Our Generation vs Our Parent's Generations

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Every generation faces new challenges and new problems. What do you think is the b suggest difference between your generation and older generations? How do you think these differences will affect the future of our country and/or your career choice? Every generation is different in so many ways, but at the same time, we’re exactly alike e. We, as teenagers, are unsure, insecure, and confused about who we are and what we want t o do with our lives.

But in the bigger ways, we are completely different than the older generations. We ha eve this thing called technology, and its changed the world forever In every way. My generation has many things I’m not proud of. We’re more greedy, selfish, and independent. I feel like the one thing that s operates us so greatly, is technology. We thrive off of it, and we The first thing I would consider “wrong” with my generation, Is we have hardly any am option in life.

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I see too many kids not even trying, because It’s too hard. We drop out and go do win that terrible path that leads to nothing. We have no Idea what they want to do as a profession, an d as a result, make o real efforts to expand their knowledge or skill sets through post secondary education. We may have interests or hobbles but they never muster up enough time and energy to pursue It. We lack a general discipline for ourselves.

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Instead, we sit on our computers or cellophanes.

It’s disappoint ting. Our parent’s and their parent’s were unsure too, but they didn’t have the chance to sit and entertain n themselves with technology for hours. The second thing I have noticed and given a lot of thought to Is we expect everything to be handed to us. And I feel like that has to do with technology. We are so easily entertain De with one click or tap, that we haven’t a clue how to get out and work for something. And when we FAA II, we blame It everybody but ourselves.

We have no responsibility or accountability. We have no Did a what they feel strongly about politically, religiously, spiritually, morally, Ideologically or philosophically. And In the end, we Just become amoral Individuals with no real sense of what has value and who at doesn’t drifting through life. The third thing which I have talk thoroughly about with my mother, Is we, as a genera talon, do not know the difference between “want” and “need. ” We don’t even think about the tee

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Our Generation vs Our Parent's Generations

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