The best cook in my family is grandma

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In every family, there is always one member whose cooking is irresistible. It makes someone want to have seconds or thirds, even when he or she is full to the point of not being able to stand up! My grandmother was one of the best Italian cooks to ever live. Every time she cooks, it is an event. Everybody pushes and races against each other to be the first one in line at the dinner table, especially when she cooks one of her homemade specialties: Lasagna.

The mouthwatering smell fills our nostrils and its seasoned heavenly taste warms our bodies, like drinking a pleasant cup of coffee in the morning. Although the ingredients used in cooking play a major part in the outcome of the food, they are not the main reason. It is the chef such as my grandmother, for instance. The dedication, time, and love demonstrated by any chef, such as my grandmother, is what makes anyone the best cook they can be.

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My grandmother, Francis Bradshaw, was born and raised on a small family farm in Capron Virginia. She was a hard worker, from milking cows on the farm as a child growing up to be a city assessor for the city of Portsmouth. She had grey shoulder length hair and ocean eyes. She had the brightest smile and softness skin. She had one of those faces that everyone wanted to talk to and become friends with. She lived in a small one story emerald colored house. I would always look forward to going over to my grandmas house.

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Her house always smelled of divine food and sweet perfume. We always played games together and had sleepovers all the time. My favorite thing was the food she made for me when I visited. Every holiday especially christmas, gives me flashbacks of memories of christmas dinner she would make every year. she would make her signature lasagna and she would always make two batches. There was never any leftovers. Our family would devour her lasganga.

Being dedicated means doing something the right way and following through. It is sometimes tempting to take a short cut, but my grandmother always told me,”It is easier to do things right in the beginning rather than try to fix a mistake during the process.” My grandmother always followed this type of dedication. I remember hearing gruntning and things being pushed around frantically, It would turn out to be my grandmother checking her ingredient cabinets. If all the ingredients were in her pantry, she would smile, nod, and sigh in relief. Somtimes when there was an ingredient missing, I would hear the sound of the keys being picked up, the car door close, and the screeching of the tires going to the nearest store. For my grandmother, cooking takes real dedication.

For my grandmother, her favorite part about cooking is pleasing those she loves, eat her food. She was always so giving and always wanted to give food to everyone she could. She used to volunter and cook food for our church every sunday. She made cookies all the time for the kids in her nighborhood. I asked her once, “Grandma, why do you cook for everyone when you don’t get anything in return?” She looked at me in the eyes and held my hand and said, “Genorosity is the habit of giving freely and never expecting anything in return.” I can still hear her voice to this day. She taught me the act of love and genorosity torwards others.

Overall, my grandmother proved dedication, time, and love are three essential qualities that make anyone the best cook. Because of these attributes, her cooking skills are nothing compared to eating out at some fancy restaurant. My grandmother did not need to use the latest modern appliances, but rather a large metal spoon, a stove, a few pots, and her ingredients to make any plate taste delicious and look like art. Thanks to her, I know how to cook and hopefully my cooking skills will be compared to my grandmother’s skills in the future.

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