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Medical Science Essay Examples

Essay on Medical Science

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Wound Healing in Medical Science

For exudative wounds, absorptive dressings, such as calcium alginates (eg, Kaltostat [Calgon Vestal], Curasorb [Kendall]) and hydrofiber dressings (eg, Aquacel and Aquacel-AG [Convatec]), are highly absorptive and are appropriate for exudative wounds. Alginates are available in rope form, which is useful for packing deep wounds. For very exudative wounds, impregnated gauze dressings, such as Mesal...

Gram Staining

If I performed a gram stain on a sample from a pure culture of bacteria and observed a field of red and purple cocci, and the adjacent cells were not all the same color, I was conclude that the culture was old. If I viewed a gram-stained field of red rods and purple cocci through the microscope, I would conclude that is a mixed culture. A physician might perform a gram stain on a sample before pre...

Dr Charles Richard Drew a Pioneer in Medical Science

Indeed, the contributions of Dr. Charles Richard Drew created a significant leap in the field of blood transfusions and preservation. His studies had a huge impact on the lives of many individuals during the World War II and are continuously affecting the lives of many individuals today. His refusal to participate in the practice of systematic discrimination also contributed in the fight against r...

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Chick Growth Enhancer

The observations in weight, growth, feathers and immune system was made weekly by the researchers. . A digital weighing scale was used to measure the weight while a tape measure was used to determine the growth. The chicks were observed as starters (4-10 days), growers (10-15 days), and finishers (15-21) days. The results obtained regarding performance of the broilers showed that Aloe Vera gel gro...

Anatomy and Physiology of Human Pelvis

There is arrest of development in the bones of the pelvis in cases of extroversion of the bladder; the anterior part of the pelvic girdle is deficient, the superior rami of the pubes are imperfectly developed, and the symphysis is absent. “The pubic bones are separated to the extent of from two to four inches, the superior rami shortened and directed forward, and the obturator foramen diminished...

Comparison Cell Death of Necrosis and Apoptosis

To conclude, both necrosis and apoptosis are forms of cell death. Whilst one is an uncontrollable process, involving random and lethal harm to cells and surrounding tissues, one is somewhat 'programmed' and benefits the cells by removing those that have been affected by an injurious stimuli (such as an infection of lack of blood). Necrosis is a 'messy' process producing gross matter, whilst apopto...

Medical Science Inteerpretation of The Shoulder Joint

Strengthening in rotator cuff muscles supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis is critically important in treating all shoulder disorders, and this is especially true for shoulder instability. These muscles are dynamic stabilizers of the shoulder joint and help prevent recurrent dislocations by holding the humeral head in place within the glenoid fossa. The muscles along the spi...

Wound Healing and Guava Leaves

Further researches about the usage of guava leaves in making different kinds of pharmaceutical or therapeutic mechanisms can be of help to enhance this study and also improving the quality of guava leaves tincture and ointment into something more useful and productive. Innovation of a broader perspective about the main functions of the different parts of guava tree may help our society in certain ...

Donabedian 1980 defined medical services quality as 'the application of medical science

Donabedian (1980) defined medical services quality as the application of medical science and technology in a manner that maximizes its benefit to health without correspondingly increasing the risk. Quality health services are a subjective, complex and multi-dimensional concept. Mosadeghrad (2013) defined quality health services as consistently delighting the patient by providing efficacious, effec...

Hand Hygiene and Bacterial Hand Contamination in Medical Sciences Students

As hands of students exposed to hospital or any laboratory environment were highly contaminated with various types of bacteria known to cause nosocomial infections is observed in the present study. The study suggests that there is a potential of the hands in the transmission of infection from one person to others during study day or practical classes, which can result in transmtion of some communi...

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