Our Family Wedding

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“Our Family Wedding” tells the story of two families from different races in order to prepare the wedding for their daughter and son that makes them come together in this planning process. There were series of friction and collision plots between those two families. The main reason is because the cultural difference between two sides of family. The family of bride (Lucia) is a traditional Mexican family. And, the family of groom (Marcus) is African-American family. Their habits, life styles, life values and the ways of thinking are totally opposite of each other.

There were a lot of cultural differences in the movies. Firstly, Lucia’s father thought that the man should propose marriage to the woman’s parents (Lucia’s father mentioned it to Marcus on their way to buy eggs). Marcus thought that modern society would not be necessary to do it. And then Lucia’s father felt out it’s extremely important to propose that was a kind of respect for the woman’s family.

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That was a cultural conflicts of the modern American culture and traditional Mexican culture. Maybe that was fully integrated into the different ways of thinking between the earlier generation with traditional thinking and American young people . Secondly, those two engaged young people mentioned that they would like to have a simple wedding when two families discussed how to plan their wedding. However, two families all had their own mind for the wedding which caused a controversy between the two sides. The bride’s family wanted to have a traditional Mexican wedding and the groom’s family wanted to have an African descent wedding.

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In addition, the cost of the wedding was another big issue during their planning process because of the different customs and traditions.

Finally, the young couple made a concession for their wedding (our marriage, their wedding). Their parents agreed to share the cost of the wedding. Thirdly, the question of whether a Catholic-style wedding in the church or the father Paes wedding. Marcus would like to adopt a non-traditional style wedding but was refused by Lucia’s mother and grandmother that is religious beliefs conflict. However, Marcus does not religious believers. As their wedding planner, I would like to discuss the wedding detail with two family separately. I will try to talk about the detail of wedding with each family at one time. And them combine their ideas together to reduce their argue. I am also will tell these two families the traditional culture is important but make a wedding that the engaged couple like will be more important. Cross-culture wedding is kind of special for two families. “Our Marriage, their Wedding” these words is telling me that those young people’s marriage, but their parents’ wedding.

In the movie, the two engaged couple’s families were from different races, and they all wanted to have their own traditional wedding to their daughter and son. The parents from bride and groom all have so many ideas for their children’s wedding. Parents didn’t listen what kind of wedding the young couple wanted to have. These two families were trying to make a wedding that families like not this couple. Because two families have different culture and they wanted to use their traditional way of the wedding. In my opinion, the best way to avoid this situation is two family listen to young people’s idea. If the engaged couple like simple, let them make it. And then two family can celebrate their wedding separately. One for bride’s family, and one for groom’s family.

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Our Family Wedding

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