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Modernism Essay Examples

Essay on Modernism

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The Feminist Aesthetics of Virginia Woolf: Modernism, Post-Impressionism, and the Politics of the Visual

In conclusion, modernism can imply three similar meanings. First, modernism can mean novelty or innovation. Modernism can also imply modern period based on the association between reality and empiricism of philosophy. Last, modernism can be associated with arts. Modernism is different from postmodernism because it attempted to bring out literary work based on reality though ...

Henri Matisse: “The Window”, France 1916

I was drawn to this painting because of the bright light coming through the window, which gave it a unique look from all of the other paintings around it. This painting will stand out in a crowd, because of its interesting look of a mix of dark and light colors. Even though the painting is, at first sight, bright and cheery, when you look at it for a while and interpret the meaning it has a lonely...

The Differences between Realism, Modernism and Postmodernism

All of them: realism, modernism, and postmodernism had essential effects on arts, culture, music, and literature. Debates between Realism, Modernism vs. Postmodernism, have always existed between scholars and art lovers. Some of them say that Realism is no more than a dead weight now, while various others believe that Modernism has been long ago taken over Post-Modernism trends. This essay is not ...

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Robert Frost as a Modernist Poet

In fact, the world of nature, according to Frost, is not a world of dream at all. It is more of a harsh, horrible and hostile, which is just the opposite of the modern urban world. This would explain his experience of the pastoral technique to the way he commented on the issue of humans in the modern world, his employment of symbolic and metaphysical techniques and his awareness of the problems th...

Dubliners:How is it related to Modernism?

In conclusion, it could be emphasized that frequently, a novel has no real beginning, since it plunges us into a flowing stream of experience with which we gradually familiarize ourselves by a process of inference and association, while its' ending is usually open or ambiguous, leaving the reader in doubt as to the characters' final destiny. What modernists and James Joyce, in particular aimed at ...

T.S. Eliot’s "The Waste Land"

Eliot epitomizes the modernist viewpoint of the 1920s and uses his poetry to express the spiritual doubt of that time. Eliot delves into the inner consciousness of the human psyche to reveal psychological states in contrast to the use of narrative in the Victorian period. A pessimistic outlook on the state of society is reflected in the fragmented style of the poem and the provocation to allow th...

Ezra pound's poem

To sum up, we may say that this poem is talking about a young woman who has been born into the wealth of society. And has grown up isolated from it. She has absolutely everything and yet she longs for something more. She is bored of being proper and feels just like a shadow. For instance, the analysis of the poem into three different perspectives (semantic, semtiotic and pragmatic) allows us to g...

An Analysis of "Peach" by D. H. Lawrence

But maybe we need to adjust our angle of see the world. Actually nature has very little to do with math. Most things in the world cannot and should not be simply viewed scientifically. Things were, are and will never be judge to be right or wrong. We live in a wonderful world but we are probably making a hash of it. Nature has given us beauty in everything we see and for no good reason - nature o...

Lucian freud and the visual arts

He succeeded in his art and always argued that paint could work as flesh. LIST OF REFERENCES. Benjamin Waiter, Harry Zohn, Hannah Arrendt, (1982) Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction; in Illuminations. New York: Schocken books. ISBN 0064301249 Danto, Arthur C. (2000) “The art world” Essay pub. ISBN 0520230027 Reynolds Joshua, (1971) seven discourses, 1778 menston, scolar press. ISBN 08541...

Personal Response William Butler Yeats

In conclusion, I feel that Yeats does deal with a wide range of different topics, with the use of powerful imagery and impressive descriptions. Yeats’ unique pessimism resonates through the well-crafted lines of his work which effectively portray his sometimes equivocal views. The poetry of William Butler Yeats intrigues me greatly, particularly because of his use of symbols throughout and I ver...

Chagall’s Apocalypse in Lilac, Capriccio

Liking the painting is not enough like I’ve said. It is recommended to view it again and again and compare our societies with the one depicted in the art. This is to have a clear view of what we are and what we are to expect in the future. References: Chagall, M. , & Owen, P. (2003). My Life. Cambridge, Masachussetts: Da Capo Press. Chipp, H. B. (1968). Theories of Modern Art: A Source Book ...

Traditionalism and Modernism in Poetic Form: Sonnet and Villanelle

Modern Language Notes 62 (1947): 400-402. Nemerov, Howard. “A Primer of the Daily Round”. Contemporary American Poetry. Ed. R. S. Gwynn. New York: Penguin Academics, 2005. 6. Newbould, Brian. “Ravel’s Pantoum”. The Musical Times 116 (1975): 228-231. O’ Connor, Mary Beth. “Pantoum”. Massachusetts Review 41 (2001). Sexton, Elaine. “Lower Manhattan Pantoum”. Poetry 186 (2005) Tayl...

Baroque and Impressionism

Impressionism changed how the world saw art, artists were no longer constrained to painting indoors, and they could move their canvas to any scene that they wanted to paint, carry their paint tubes and then paint. Artists were liberated from what art was, there were no rules or technique that they had to follow, and they were free to paint how they wanted and what they wanted. There are brighter c...

Paula Scher Research Paper

The relation to other artists and art movements like futurism and constructivism with resemblance to the Dadaism all reflect Scher’s point of view towards the art she constructed. It’s quite inspiring to blend and merge two or three of the styles together emerging with a beautiful piece of work, but scher’s work was based on taking completely unrelated topics such as collage and typography. ...


These new ideas can assist society to control the new way of their life and make it their own. In conclusion, this essay explained modernism with referring to some ideas and quotes of the author. Firstly, it explained the way that modernism unit all members of a society and secondly how modernism can develop new traditions as well as threating the old ones. Furthermore, todays society is experienc...

Principal Sociological Perspectives, Social Class and Success

The sociological perspective I most agree with is Marxism, because I believe that people born into low social classes are not given the same opportunities to develop and be successful as those who were born into the upper class, therefore keeping them in a cycle of poverty earning low wages and only having enough money to survive. For example: Universities offer advance education, giving students ...

Examples of Post Modernism in Play and Worker Drone

Time changed, we grew apart. Yet here I found myself in the same country, same city and almost the same island yet I was a fool and I stayed reclusive.” “I don’t know how long it may have been, in fact I might not have ever reacquainted with her had it not been for a swell lad that moved next door named Nick. You see, every Saturday. Over and over again. Week after week. With my incredible w...

The Significance of Bauhaus in Architecture and Interior Design

It wouldn’t have been able to influence architectural and interior design and not become significant in the formation of modern day architectural and interior design and what contributed in the path for this development. For example, former Bauhaus director Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe and his works, which utilized, exemplified and contributed to the growth of the Bauhaus popularity and significance...

Fundamentalism Vs Modernism

Fundamentalists believed in creationism, nativism, and old values, such as teetotalism and Protestantism. Modernists viewed the Bible less literally and adapted religion and science to understand evolution while still believing in God and Christianity. The KKK portrayed extreme views of the Fundamentalists in their hatred of outsiders and strict adherence to the literal word of the Bible, as oppos...

The Analysis of Unknown Citizen

"The Unknown Citizen" uses the old-fashion style, eventhough it is written in modern era. The writer, Auden, is known as a master of of the rhyming couplet (AA, BB), the simplest rhyme scheme in English. Auden is considered a "modernist" writer, but his work is unlike that of any other poet of the past century. The Unknown Citizen deserves a central place in our nation’s capital, considering all...

Postmodernism & Issey Miyake

As miyake was becoming the forefront in fashion at the time so was the shift of post-modernism his ideas and conceptualized aesthetics; visually as a designer it was the start of the interpretation of postmodernism. He created Designs that where ‘…breaking the boundary between west and east, fashion and anti-fashion, Modern and anti-modern’-Kawamura (2004). Furthermore this was the beginning...

Modernism as an Impact in Society

After all, it is necessary to respect the perception that the religion has, it is in contrast of the ambition of material things or to get money. However, it is necessary to respect those beliefs that every person has about religion. Moreover Reina Valera teach us that material things do not have anything to do with happiness because God teach us that it is more important love because materials th...

Modernism, Erich Heckel and Primitive Art

It can be concluded that the ostentatious lifestyles modern man had created over the years for himself had gradually dug him into a pit of artistic stagnation and the meaning of art itself changed completely. Picasso had stood up against the Nazi’s in 1933 at the Paris Universal Exhibition when he painted the anti-Franco/Hitler painting Geurnica (1933) and the sensitive artist suddenly became th...

Postmodernism in Graphic Design

Vernacular forms of art have been processed by different movements of postmodern designers of 1970s and 1980s. The idea involves the representations of illustrative designs and witty juxtaposed content that instills the characteristics of simplicity, expressionalism and contemporary colors (Heller 24). The three Influential movements of these postmodern graphic designs are (1) Punk Movement, (2) P...

Postmodernism and the Emergent Church

In Mark 3:25 Jesus said, 'If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.' (NIV) These churches are changing what it means to find Salvation and are saying that there are many ways to get to heaven. Jesus said in John 14:6, 'I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Postmodernism and the emergent church are closely related to each other. Post...

Post Modern Architecture vs International Style Modernism

This paper presents a comparison between postmodern architecture and the International Style modernism. It also presents a groundbreaking analysis of the emergence of a postmodern paradigm in the arts, science, politics, and theory. From postmodern theory, the much-acclaimed introduction to key postmodern thinkers, the postmodern turn ranges over diverse intellectual and artistic terrain from arch...

Modernism in the making Gustav Klimt

Berlin: Taschen Neret, G. (1993). Gustav Klimt. Berlin: Taschen Sterling and Clark Art Institute. (2002). Gustav Klimt Landscapes. Retrieved May 03, 2008, from http://www. clarkart. edu/exhibitions/klimt/klimt/bio. cfm “Adele Bloch-Bauer's Portrait” image from NBC news archive, April 9, 2006. Retrieved May 02, 2008, from http://www. msnbc. msn. com/id/12187512/ “Judith I” image from All Po...

Compare and Contrast of Surrealism and Expressionism

This type of art can be found in many categories, including, painting, literature, film and agriculture, (Figura, S. , 2011). Definition of expressionism The term "Expressionism" is thought to have been coined in 1910 by Czech art historian Antonin Matejcek, who intended it to denote the opposite of Impressionism (Spilsbury, R. , 2009). Whereas the Impressionists sought to express the majesty of n...

The Angel of Death and the Sculptor by Daniel Chester French

Viewing this piece in person gives it more depth. I have more perception of what the artist is trying to convey. In my opinion, observing a work of art in person gives oneself a better appreciation of the piece. You can enjoy it and view it in its entirety. Looking at a photo does not do it justice. The paintings, sculptures, and buildings that I have learned in this class has intrigued me. I hope...

A Formalist Approach on A Supermarket in California by Allen Ginsberg

Without a doubt, Ginsberg’s work on “A Supermarket in California” would not pass the standards of formalist poetry. However, we must set Ginsberg’s poem within its context. The audience Ginsberg had was not entertained by formalist poetry. That is why he had written the poem in a simple and conversational manner. This is one of most admirable aspects of Allen Ginsberg’s poetry. After all...

Modernism Vs Postmodernism

The postmodernism is actually a orm of the modernism; however, it is more academic than the modernism which is only focused on the absolute truth and the absolute value in the society such as authority, unity, nationality. Overall, modernism and postmodernism are concepts which have their own characteristics. All of these concepts have their own values, and principles. Even though there are a lot ...

Design Analysis: Max Bill and his Works

” This is not just found in his design and layout tasks and output, but also in his art as well, in the heart and soul of his output and in his approach towards artistic creation: “Even for Bill, however, the interest does not end with logical manipulations. He sees artistic challenges in the ways mathematics connect humans with the mysteries of the universe. He is inspired by the intellectual...

From Modernism to Postmodernism in Art

Blackwell Publishing. Krauss, R. E. (1986) The originality of the avant garde and other modernist myths. MIT Press. Reprinted July 1986, Part 1 , Modernist Myths. Matisse, Henri. (1905) Woman with a Hat. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Painting. Picasso, P. (1921)Three Musicians. New York: Museum of Modern Art. Oil Painting on Canvas. Warhol, A. (1962) Campbell’s Soup Cans. 20 ? 16 inches. M...

Ezra Pound’s “In a Station of the Metro”

The comparison of these two is simultaneous with what the poet has seen on the railway platform- opposites that not only are extremes but that compliment each other. There is continued debate among scholars as to the true meaning of this poem and what Pound intended to convey when he wrote it. Nevertheless, they all have to agree that he did what he set out to do- transcend traditional form and ma...

Uncovering the Truths of the Unknown Masterpiece

Porbus has already proved to be a highly skilled technical painter and still gives deference to old masters. Last but not the least, Frenhofer has achieved such a high status in his field that disappointments come harsher and expectations are much higher. In each of their respective journeys, they encounter some moral and ethical questions just like in any other profession. They have to struggle b...

Form Follows Function

The reason of more and more grey-black-and-white color decoration rising are concrete testaments. The contextual quotation: "all things in nature have a form... it seems ever as though the life and the form were absolutely one and inseparable. "The justification for his theories lay like Sullivan's in his belief that such a system reflected the way of nature - that it was God's way. " It reminds t...

The Great Gatsby and Modernism

The Great Gatsby is also a modernist novel because of its major theme, the loss of American dream. Almost everyone in the novel was most concerned with obtaining material possessions, having affairs, attending wild parties constantly and becoming drunk. An example would be Gatsby. Most of his adult life he was willing to do anything to gain the social position he thought necessary to win Daisy, bu...


The artists conveyed private and public messages are shown in their portrayal of signs and symbols. These symbols are identified and interpreted by the audience so that a greater understanding is formed. The artists intended meanings are presented through certain art techniques, so that the audience’s interpretations are more profound. The use of their visual representation provides evidence tha...

Symbolism and Realism of Baudelaire, Keats and Yeats

These three poets have somehow created a single theme out of different sources. Each of them has presented the subject of unreal and real, their differences and how each can be achieved. These three poets, Baudelaire, Keats and Yeats have created a whole new literary movement out of their own movements – Modernism. Modernism allowed these celebrated poets to shake the traditions of poetry and nu...

Kaleidoscopic: An Analysis of “The Wasteland” by T.S. Eliot

“The Wasteland” as a Modernist poem employs daring experimentation of style, from sudden shifts in form and style and subject, to the division of narrative style and exposition. Passages reminiscent of each other are found throughout the poem, carrying with it the theme of the poem like an interconnection of veins throughout a human body. It is a critique of the times, and of the times before ...

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