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Muslim Family Traditions

Family Islamic traditions and values are the main source of growing an Emirati household. Or it used to be. This essay will Firstly discuss family values and traditions that have changed completely over the years. The development of family values and traditions. Furthermore, how it became harder to keep up with those family traditions. Secondly, the role of women in the UAE that has also changed drastically, how women became as equal to men with their working industry and education. And how those changes had a great impact on society.

The role of Family traditions and values in the UAE has changed drastically over the years. The UAE population is slowly breaking and losing family values and Islamic traditions in their households. Furthermore, the role of women in this. First of all, in the past housemaids were not such a thing or commonly available to everyone, only the wealthy had them. For example, women had a huge role in the household, to take care of their children, cooking, and keeping up with the housework.

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Unlike nowadays, the research discovered nearly 63 percent of the Emirati families admitted their unable to survive without housemaids. Emirati children are always under the eye of maids instead of their own parents. The UAE population is decreasing over the years because it’s becoming too hard to take care of a family of one or two (Gokulan, 2014). However, women’s rights have changed over the years. Women are becoming something bigger and achieving something greater than men.

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Nowadays, women have a greater impact on society and will pursue, women are much needed now. As Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid once said: “Arab women make up half our community, they are sometimes better than men. Today, they are rising to greater heights in our society and are able to achieve goals within our communities. They will only grow.” (Women in UAE, 2013).

On the other hand, over the years the number of a stay at home mom has almost halved, while the number of full-time working parents has duplicated. Nowadays, the income of one parent is not enough to keep a household going (Barrow, 2014). This is caused by the highly increased expenses in the UAE. In the past, women were allowed to keep with their studies but most of them would quit because they had no time to keep up with the housework while pursuing in their studies. There was only a small percent of women working to help with the income. Even though it was a small income comparing to her partner. However, this has changed over the years. Nowadays, women have an important role in society. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. His wife, Sheikha Fatima, the heads of the general women federation continues to promote women’s training education. She always insured Emirati women to continue with promoting with their schooling and advancement of women’s status. She always ensures to have the right amount of support for all Emirati women. The UAE constitution ensures women’s belief to be as equal as men in society. Nearly three-quarters of universities are presented by women, among the highest worldwide. (women in UAE, 2013). From this, women in the UAE had the courage to step up and continue with their education to pursue their desired careers.

In conclusion, although the Islamic tradition and values have changed over the years, some remain. This essay has examined the causes and effects of those changes and how it developed over the years. It seems that some families ensure those habits in their daily lifestyle but not many do. It surely became not as an important role as years ago. However, those newer developments made the UAE grow more and have newer opportunities. Although it made our society grow more, families should also ensure Islamic traditions and values in their daily life to have a clear impact on the next generation.

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