I Love Christmas in Our Family

I believe in cherishing family traditions. After moving 1,000 miles away from home for college, I have learned to jump at any chance I get to go home and visit my family. The holidays are something I especially look forward to. Christmas has always been a pretty big deal in my family. My Mom has always made it her mission to ensure that Christmas is nothing short of perfection for my brother’s and I. The holiday traditions my Mom has established throughout the years are something I will cherish forever.

Decorating the tree is one of my favorites. Our tree is nothing short of perfection with 1000 lights, countless rows of sparkly garland, and hundreds of ornaments collected, hand picked, and carefully placed. The intricacy that goes into decorating our tree takes time, teamwork, and many hot cocoa breaks.

Being from Chicago, my family always takes annual trips downtown. Walking the snowy, city streets lined with colorfully lit trees and buildings veiled with festive decor is truly a magical experience.

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Our time downtown always includes a great attempt at ice skating in the frigid cold. Our ice skating shenanigans have always produced a series of memories throughout the years. Hysterical wipeouts coupled with belly aching laughter are forever etched in my mind. Something my mom and I always do together is the shopping. Our shopping trips always turn into hours upon hours of searching for the most appropriate, suitable gifts for each and every relative. Although this may seem to be a tedious task, the particularity in the personalization that my Mom puts into gifting makes it that much more special and well worth the while.

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I especially love baking cookies with my Mom and little brother. Baking means learning how to prepare some of our most treasured family recipes. Rolling out snowflakes and snowmen out of homemade sugar cookie dough is a guaranteed good time, but nothing beats letting my creativity run free with the decorating. The best part will always be getting to devour out delicious creations while watching a family favorite, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. When Christmas Eve comes and 9:00 rolls around that means it is time to slip into our matching plaid pajamas. This is the designated uniform necessary to complete the selection process of carefully choosing the most perfectly decorated cookies to leave out for Santa, with a Diet Coke of course. I fall asleep Christmas Eve anticipating the impatient knocks of my little brother at my door to awake me. His excitement is uncontainable as he awaits the rest of us. Watching the joy pour out of him as he tears open gift after gift floods my heart with contentment. Family brunch is a must with holiday tunes in the background as my siblings, parents, and I chat over french toast, bacon, and all of the works. Being able to come together with my family, build memories, and live out the traditions my Mom has carefully crafted throughout the years is most definitely the highlight of my year. I will forever treasure my Mother’s festive passions and warm hearted demeanor for making the Holidays something I’ll never forget and always look forward to.

Updated: Dec 11, 2021
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