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Until these days, there are a lot of prejudices that should have been erased for a long time, persist. In terms of love and commitments, several factors make certain people do not live as they should. This unit highlights interracial marriages problems in the United States as discrimination. Those problems have been mentioned during an interview with a mixed couple. Those marriages are not always accepted because of some reasons which make people unconformable with, there are struggles when certain persons are out of the ordinary.

Through some studies, researchers, and interviews, it is evident that the percentage of interracial marriages increased since 1967 (Chalabi, 2018).

Interracial marriage is a good example of acceptance and the evolution of the human mind. In the views of this, people decide to be focused on the positive. Some people view the mixed date as neutral or a change for a progression in the society. Nowadays, people raise their children with the education that is associated with the acceptance of differences (Egalite, J.

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A., 2016). Despite these figures, there stills significant public and stigma associated with interracial relationships. This stigma is reflected in individual relationships. Some people see interracial marriages as an abomination. The married couples have sometimes to hide. While many people discuss marriages and do not agree with, due to differences in education, cultures, or simply race. Interracial marriages should show people that whatever their skin color, all persons are the same. They must understand that every person deserves to love and be loved.


First, it is well-known that a person feels confident when others accept him/her for who he/she is; however, most of the time interracial marriages experience a high level of discrimination from some people.

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Certain people do not accept this kind of relationship because they do not feel comfortable interacting with other races. Some people have prejudices such as black men will maltreat white women (Grossman, SF., 2007.). When mixed couples are outside, they tend to attract abnormal attention from people. People look at them unusually, so they live the place for being a little bit relaxed far from bad looks. Some people think that interracial marriages are not good because of personal interests. They believe that one person in interracial marriages wants to marry the other one for promises of economic benefits, migration, or political reasons. When the family is opposed to the union is the most difficult problem for the person who wants to get married because he/she feels sad, hurt, and helpless. Both families may have difficulties in interacting and relating to each other because of languages, cultures, religion, and divergent educations. These diversities can create misunderstandings. Sometimes, they do not like the partner, and they threaten the person who wants to get married to disinherit or to disown him/her. Interracial couples may have difficulties in bringing up their children due to the different ways they were brought up by their parents and the background in which they grew up. Children do not understand sometimes their mixed identity. When they are small, their parents must tell them some positive stories about their both families because, in the family, people can reject the children because of their mixite.


Secondly, it is usually easy to make some compensation when two persons love each other. Though, for mixed couples’ lifestyle is commonly a bit problematic. All married couples face stress during holidays. Make the choice for knowing what they will do, when, and where make the decision complicated. Sometimes, for celebrations such as Christmas, it is not effortless to decide where they will expend their holidays. Sometimes, they do not celebrate the same ceremonies, so it is complicated for them to figure something out to do. A person who is in an interracial relationship may have a sense of isolation. He/she can lose contact with his/her friends. Some people just like to hang out with people who have the same race as them, so when they know about their friend who is on a mixed date, they tend the reject. They are not supportive; they choose the foolish way: abandonment. In the couple, one of the partners can lose his/her self-confidence. Everyone knows that there a certain racial group that is considered inferior. It happens sometimes that people who belong to these racial groups tend to be ashamed of who they are and acculturate themselves. “You can’t love someone until you love yourself” (Anonymous, 2019). Consequently, for people who are involved in this kind of situation, it would be better for them to learn more about their cultures; so that, they can accept each other and be proud of who they are.


While some people may disagree with interracial marriages, the benefits are greater than the potential difficulties. The mixed couple has the possibility to love someone what is the most important fact. When a person marries someone that is of a different race from him/hers, it gives she/he and people around him/her the opportunity to break negative stereotypes about respective races. It also breaks those hateful and foolish stereotypes, helps others become more open-minded to accept other ethnicities, and this acceptance will create understanding and reduce unfairness. Interracial relationships have always been a subject to argue about or to debate on. They can't miss conversations because they always have plenty of amazing and different things, stories, that they can share such as talking about their childhood mistakes, their cultural history, food, country, etc. In addition, they have the possibility of learning about other cultures and become more familiar with them, this is the beauty of being in an international relationship. Learning about people who are from different backgrounds always helps to grow and see life from a different perspective. Acting as they do not care about the color of their partner is not the right way to proceed because even if between for them, it does not bother, but with others outside, yes. Therefore, they have to prepare themselves for any eventualities to know how to defend each other. Talking frankly about their differences will help the couple to become more honest, and more aware of what they should do if they want to live together. Children who are born into interracial relationships inherit the beautiful part of both parent’s genes. They also tend to have stronger immunity against several diseases. Mixed babies are perfect proof to love is love, and love is real. Furthermore, they are the best representation of acceptance. They grow with an education that allows them to accept differences and overcome stigmas. As a result of this education, mixed babies have a high sense of self-worth and self-confidence.


In conclusion, interracial marriages live lack acceptance. They suffer rejection from their friends and family members. It can be not easy for families to accept one’s choice of life, for the fear that she/he might abandon his/her cultures and traditions, and over time forget their roots. For friends’ case, it is a little bizarre because they are supposed to accept and support each other. Some of them prefer to end the friendship because of futile reasons. Public intimidation have become a habit for interracial couples, even if it is noticeably strange because it forces some people to hide. After all, they love each other. Different cultures communicate differently. Mixite marriages have misunderstandings because of the divergent way to resolve problems, sometimes. Interracial marriages should be accepted because people advocate freedom of expression, so everyone can do what he/she wants if it does not bother others and mixed couples do not do that. We live in a world where everyone can find true love from any race. If people do their best for being the best version of themselves, they will naturally feel more confident, and it will easy for them to relating with others.

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Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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