The Relationship Between Elder Generation And Youth Generation

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“I can’t comprehend this newfangled doohickey”, is an expression oft heard from the older generation nowadays. The expression that comes not long after is constantly, “It’s the new thing grandpa!” While it has actually been thought that these new fangled doohickeys can easily be transformed into ipods or playstations with adequate patience to discuss how the devices function, the issue nevertheless is not simply the communication space however other things also such as the experiences and economics.

The older generation has a different method to many things in life that the younger generation merely can not comprehend or if they do, can not accept.

That the old or perhaps middle aged individual looking down on the youth was as soon as a part of the younger generation is a principle that is quite hard to handle. The older generation on the other hand has a difficult time teaching the youth how to prevent the same errors that they made when they were young due to the fact that all they see is squandered and careless youth.

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This is the experience gap that separates the older generation from the more youthful generation. The older generation has a lot experience but has a problem teaching the more youthful generation what they have actually gained from those experiences while the more youthful generation has a hard time valuing and respecting that experience.

Another issue which is increasing or possibly highlighting the space between the older generation and the younger generation pertains to economics.

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Cash is power in today’s world and he who has money is frequently best or worth the time to be listened to in any case.

This develops a certain level of competition in between the younger generation and the older generation in the sense that the younger generation wishes to go beyond the economic accomplishments of the previous generation while the older generation is not rather all set to turn over the reigns to the more youthful generation yet. This creates the gap that separates the younger generation from the older generation and is further expanded by other aspects such as early success and the advancement of the youth.

            While these two factors may not be the only factors, they certainly play a big role in determining the gap between the younger generation and the older generation.  The solution to this problem is more simply suggested than implemented.  The key to solving this issue is for the youth to acknowledge the achievements of the older generation and respecting their experience and for the older generation to realize the fact that there is a reason why they are called the older generation.  Life is too short to be spent quarrelling and arguing about these trivial matters of pride.  Learning how to acknowledge and accept others, be they young or old is the way to bridge this gap.



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The Relationship Between Elder Generation And Youth Generation
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