and younger siblings. I believe that I deserve to be one of the recipient of your scholarship because i have been putting continuous effort and commitment in my study although i am not gifted.Moreover,I joined a NGO to become a scout member since the first year of my secondary school. Throughout my secondary school life, process of transforming from…...

On September 2007 my family and I received news that would forever

On September 2007, my family and I received news that would forever change our lives. I overheard my mother speaking to my grandmother about a chronic chest pain she was feeling. With no time to worry about her health, she took some pain killers and continued to be the hard worker she is caring for my sister and I at home and helping my father manage a grocery store. Unfortunately, the pain worsened and my mother was forced to go…...

The best cook in my family is grandma

In every family, there is always one member whose cooking is irresistible. It makes someone want to have seconds or thirds, even when he or she is full to the point of not being able to stand up! My grandmother was one of the best Italian cooks to ever live. Every time she cooks, it is an event. Everybody pushes and races against each other to be the first one in line at the dinner table, especially when she cooks…...

My Family Vacation

During the vacation my family decided to go on a trip to buckram which is located in Oman near raps al Khaimah borders. We choose a day which was Friday. We rented a tint and a toilet. As I wake up Friday morning I immediately started preparing for the trip. We started driving till we arrived the borders of Oman. We entered the state as we are driving I can see on the left side and raise I my head…...

My Family Means Everything To Me

There is a photograph of my dad, my grandfather, my grandmother and I that I remember vividly. My mom took this photograph when they were over to celebrate my grandfather's birthday. My grandparents had such an impact in my life when I was younger. I can remember that when my mom took this picture, we were just beginning to sit down on the couch in our cozy living room and eat some delightful and rich strawberry shortcake. The flavors from…...

Travelling With My Family

Travelling is one of those few activities that helps you rewind yourself. You go away for a few days or weeks and come back fresh and ready to take on the challenges of life. Travelling to many people is a matter of convenience, rather than a recreation activity. They only travel when they have an issue to attend to. Travelling is also not for escapists, as many people tend to believe. I used the word escapists' not in the literary…...

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