French vs. Mexican Revolution Essay

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French vs. Mexican Revolution

How Did the Rulers Decisions in the French and Mexican Rev. Trigger the Social Classes to Revolt? A revolution (from the Latin revolutio, “a turn around”) is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time (Wikipedia). A Revolution in context specific to the Mexican and French Revolution, is when the government or ruling party of the land, can not provide the citizen’s needs; they feel injustice and decide to revolve against them usually in a violent way.

Both of these countries had big differences between their social classes; the higher class usually had everything they wanted or needed and even more, while the middle class had little and the lower class had nothing, this is what played a huge cause in both revolutions. While France had a Monarchy ruling it, which did not care for their people what so ever and the Mexicans had a horrible dictator which was a liar and a greedy person who did not care much about the citizens either, they both eventually got over thrown.

Although the two ruling systems in Mexico (1910 – 1920) and in France ( 1789 – 1799)were quite different, they have both made substandard decisions which have brought difficulties among their people and the different social classes within them; these decisions triggered the people of different social classes to come together, revolt and begin both revolutions. In 1876 president of Mexico the people of dictators became one himself capable of doing so would threat people into voting for him and when that didn’t work he would just rigged the votes in his favor

this was the time after France lost the war against England and the French Monarchy had become bankrupt King Louis the 16th was a fat, lazy king who did not know how to make decisions or how to rules a country and his young Austrian wife – Marie Antoinette wasn’t much help since she too had no experience in how to run a country. They and didn’t even look outside the Bastille actions which could’ve helped their country and people from the drought and famine which was going on, mostly because they didn’t even understand how bad the situation was.

The big difference between Diaz and the french monarchy was that Diaz started off by helping his country and making good changes in economy and other aspects while the french monarchy didn’t even try. He had good intentions at first but as he made bigger changes he had started changing himself into a selfish narcissistic dictator while Louis and Marie had started and stayed rich rulers which were “blinded” by their money and didn’t even bother trying to help the people from the lower classes which were in need.

A quote which was said by the french to represent their ignorance to what their people were going through is Marie saying “If they don’t have bread let them eat cakes. “(The French) France was in trouble because of their Monarchs stupidity, and Mexico because its Dictators greed; A man named Fransisco I many followers in 1910 and was determined to defeat Diaz in the elections was accused falsely by him and sent to jail; when later Diaz won the elections again on Nov. 20th 1910, all social classes got frustrated and that was the moment when the revolution really triggered.

(Wikipedia) In both revolutions the “seed” that triggered them were the lower class people who were living under inhuman conditions and could not take it anymore: At the time when Louis and Marie were the Monarchs, France was in a terrible famine and drought middle and lower classes had no food or water this led to terrible starvation and many deaths among everyone who wasn’t in the higher class. (The French) Unlike the French Monarchy, Diaz was a good leader for Mexico for the Mexicans and exploiting the working class of peasants and farmers

In contrast to the droughts in France, the agriculture in Mexico was good, but still the lower class people couldn’t even benefit from it, only work on it work hard simply because the King did not care who worked and who didn’t, as long as he was living a good life and eating well. Diaz had reformed all land arrangements made by earlier leaders peasants or farmers claim any land at all unless they had legal document titles (The Mexican… An Overview) Just like in France, the lower class people in Mexico were living under poor living conditions

This made them extremely mad and got them starting to think about revolting: “I would rather die standing than live on my knees! said one of the big leaders of the Mexican revolution Emiliano Zapata. ( Think) In Mexico another one of the causes of the revolution was the higher class people class was the one getting revolted the government. Diaz would make trade mostly with foreign countries and not within Mexico which made the Mexican supplies and whole economy banked on foreign economies investments and trade states.

(The Mexican .. Changala. com) Although the higher class didn’t have many economical issues they also had concerns against their dictator; they did not like his way of leadership and felt as if they have no power in Mexico this made them think about taking Diaz down. He was also taking land from Higher class people just so he could give it to people he needed by his side just as Jim Crow said “He had hogged the land for his political favorites and had turned the Mexican masses into serfs”(The Mexican … Changala.

com). In contraction to that, In France the people who lived well were the high class individuals which were only the monarchy; they lived well, ate well, and had simply no concerns.? In both revolutions the higher class people were the most fortunate although in Mexico they did not really appreciate what they had and wanted to claim full power over what they thought they deserved,(Frost) In France they already had.

By the time the Mexicans have thrown over Diaz they started fighting about who will get more power over Mexico, at this point the revolution became even more similar to the French since the higher class people were trying to keep their high social status but were having a hard time since the middle class was trying to claim more power. In the end in both the French and Mexican revolution, the higher class were the people who were fighting against the lower classes trying to take their place\over throw them.

Although France had a monarchial system and Mexico ended up with a Dictator both societies were unpleased with their leaders weather it was Diaz, Kind Louis or Marie Attenuate. In both situations the lower and middle class were living under terrible conditions of hunger, poverty, and helplessness of the government only made their condition worse. One of the big differences of these revolutions was that in the Mexican revolution even some higher class people regarded Diaz with dictate in comparison to the French in which t he higher class was all privileged and lived under great conditions.

But over time after Mexico had over thrown their dictator the lower class Mexicans also started fighting violently against the higher class in Mexico in order to claim more power. Another big difference was that in Mexico, Diaz the dictator knew what he was causing and that his country’s people were in terrible shape only he didn’t care to change anything about it because of him being a greedy power seeking man, although in France the King and Queen knew their people weren’t doing great they weren’t fully aware of everything that was going on.

As a french man named Luc Besson said : ““The famous line about the French king was that he didn’t even know what was going on. He said: “Is it a revolt? ” And the other guy said: “No, it’s a revolution. ” The king was thinking it was nothing. ” (Think) Both these revolutions succeeded in the end and as we can see today both France and Mexico don’t have social classes, Monarchies or dictatorships anymore; Although both revolutions were very fierce and violent they were both worth the struggle as to the fact that the people got what they fought for- Liberty and Equality.

Works Cited: Frost, Mary Pierce, and Susan Keegan. The Mexican Revolution. San Diego: Lucent Books, 1997. Print. World History Series. This Book Gave me important dates about the revolution. Think Exist. N. p. , n. d. Web. 2 Dec. 2012. . This site helped me get a few quotes which helped me show evidence to what had happened back at the times of revolution. The French Revolution. DVD. The videos we watched in class and the notes i took gave me almost all the information I needed about the French Revolution.

I got the people, a good emphasis on the crises that was going on and why people decided to revolt. This was a great and reliable source with nice videos which helped me get a good understanding of what was going on. The Mexican Revolution: An OverView. N. p. , n. d. Web. 27 Nov. 2012. . This gave me many of the details i have about the Mexican Revolution. It gave me specific dates and also general things about the revolution and what lead up to it. The Mexican Revolution. N. p. , n. d. Web.

2 Dec. 2012. . This gave me good quote to add evidence to my essay plus let me take a look at the timeline of the Mexican Rev. it allowed my general knowledge about the topic increase. Wikipedia Mexican Revolution. N. p. , n. d. Web. 27 Nov. 2012. . Gave me general information about the Mexican Rev. Also some facts and events which have had a big impact on the Rev. Of course I am aware anyone can edit this information but I have double checked most of what I have read here with other sources.

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