Marriage Essay Topics

Same-Sex Marriage in Canada: Achievements

The legalization of same-sex marriage remains a contentious point for majority of the world’s societies. However, the recent shift in policy among the world’s most powerful countries to legally acknowledge same-sex unions suggests a major change in the status of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transexual (LGBT) communities in terms of legal rights and protection against… View Article

Everybody Needs Somebody

Many people vacillate to commit themselves to marriage because of the responsibilities involved, but what does the word “marriage”, that so many desist from means. It’s the state of being united; body, soul and mind to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife consensual and contractual relationship recognized by both the Lord… View Article

Legalizing same-sex marriage

Eliyahu Stiefel Mr.Hong English 1A 02/02/2012 Legalizing same-sex marriage has been a debate going on for quite some time. The recognition of such marriages is a civil rights, political, social, moral, and religious issue in many nations. Since 2001, ten countries have begun allowing same-sex couples to marry nationwide. In the United States the federal… View Article

Heterosexual Marriage

In our time we can see different sex marriages: homosexual and heterosexual, but which one is better for us. None of us would be in the world if we didn’t have a mother and father. God created a man and a woman as the top of his creativity. As they say a woman completes a… View Article

Housewife in India and Pakistan

In India different approaches to domestic responsibilities are found in the various ethnic groups. In a Hindu family, the head of the family is the Griha Swami (Lord of the House) and his wife is the Griha Swamini(Lady of the House). The Sanskrit words Grihast and Grihasta perhaps come closest to describing the entire gamut… View Article

“I Want a Wife” By Judy Brady

Judy Brady is a freelance writer, writing topics mainly relating to the roles of women in society. Judy wrote the piece I Want a Wife right after the second wave of the feminist movement in the United States. The purpose of the movement was to have the right to vote and have the same equal… View Article

Pro Same Sex Marriage

Marriage is very important as it is said to be the union or seemingly binding of a certain person to another by the power of love and of the sacred sacrament of God through the biblical and religious means. The unity of the couple with the same genders is not a result of allowing the… View Article

The Problem with Polygamy in Indonesia

Introduction Polygamy in Indonesia is legal. A man is permitted to have as many as four wives under the Muslim law. But Despite the low incident of polygamy in Indonesia, it has been a central issue in relations between the Indonesia women, and the state in the twentieth century. Indonesia women’s organizations have long wanted… View Article

Sons and Lovers

The first part of the novel focuses on Mrs. Morel and her unhappy marriage to a drinking miner. She has many arguments with her husband, some of which have painful results: on separate occasions, she is locked out of the house and hit in the head with a drawer. Estranged from her husband, Mrs. Morel… View Article

Successful Marriage

Marriage or wedlock is usually a contract that is created through the civil processes. Furthermore, it is an interpersonal relationship that occurs between two individuals recognized by the government or by society and commonly through religion. A wedding ceremony occurs inside churches or pastorals officiated by a religious leader such as a pastor or a… View Article

Why Marriage Fail

Marriage is something very beautiful you get to enjoy the rest of your life with the person yo love and share lots of nice things together, however there are some negative things about getting married and most of them are lack of time, addiction, and money. Work, home, schedules, time spent apart and time spent… View Article

Child Marriage in India

Child marriage means that two children are forced to marry each other with the consent of the two families. The children are forced into the institution of marriage without knowing about its significance in the long run. Though parents are of the opinion that they involve their children in such rituals because it is an… View Article

The Enga Horticulturalist Tribe of Papau New Guinea

Hypothesis: The Enga culture was unique to the Enga society; it was their acceptable traditional way of life that worked for them for many generations. Introduction The Enga Tribes were from the hilly highland terrain of Papau New Guinea. All Enga were horticulturalists, in other words farmers working small fields in which the planted and… View Article

Bobbie Ann Mason-Shiloh- Setting Analysis

“Shiloh” was written by Bobbie Ann Mason in 1982. The center of attraction of this narrative is a married couple, Leroy Moffitt and his wife, Norma Jean. During this story the characters are affected by their changing social rural Kentucky environment. In this time period, Kentucky transforms to a more suburb environment from their usual… View Article

Can We Talk

Divorce in the United States is very common and excepted. With powerful words like till “death do us part”, and “Adultery” being said. Communication is a must to make the marriage work with affective affirmation and self-disclosure making the words can we talk mean more now than ever before. I can relate to the article… View Article

Cecilia Penifader: an Ordinary Peasant in Medieval Times

Cecilia Penifader lived on the English manor of Brigstock in the early fourteenth century. She was not a princess nor was she of noble blood. She was, in fact, a peasant. While many people today would consider her poor and lowly just because of that title, she was actually rather successful in life and was… View Article

Child Marriage: A Silent Health and Human Rights Issue

Abstract Marriages in which a child under the age of 18 years is involved occur worldwide, but are mainly seen in South Asia, Africa, and Latin America. A human rights violation, child marriage directly impacts girls’ education, health, psychologic well-being, and the health of their offspring. It increases the risk for depression, sexually transmitted infection,… View Article

Citizen Kane Breakfast Montage

Abstract: While it is evident to the viewer that Charles and Emily’s marriage is falling apart during Citizen Kane’s breakfast montage, the mise-en-scene and technical devices used to reinforce this idea are less recognizable. The variation of the actors’ demeanors and placement, the progression of costumes, and the use of lighting subtly support the presentation… View Article

Cultural Anthropology Social Organization

In the United States the practice of serial monogamy, where one goes through a series of marriages then divorce; and unwed parenthood seem to have replaced the cultural traditional marriage. (Nowak & Laird, 2010) Single parent families and the accompanying socioeconomic circumstances usually warrant social intervention from state agencies and that places a strain on… View Article

Theories and Explanations for the Dissolution of Relationships

Duck suggested that there are predisposing factors that lead to relationship dissolution, one of which includes a lack of skills. An example could be applied to poor conversationalists- their lack of interpersonal skills may be interpreted by their partners as them being uninterested in the relationship, causing it to break down. A lack of stimulation… View Article

Causes of American Divorce

For the last decade, the issue of American divorce has increased dramatically. A significant change in economical, psychological and emotional mind set could be the explanation of why so many American are ending their relationship in divorce. Issues such as, not having enough financial stability, lack of communication and lack of commitment, in other words… View Article

Effects of Early Marriage

Mark and Jane got married eight years ago. They have two young children. Their initial love and attraction has turned into constant bickering and argument. They now realize how different they are from each other. Every interchange seems to be a battle and is affecting every aspect of their lives. They wonder what happened to… View Article

Knight Eliduc

Eliduc is a courtly knight admired greatly by the king of Brittney. The king trusts Eliduc to guard the lands and also grants him free reign to hunt wherever he pleases. Since Eliduc is favored so greatly, many envious enemies try to slander his name to the king. Without credible accusation, the king banishes Eliduc…. View Article

Familiaris Consortio

Familiaris Consortio means “On the Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World”. It is an Apostolic Exhortation given by Pope John-Paul II on the 22nd of November, 1981 and is mainly about the family, the married couple, the children, parenting. In today’s society it is easy to lose sight of what marriage is,… View Article

Same-sex Marriage

Marriage is the legal or religious ceremony that formalizes the decision of two people to live as a married couple. Evidence of the beginning of marriage can date all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia and Babylonia. During this time period, is when such ideas as wedding, marriage, and divorce began developing. The traditional average… View Article

Gender Role in Triffles

The roles and rights of women in the Victorian era up to nineteen hundreds differ drastically from where women stand today. In the play “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell, females are portrayed to be an insignificant part of society compared to the importance of males. Susan Glaspell’s play Trifles is a murder mystery type of play… View Article

Should Gays Be Allowed to Marry

Marriage: a legally recognized relationship, established by civil or religious ceremony, between two people who intend to live together as sexual and domestic partners. Typically this is between a man and a woman, in love, as they come before their families, to pledge to spend the rest of their lives together. As times continue to… View Article

Irish Family Structure

Family is a combination of unconditional love, although the function or purpose of a family might be similar, family structure differs all over the world. As that being said there is a huge difference between the United States and Ireland. I choose to pick Ireland because it’s a small country and it’s a country we… View Article