Modesty Essay Topics

A Modest Proposal for holding Fathers Equally

Traditionally, the concept of abortion, child-rearing, home management, prostitution and even pornography are all attributed to women – women as subject. In the issue of abortion, women are more likely judged as immoral or not good parent for either aborting or not aborting her child (for certain reasons). In Child-rearing, the mothers are the very… View Article

Dress For Success

Deciding what to wear is the first of many important decisions a business professional makes each day. Making this choice might not be an easy task for many individuals. However, in order to succeed in a business environment one needs to learn how to dress appropriately. Proper dress gives someone a more serious and better-educated… View Article

Career Apparel and Uniform

Career and Uniform apparel becomes a necessity for many Americans in the work place. Now a days, many people characterize or stereotype curtain job positions base on what people wear. For example, a police officer, a security, and an army solger can not be able to distinguish without their uniform. In contrast, people that works… View Article