Mexico Essay Topics

The war on drugs: throwing good money at a bad idea

The message? If you use drugs, you might be supporting terrorists. The ads and the accompanying Web site point out that 12 of the 28 terrorist organizations recently recognized by the State Department derive funding through the cultivation and/or trafficking of illicit drugs. Just at first blush, the ads reek of manipulation. The “I Helped”… View Article

Intellectual and cultural life of colonial Mexico

Mexico is a land whose history is as rich and diverse as its people. Prior to the arrival of the Spaniards to Mexico the natives enjoy great progress and technology. They’ve printed books, made paper and pigments, painted murals and manuscripts, cultivated crops, made structures and lavish designs in architecture that some historians say even… View Article

Immigration Opinion Paper

I agree that immigrants must learn to speak English if they want to stay in this country. Puedo hablar cualquier English! HUH? “Go back to where you came from”, are the first words out of my mouth when I hear this. In English it means, I don’t speak any English. Now lets back up just… View Article

The History of Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the oldest treats enjoyed by many people. By a show of hands, how many people love chocolate? I have loved chocolate ever since I was a little girl. I have enjoyed the different tastes, textures, and styles of it. Chocolate has been one of the oldest treats enjoyed by many people…. View Article

Maya civilization

Many people believe that chocolate originally came from Europe. However, chocolate, called the “food of the gods,” was first made in the Americas. The first chocolate was very different from contemporary chocolate. Wild chocolate trees can grow easily in the humid Amazon rainforest. Clusters of flowers growing on these trees turn to seeds. About 20… View Article

The True History of the Conquest of Mexico

The True History of the Conquest of Mexico by Bernel Diaz Castillo started with the events leading to the discovery of the province of Yucatan. Following the coast to the west, they discovered reefs and coves, resulting to the ordering of the governor of Cuba to send out a Navy to investigate.  A series of… View Article

The City of Tijuana

History. Tijuana is a city in Mexico situated near the city of San Diego. Earlier the city of Tijuana was inhabited by the Kumeyaay Indians. The first information about the Valley of Tijuana appeared in 1769 when Father Juan Crespi provided detailed information about that area. The city acquired new distinct character in 1848 and… View Article

Restrictionist Policy, Mexican Labor, and Immigration

The article on Jewish refugees, Mexican guestworkers and administrative politics vividly describes the immigration policies that the United States followed during the turn of the twentieth century.  A cursory reading of the article would show what type of policy regime the United States followed with regards immigration and the factors that affected the same.  The… View Article

Contrasting Differences in Family Life in USA and Mexico

The family is the basic unit of any particular society or community. It is therefore imperative that for the society to exist the family has to be there to produce members into the community. The community or national character any particular country is basically determined by the nature of the family values. An individual is… View Article

The conquest of Mexico

The conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards is viewed differently by Spanish and Nahua writers. Both sides held different understanding of what conquest means. For the Spaniards, the conquest was a means to an end, for the Nahua, the conquest was viewed in relation to its culture and political views. While the Spaniards believed the… View Article

U.S. Totalization Agreement With Mexico

The focal point of this paper is to analyze the Totalization Agreement between the US and Mexico. It should be noted that the aspects of this analysis is not fundamentally policy analysis but it intended towards presenting arguments from the point of view of analytical framework. In this paper there would not be any bias… View Article

Uranium Mining in New Mexico

Uranium mining and milling has potential economic benefits in creating jobs in the community, and sustaining the high demands of uranium all over the world. But economic factors should not be considered alone. As many people died and suffered from illnesses and diseases of uranium mining and radiation exposure, the proposal to build a new… View Article

Cortes Conquers the Aztecs: Spanish Conquest or Indian Civil War

The Spanish conquests of Montezuma and the Aztecs were both a Spanish conquest as well as an Indian civil war. The thing that ties them both together is the Conquistador Hernan Cortes. You could argue for both sides as to which played a more significant part in the fall of the Aztecs, however, I feel… View Article

Frida Kahlo Biography

Frida Kahlo was born on July 6th, 1907, Coyoacán, Mexico City, Mexico in her father’s beloved ‘Blue House.1’ She died at the age of 47 in her beloved blue house on Tuesday, July 13th, 1954. Frida Kahlo is one of Mexico’s most famous artists and represents resilience and strength. She was a surrealist and her… View Article

Genocide in Mexico

This paper explores incidents of genocide that occurred in Mexico from 1945 to 2001. Research focuses on four main episodes of genocide: the October 2, 1968 massacre in Tlatelolco; the Corpus Christi massacre on June 10, 1971; and Mexico’s Dirty War that occurred from the early 1970’s through the 1980’s; and the genocide of women… View Article

Environmental Factors That Affect Trade Between United States And Mexico

Global business environment is increasingly being determined by prevailing environmental concerns. Trade regulations between countries are being benchmarked on the decisions made on environmental policy. Even though there exists an underlying inadequacy in negotiating international trade agreements in conjunction with multilateral environment agreements, formulation of trade policy has been forced to move hand in hand… View Article

Illegal Mexican Americans

Over the past 10 years, traversing the U.S.–Mexico border illegally has become increasingly dangerous for would-be immigrants. Illegal immigrants face kidnapping, murder, and rape at the hands of violent drug cartels and ever more ruthless human smugglers. Crossing treacherous desert areas exposes the travelers to heat exhaustion and dehydration. Hundreds of people die every year… View Article

The Case of the Mexican Crazy Quilt

“The mission of the project which you will head is to get our new Mexican subsidiary company ready for take-over by Mexican managers. My hope is that you will be able to do this in about two years.” explained Robert Linderman, president of the Linderman Industries Inc. to Carl Conway, newly appointed project manager for… View Article

David Alfaro Siqueiros: The Activist Artist

David Alfaro Siqueiros was a social realist painter known for his large murals in fresco. He was born in Chihuahua City in 1896 and by age fifteen David was already involved in artistic studies and political activism. Siqueiros was involved in direct political action more than most other artists. He was a sophisticated political ideologist… View Article

Colonization of Mexico

The main purpose of this chapter is to explain the process of the Mexican northern states conquest. It addresses the events that occurred since the Mexican independence from Spain to the annexation of Texas to the United States and the loss of the Mexican more than half territory. 2. The key question(s) that the author… View Article

Social Activism

Social activism is very important to the Chicano Culture. This can be seen throughout the Mexican-American culture, starting with the Mexican Revolution. This is where the Mexicans started a search for a new leader to bring stability to their lives. Mexicans-Americans felt like they had to choose sides. Were they Mexican or were they American?… View Article

Leadership assessment style

Culture is the beliefs, views, morals, religious practices, and behaviors specific to a group of people which becomes the frame on which one builds his or her life. Culture affects the way someone behaves, the decision he/she makes in her/his life, from the food one eats to the way someone takes care of himself, and… View Article

A Day Without a Mexican Reaction Paper

I have chosen to react to the 2004, Sergio Arau film, “A Day Without A Mexican”. This movie examines what might happen if one day a third of the population of the state of California just wasn’t there anymore. As the film progresses we learn that the section of the population that has disappeared is… View Article

Mexican Daily Life

There are a variety of common courtesies that Americans should observe when in Mexico. Some of the important issues of cultural etiquette are described herein. When in Mexico Americans should refrain from calling themselves “Americans. ” Mexicans consider themselves Americans too since the whole continent is called America. Another part of Mexican culture that may… View Article

Mexican Influence on Chicano Muralist

During the pinnacle of the mural movement in Mexico, muralists such as Rivera and Siqueiros were invited to paint murals in the United States. The arrival of these two giants in the United States inspired both their American counterparts in the 1930’s and later Chicano painters in the 1970’s and 80’s. Art work such as… View Article

Mexican Immigration

People from Mexico during the years 1900-today influenced life in the USA in a positive manner. These people emigrated because of economic opportunity and brought their culture with them. The community into which they moved responded with both positive and negative opinions. Short term influences include Mexican food, Mexican events like Cinco de Mayo, Mexican… View Article

Mexican American and Money

As usual, before watching any film, we always made some expectations as well as had some basic ideas about what would happen. For the movie Spanglish, obviously, there were also several stereotypes appeared in our mind base on the poster or the name of the movie. Firstly, the first impression might come from the name… View Article

Nafta: Good or Bad for the Economy

I choose NAFTA as my topic because most people have strong opinions as to how NAFTA has affected the economy and whether it has had major significance on the job market. I figured that I would provide NAFTA’s advantages and disadvantages and provide my opinion. NAFTA has had some advantages, for example NAFTA created the… View Article

Mexico Independence Day

Mexican Independence Day is a major celebration in Mexico. It is bigger than Cinco de Mayo. The Mexican people celebrate with a fiesta, or party. The celebrating begins on September 15 (the eve of Independence Day). Crowds gather in the town meeting places of each city, town and village. There are many decorations that are… View Article

Will Texas Secede From the United States

We live in a country that is splitting due to political differences. It is expected that some states may want to leave the United States in future years. Governor Rick Perry once said during his time as Texas state governor, “Here is what we know after more than a decade of Republican rule: Texas works…. View Article