Marketing Essay Examples

Devise a Marketing Strategy to present to the Marketing Director

In this case study, I have been given a number of roles and my task is to consider and provide appropriate answers in the relevant business context where you apply learning from my course of study so far and my own work experiences. Question 1 I am the supervisor in the marketing department and I… View Article

South Delaware Coors Case Study

The major issues that Larry Brownlow is being a new owner of a business and operating it efficiently. Secondly there’s a core element of readily available cash flow in question. Larry can only spend $15k for the feasibility study assessment. Furthermore Larry has a $500k trust fund established for him in inherited from a deceased… View Article

T-Mobile Marketing Strategy

Just like any other company T-Mobile are in business to make the maximum profit possible for their shareholders. In order to do this they must market their products and services effectively. This involves using the four P’s of the marketing mix T-Mobile uses several factors to target different marketing segments. These segments are age, lifestyle,… View Article

Marketing and Sales

It has to pays debts and place orders of other departments inside its business. It tells the other departments of how much money is available to them and also gives advice. Such as if the ‘Marketing and Sales’ department of Tesco are going to spend 600 on a new TV advert and the finance department… View Article

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Michael Porter provided a framework that analyses an industry as being influenced by five forces. It has been suggested that management, attempting to establish a competitive marketing advantage over rivals, can use this model to understand the industry context in which the business operates and take appropriate strategic decisions. Threat of… View Article

Health Care Marketing

The United States spends more than $4.2 billion annually as a resource to market in the direction of health care consumers. Advertisements consist of pharmaceuticals, alternative medicine, and in many cases, lawsuits as a result of alleged bad drugs. The two forms of marketing are direct to consumer advertising (DTCA) of medicines to treat a… View Article

Segmenting the British Sports market

Introduction Sport England is the government agency responsible for building the foundations of sporting success, by creating a world-leading community sport environment of clubs, coaches, facilities and volunteers. They want to create a vibrant sporting culture working in partnership with national governing bodies, national partners, the HE/FE sector, local government, county sport partnerships and community… View Article

Personal factors

Factors that affect the personal influences will be the age and stage at the life cycle, lifestyle, occupation, economic status, and personality (Bowens,et al, 2003). Marketers usually target a certain lifecycle stage or a certain age bracket for their products. Like Disney – movies, merchandise, television shows – which are usually targeting children and teenagers…. View Article

These factors are cultural, social, personal and psychological

Figure 2. Factors Influencing Buying Behavior. Influences Buyer’s Internal Process Output Source: Bowens et al (2003) 2. 5. 1 Cultural Factors These factors are the most influential when it comes to a person’s behavior. Our desires and actions are usually dictated by the culture we are exposed to when we are a still a child… View Article

What are the key differences between these two accounts

What are the key differences between these two accounts of Honda’s entry into the US motorcycle market? The two accounts of how Honda entered into the US market are very different, The Boston Consulting groups (BCG) report clearly shows a deliberate approach to Hondas strategy in penetrating the US motor cycle market. The report documented… View Article

Department of Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality

1. Introduction and welcome Marketing is part of all of our lives and touches us in some way every day. It is also a key factor in business success and is increasingly used by organisations in a wide range of sectors. The unit begins with an examination of the marketing concept and marketing theory. It… View Article

Online Marketing

In today’s world, marketing research has begun to use the Internet and popular social networking sites such as, Facebook and Twitter, to gather personal information of all users. It’s becoming a lot easier for companies to connect directly with customers and collect individual information that goes into a computer database. This information can also be… View Article

Product and Service Marketing Analysis

Product and service marketing are highly related. Take the success of a company like Apple, for example. The technology giant operates nearly 400 retail stores, employs more than 42,000 people and hosts more than a million visitors each day. In 2012, Apple’s retail operations generated nearly $19 billion. Furthermore, it’s estimated that Apple’s Fifth Avenue… View Article

Whey Protein Powder Marketing

Marketing always seeks to push the envelope in terms of trying to effectively convince a particular audience to the merit of a particular product. While some marketing plans will go to great lengths in order to present a subtle, yet complex ad campaign, other ad campaigns will be positively banal, albeit effective. Such is the… View Article