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Comparison and Contrast between Arranged Marriage and Love Marriage It is believed that marriages are made in heaven. It might be true while in reality the couples who are married are either in love with one another or the marriages are finalized or arranged by their family members. Debate about whether love marriage or arranged marriage is better is never ending as both sides have their experience and testimony to support the system which suits them.

Surprising Health Benefits of Same Sex marriage
Words • 971
Pages • 4
Imagine that special day, the white dress, or tuxedo standing in front of friends and family anxiously awaiting the love of your life to meet you at the end of the aisle and start forever with. That is a beautiful image, one in which many dream of from childhood but for some it is only a half dream. Same sex marriage is still illegal in most states and while couples may have a ceremony it is not a legal marriage.…...
Lgbt RightsMarriage
Marriage Should Be Defined as an Integration of Passions and Intentions with Foundations in Dedication and Compromise
Words • 1040
Pages • 5
In Andrea Westlund's "The Reunion of Marriage" and Eric Cave's "Marital Pluralism: Making Marriage Safer for Love" both create detailed definitions and propose a sanctity of foundations for marriage. Westlund's overture is based on the idea that marriage is candidly a relationship merging mutual love and intimacy with a foundation in “a shared practical perspective” (567). Cave gives a list definition of marriage, characterizing it as a “marriage bond” that involves being sexually faithful, sharing domestic tasks, and supporting the…...
The Problem of Child Marriage
Words • 1928
Pages • 8
Marriage is a way in which male and female are legally bond and form the family according to the biological process. Marriage is a socially, religious and culturally practice that is accepted all over the world. The belief of marriage by people that marriage of two person such as male and female will be success only when there was child is born. Early marriage is the common practice and largely in the South Asia area, especially in the developing countries.…...
MarriageSocial Evil
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Child Marriage is not Okay
Words • 616
Pages • 3
Why do people all around the world think it's right to force children into marriage when they have no choice but to follow the rules . Why do people think it's okay to sell or buy a human. Over one million children are forced into marriage and forced out of school and into marriage. A girl named Malado was forced out of school and into marriage. Parents sell their children to settle debts and can be abused by anyone who…...
Divorce and Child Abuse
Words • 559
Pages • 3
A divorce may be the result of one believing that the marriage wasn’t valid from the begging or reoccurring issues. Often couples will issue a nullity, which is where the church reviews the couple's case and then determines whether it was a valid marriage or not. But what does this mean for their children? Children without married parents are more likely to suffer from emotional problems, failure in an academic life and can also experience abuse by parents. It’s not…...
Child AbuseChildrenDivorceParents Divorce
Non-Democratic Countries
Words • 253
Pages • 2
Non Democracy In non-democratic countries people are not participating in political process and they were restricted by central body. The government has absolute powers over its citizens and nobody have a right to freely participate in election, decision making process and so on. The government dominated everything and every activity within the territory of its sovereignty. Furthermore, the government has an authority to practice some policy to mobilize people for particular purposes like demonstrating against some countries or the activity…...
Forced and Fake Marriages in India
Words • 1123
Pages • 5
At only twelve years old, Muklesha was sold into marriage to a man in his seventies, conceived a child, and three years later was yet again sold into forced marriage and suffered domestic abuse at the hands of her second husband. Unfortunately, Muklesha is one of many thousands of women and girls in India, that are sold and forced into marriage, receiving a terrible and harsh lifetime. With a population of 1,281,935,911 (July 2017 est.), an economy GDP of 6.7%…...
Indian MarriageMarriage
Abuse in Relationships and Marriages 
Words • 1453
Pages • 6
Abstract According to our textbook, violence is defined as physical aggression with the purpose of controlling or intimidating the partner (Knox, David). Domestic violence can happen to anyone of any background, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic and etc. Abuse is about gaining control and power over a person (National Domestic Violence Hotline). Reasons why people often stay in abusive relationships often includes fear, embarrassment/shame, low self-esteem, love, cultural/religious reasons, lack of money or resources, and disability (National Domestic Violence Hotline). Reasons Violence…...
Importance of Self-love Before, Throughout and After Marriage
Words • 3038
Pages • 13
Marriage is an essential step in life when one chooses to go down that path. The union will bind the love that each person has to one another. It symbolizes support, trust, happiness and overall infinite love to one another. Love is an essential feeling to have before marriage because it is critical to have a close relationship with one another, with the person whom they can turn to when they have tremendous or unfortunate news. With marriage, they promise…...
LoveLove And RelationshipMarriage
Imaging of Women in The Great Gatsby
Words • 717
Pages • 3
The 1920’s was the year that everything changed for women. They gained more freedom when the 19th amendment was passed and women had the right to vote. The 1920s was the year that the word feminism became more used and brought up. Feminism is a political/social movement striving to gain equality of sexes. In the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, women are seen as objects in the eyes of male characters. Fitzgerald creates a misogynist perspective through…...
MarriageThe Great Gatsby
Easy Makeup Tips to Get Indian Wedding-Ready
Words • 513
Pages • 3
A big Indian wedding means hours spent getting adorned with henna for the deepest love from you soon-to-be husband. As important as henna is to Indian matrimony though, you can’t neglect the rest of your beauty. There are so many tips out there for bridal makeup, but few of them focus on Indian bridal makeup. Before you hire someone to help you with your Indian bridal makeup though, part of the fun is trying out new looks yourself to see…...
BeautyMakeupWedding Ceremony
Divorce’s Effects on Early Adult Relationships
Words • 1735
Pages • 7
Divorce and being apart of a divorced family is becoming more common in modern society compared to the past with one third of marriages ending in divorce within the first 10 years (South, 2013). With divorce becoming more prevalent, many researchers have taken it upon themselves to explore many aspects of this topic such as evolving attitudes, what causes divorce, and how it effects the outcome of children’s lives. While much research has gone into the total outlook of the…...
DivorceFamilyParents DivorceYouth
The Divorce Epidemic in America
Words • 1519
Pages • 7
According to the McKinley Irvin Family Law website, 'In the United States, there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds. That's nearly 2,400 divorces per day, 16,800 divorces per week and 876,000 divorces a year.” In recent years America’s divorce rate has reached a peak causing people to question the forces driving this behavior, the inevitable effects that unwanted divorces are having on our nation's youth, and how being a divorcee could potentially harm one's future unions. According to USA…...
Divorce: The Effect On The Family
Words • 1527
Pages • 7
As of the 1960s and into the 1980s divorce increased dramatically and the question is why ( It is one thing when couples that have been married for only a year or two but couples that have been married for over thirty years? Why? How can a couple that has been married that long or longer then decide they don’t want to be together anymore? What about the couples that have been married for less than that? Divorce is not…...
DivorceFamilyParents Divorce
Effects of Divorce on Children
Words • 1590
Pages • 7
In the present society, there is an expanding number of social ills and marks of shame that take after the family. A standout amongst the most winning inconveniences to the family structure is that of parental separation. Divorce can be a standout amongst the most troublesome advances for any family to experience: it can effectively affect the two guardians, and also youngsters in the high school years. Be that as it may, one of the best disabilities can be to…...
DivorceParents DivorceThe Importance Of Family
 The Upsides and Downsides of Divorce 
Words • 643
Pages • 3
Dissolutions in marriages are common across the world. They may originate from both internal and external factors. As a result, a couple moves to terminate their relationship and thus reorganizes their responsibilities in the family. In the presence of children, the decision on their parenting becomes settled in a court of law. Most marriages going through divorce today has been caused by a third-party influence. It may be because of one party cheating on the other, financial crisis, and extended…...
DivorceMarriage Life
Different Sides and Effect of Divorces
Words • 837
Pages • 4
Jennifer Weiner once said “divorce isn't such a tragedy. A tragedy’s staying in an unhappy marriage, teaching children the wrong things about love. Nobody ever died of divorce”. Lots if people go through divorce for various reasons, such as financial issues, not being able to have children, not communicating, infidelity, etc. there isn't always bad effects there is positive and negative effects of divorce. You have to find your ways of dealing with your divorce and ways to heal from…...
DivorceParents Divorce
Abstaining from Sex Until Marriage
Words • 1317
Pages • 6
Abstinence is defined as “the practice of abstaining from something” and “the practice of not doing or having something that is wanted or enjoyable”(Merriam Webster, n.d.). This includes sex. Abstinence is considered to be a vow to one’s self. People should abstain from sexual intercourse and activity until marriage because it can prevent the contraction of STDs and unwanted pregnancies. It is the healthiest way to avoid a teen pregnancy” (American Pregnancy Association, 2017). Abstaining from sex until marriage is…...
The Effect of Divorce on Children
Words • 2554
Pages • 11
Children everywhere grow up in broken homes. According to National Center for Health Statistics, there was 2,245,404 marriages and 827,261 divorces in 2016. A great amount of marriages ended that year. I’ve known that a lot of parents want to just stay together for their kids, but some think divorce is their only option. The main concern is how their children will deal with the divorce. How much does a parents’ divorce really effect their children? Stated in the article…...
DivorceParents Divorce
How Divorce Affects Teenagers?
Words • 1264
Pages • 6
While most people believe divorce only affects people involved while the divorce is occuring, and for a while after, it actually can affect them for the rest of their lives. Teenagers get the worst of it, as far as long-term effects, because their brains are just developing emotional patterns and behaviors. Based on research, teenagers’ brains and thought processes are affected by divorce in hundreds of ways, including changing how they react in their own relationships. Children whose parents go…...
Concept of Marriage in Muslim
Words • 1201
Pages • 5
Marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman established through means of a legal agreement. The word used to define marriage in the Arabic language is “Nikaah”. This virtuous act is an order given by Allah as a means of coming closer to Him. It was also established in order to preserve the progenywhich began from Adam. Apart from protecting generations, there are many other virtues outlined by Rasoolullah in his Sunnah. The following hadeeth can be found…...
MarriageMuslim Marriage
Comparison Between Christian and Muslim Marriages
Words • 729
Pages • 3
Marriage occupies a special place in various cultures and religions. Despite variations in the terms and conditions of marriage, there are many differences between religions regarding marriage. Marriage is a human being's natural vocation that enables him/her to attain peace and tranquility. Marriage and family formation serve many roles from the sociologists' point of view, such as reproduction, socialization, security, emotional support, and sexual activity control. In Christianity, the authority of marriage comes from both the Old and New Testaments.…...
MarriageMarriage LifeMuslim Marriage
Effects of The Dowry System in Asia
Words • 1468
Pages • 6
'Do you take him/her as your lawful husband/wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?' is a common wedding vow said on wedding day. Many people dream hearing this statement in their special occasion day or many people have heard it. Particularly this speech is traditional in many American weddings. However, there are many…...
Evils Of DowryMarriage
Effects of Dowry System
Words • 502
Pages • 3
Dowry system makes women’s life practically miserable and full of hassle. Most of the cases we see not only the husband but also the groom’s family are not satisfied with the receiving amount of dowry. Groom’s family become greedy and their expectation increase from time to time .Ultimate result is, groom’s family want more money and monetary help as dowry in many issues and occasion. This is the reality which is happening in our society. This bad practice degrades the…...
Evils Of DowryMarriage
Arranged Marriage in Saudi Arabia
Words • 591
Pages • 3
Saudi Arabia controls the movement of the women population greater than any other country. Passports or travel outside of the country are not approved for women unless they have permission from their male guardian. In addition, some guardian’s will prevent a woman from leaving their home, in which they can pursue getting a court order for the woman to go back home. On June 24, 2018, women gained the right to drive in Saudi Arabia. Travel restrictions make it challenging…...
Arranged MarriageMarriageSaudi Arabia
Arranged Marriage Stories- Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee
Words • 576
Pages • 3
The first story, “The Bats,” is told from the {angle} of an anonymous seven-year-old United Nations agency bit by bit becomes aware that his mother suffers from domestic abuse. The child’s father, a foreman at an area press, makes his abuse covert enough that the kid solely notices it through behavioural changes in his mother. as an example, because the speaker feigns sleeping, he hears his mother weeping. because the months fade, the kid begins to note his mother’s wounds.…...
Arranged MarriageMarriage
India’s Marital Rape Problem
Words • 3231
Pages • 13
Aim: To study Marital Rape and reasons behind its occurance through legal, historical, cultural, philosophical and social lens while shedding light on the current scenario. 'But the husband cannot be guilty of a rape committed by himself upon his lawful wife, for by their mutual matrimonial consent and contract the wife hath given herself up in this kind unto her husband which she cannot retract.' English jurist Sir Matthew Hale The Holy Matrimony of two souls extends into various spheres…...
Indian MarriageRape CultureViolence In Society
Women of One’s Own: From Protection to Gouging in the Works of Indian Women English Novelists
Words • 1768
Pages • 8
Varying different sizes, miniscule state or territory like sirmaur. The novelist Kapur states: ‘Nahen, clean and prosperous was ruled by an extremely enlightened royal couple (182). It is often thought that all Maharaja’s are retrogrades sarcastic and exploitative like the Nawab of Bahawalpur. (Who has been strongly.) What she finds gains from Nahen, is a certain life style- employment in a remote but well organized mini state, and psychological and mental relief. She still had another option open to her.…...
Indian MarriageMarriageWomen
Marriage, Love And Caste In India
Words • 493
Pages • 2
India is a nation of cultural diversification. With its remarkable composition of tradition and the vast heritage of ancient culture, it provides an interesting background to study romantic relationships. Indian literature and mythologies depict their liberal, lenient and dispassionate views on human sexuality, love, and individual freedom as well. In Hinduism Love is categorized into five stages; Kama (Sensory caring), Shringara (rapturous intimacy), Maitri(generous compassion), Bhakti (impersonal devotion), Atma Prema (unconditional self-love). According to Vatsyayana, in Kamasutra, Kama is as…...
India CultureIndian MarriageLoveMarriage
Marriage and Same-Sex Marriage in the World of Science and Religion
Words • 1311
Pages • 6
Marriage is the procedure by which two individuals make their relationship open, authority, and perpetual. It is the joining of two people or in a bond that putatively lasts until death. Moreover, from the beginning of creating humans by god, based on Abrahamic religious stories, it is said that Adam who was the first male gender created by God almighty, felt loneliness and needed a partner to live with, and God created Eve from the opposite sex which was the…...
Gay MarriageMarriageSame Sex Marriages
Patience: Key to a Lasting Marriage
Words • 1132
Pages • 5
Most people claim they want an ever-lasting marriage, however, they lack the understanding of what it takes to make that happen. There is a huge transition when one gets married, which is their whole life changes from being a single person to having to take care of two people and possibly many more. It is the perfect time to create a solid foundation for someone’s marriage because having a solid foundation will help these newlyweds grow closer, also to navigate…...
CriticismMarriageMarriage LifePatience
The Origins of Buddhism
Words • 879
Pages • 4
First originating in India, Siddhartha Gautama, otherwise known as the Buddha [the enlightened one], founded Buddhism. The religion focuses and attempts to answer the universal question that society has yet to answer: what is the significance of our role in the universe? Faith in Buddhism requires that the follower relies on an acceptance of Buddha’s enlightenment and the path to Nirvana. In a religion that seems so complex, marriage is fairly simple in comparison. Our significance in the cosmos does…...
Political-Economic and Social Injustice
Words • 1088
Pages • 5
Fraser assumes that “redistributive remedies for political-economic injustice always dedifferentiate social groups” and “recognition remedies for cultural-valuation injustice always enhances social group differentiation”.  South Africa is one of the first countries in the world to recognise gay and lesbian rights and arguably the broaden of the scope of these rights has been achieved through the aide of the National Coalition of Lesbian and Gay Rights(NCLGE), later replaced by the Equality Project but it has also in some ways failed to…...
Arrange Marriage or Love Marriage
Words • 359
Pages • 2
There are to types of marriage Arrange marriage Love marriage Nowadays everyone wants to choose his/her life partner by their own. In past, our parents choose our life partners and everyone have to listen to their parents and choose their life partner according to the choice of their parents. But nowadays there are to many problems in married life as arrange marriages are not lasting as in this modern era. Every person has the freedom to choose his/her life partner…...
Arranged MarriageMarriage
Arranged Marriage: Advantage and Disadvantage
Words • 704
Pages • 3
How do you think could a person survive alone in this world without support? It might be possible but describing the life of that person, we can use nothing but grey colors and a feeling of despair. The feeling to have a partner is considered normal to every human being. Yet, when it comes to marriage, the greatest dilemma will appear owing to the fact that either marries the one you love or the choice of your family who is…...
Arranged MarriageDivorceDomestic ViolenceFamilyMarriage
Slavery in Utopia
Words • 1009
Pages • 5
Slavery in Utopia is not a question of race, ethnicity, or belief. It is a question of moral behavior. Only criminals can become slaves, and the children of slaves are born free. The slavery that exists in Utopia does not, then, contain all of the moral repugnance we rightfully associate with slavery. The fact that slavery could be conceived of as existing even within a fictional, ideal society is a sign that ideal societies are products of their times, subject…...
BeliefDivorceEuthanasiaRace and EthnicitySlaveryUtopia
Analysis “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde
Words • 1715
Pages • 7
The Importance of Being Earnest is a play written by Oscar Wilde. The story is about Jack, a man who lives a double life in pursuit of pleasure that he lacks in his own life. Jack is a guardian to Cecily Cardew, an eighteen-year-old granddaughter of the late Thomas Cardew, the man who had found him and adopted him as a baby. Jack has several responsibilities in the community; as a major landowner and justice of the peace, with tenants,…...
GenderMarriageOscar WildeThe Importance Of Being Earnest
Performing Gender in Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl”
Words • 2270
Pages • 10
Conversations around gender and gender roles have been existent since time immemorial. Gender roles refer to social characters that define actions, approaches, and conceptions that are considered tolerable, desirable, and suitable for people based on their alleged sex. Gender stereotyping roots from such definitions and has taken over the day to day cultures of individuals. It has become a tradition passed from generation to the next, even in the wake of liberal individuals. Girls and boys are taught how society…...
GenderGirl By Jamaica KincaidMarriage
A Child Marriage: Cause and Effect
Words • 915
Pages • 4
Marriage is an important institution for individuals and society if it is the right time but if it is early it has a big problem. Marriage is a union between man and women. The effects of early marriage can vary depending on the age of the individual and the culture, but early age marriage has a problem than benefits. Marriage before the age of 18 years has a big problem and a big challenge especially for the young girl because…...
Cause And EffectChildDivorceEducationHealthMarriage
Child Marriage in North Africa
Words • 1055
Pages • 5
While western societies marked the end of childhood at a certain age. In western societies childhood is from birth until one reached the age of majority which differs from country to country. In Africa, children go through various rites of passages before attaining adulthood. Although most African societies practice rite of passages others do not by the marked the end of childhood at a certain age, for example, South Africa and Zimbabwe. According to Unicef (2005) defined childhood as, “a…...
AdultAfricaFamilyMarriageRite of passage
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The purpose of this passage is to compare the arranged marriage with love marriage from the aspect of mutual understanding and love; and contrast the two types of marriages from the aspects of differences in expectations and mutual attitudes after the wedding, different reactions from the family. We should be aware that modern arranged marriage isn’t equal to forced marriage. Today parents are more realistic and becoming broad minded enough to accept the choice of their kids in marriage.

Arranged marriages are also successful when the parents don’t force their children to marry whom they don’t want to and when the parents support and help their children to find their respective spouses as per their desires and likings. It is definitely wonderful when children are given the right to take a decision themselves on their marriage and also there should be proper arrangements for the first time—this is also called a period of courtship when both of them decide to date and decide to get married.

Therefore, love can also be generated between the arranged ones during this period. Since it is true love, it has nothing to do with time. Whether it is a love or arranged wedding, it should be based on love, empathy, responsibility, concern, and commitment. The similarity also exists in the life after the wedding. It calls for a lot of dedication and efforts to carry on the relation. And to support and live happily with each other, both of them need patience, perseverance, and mutual affection and care. Despite the similarities, there are also some obvious differences.

The first difference appears in the different expectations and mutual attitudes after the wedding. In the case of arranged marriages, the first few years are spent to know and understand much more deeply about each other’s likes and dislikes. The thrill and excitement of knowing each other, always keeps the couple motivated and positive towards each other. Whereas in the case of love marriages, the bride and the groom have already gotten along with each other for a long time and there are no more space left for the interest or curiosity of knowing more about each other.

In the case of arranged marriages, even a small deed of care and forgiveness, leads to the strengthening of the marriage as a bond and the feeling of adjustment and compromise is more compared to the love marriages. While in love ones, the bride and the groom are always in a situation to compromise and the feelings may be no longer fresh and there are a lot of expectations from the life partner, which when left unfulfilled, will lead to quarrels and misunderstandings.

For instance, sometimes discords may arise between couples having love marriages. It has come to the fore that after spending a long time together, many couples in love marriages are found to be repenting on their decisions. They find it hard to keep up the nuptial life and at last break the bond to get free. That is why it is reported that the divorce rate for arranged marriages in the traditional countries is much lower than those in the United States, where marriages out of love rule.

Moreover, arranged marriages enjoy a clear edge over the love ones also because most parents think that only they are competent in finding the most suitable match for their beloved sons or daughters. Marriage is not just two people coming together but two families uniting to bring two souls together in holy matrimony. In arranged marriages the family or the matchmaker first scrutinizes the possible brides, their family and background and leaves the final decision with the groom or vice versa. The whole family support the matrimony during high and low times.

They see to it that the couple is happy with one another at all times. Minor misunderstandings are cleared by advice from seniors who act as relationship managers and marriage councilors. With such an expert team around the couple thrive joyously. Contrarily in arranged marriages, there is a lot of pressure on the couples to meet parental expectations. Apart from the fact that couples in love have to face the challenges of the community and pacify their family members to accept the partner chosen by them, they have to make great efforts if they found

their characteristics and family values didn’t fit into the new family. There can also be disputes emerging frequently in love marriages such as producing offspring, taking participation in family rituals, developing great rapport with sisters-in-laws, contributing to family expenses, and so on. As for myself, I’m kind of neutral. Being a girl with unpredictable future, I don’t think I have to depend on my family to find my life-long partner for me. But I do think an arranged marriage isn’t a bad choice when I’m at the marriage age without finding my Mr.

Right. At that time an arranged marriage is undoubtedly a choice to widen my social circle as well as introduce me more people and to make both my parents and I happy. In conclusion, arranged marriage and love marriage are different when it comes to the mutual expectations and attitudes as well as family reactions. However, they also share similarities in the vital existence of love and understanding. We should remember that love is a vital element in a marriage, no matter what type or form we follow. It should happen and then bliss will subsequently follow.

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How Divorce Affects Teenagers?
...Rather, adolescents and children are affected in many different ways by divorce. Parents often cause their children to be angrier, but it is only because they do not know how to help the child. Teenagers act out in various types of ways, and most tim...

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