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In today’s world, ads are being seen everywhere by many people and the reason it is being seen is because it catches peoples attention. Advertisements use bright colors, contrasting colors, and large text to get their message across to people looking at the ads. But all these factors have a deeper meaning behind them and people do not see that. For example, the sunglasses industry is huge in today’s world and advertisements for sunglasses are directed toward the young generation to buy their products.

One example of a sunglass company appealing to the young is the company Ray Ban. Ray ban is a company that produces sunglasses for everyone. Their products usually combine a little bit of old and a little bit of new styles. Ray Ban generally appeals to the younger generation but is also common in the older generation due to the variation of style. The company is trying to satisfy the human need to look impressive.

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This Ray Ban ad is effective by portraying the American value of freedom of expression through the use of composition, focal point, and color, shape, and contrast.

First, the composition of the ad makes it effective because the way certain elements are placed makes it more appealing to the eye. The main figure of this ad is the man in the center with sunglasses on. His face as well as his sunglasses have some pictures on it that could represent different elements of that man’s life, defining who he is as a person.

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The background includes many random pictures and phrases with the company’s name, Ray Ban, hidden within the pictures. The composition of the background and the main figure makes the ad effective because the overwhelming background helps the main figure more appealing to the eye. Also, another element that makes the advertisement alluring are the two rainbows that point to the sunglasses, which is the product the company is trying to sell. It is very clever how the company used something as bright and colorful as a rainbow to point out the product along with keeping the face in the center mainly black and white. The deeper meaning or message behind this ad is the American value of freedom of expression. The American value of freedom of expression is one’s right to express themselves in whatever way they want to. If someone tries to stop them, it is considered violating this right, and this issue can then be brought to court. The way this message is conveyed is through the busy background with all the pictures and phrases representing the world as a whole and each individual expressing themselves. Since there are many people in this world, the pictures and phrases are smaller with a higher quantity to represent the many people’s individuality in the world. The images on the main figure’s face exemplify the man expressing himself and who he is as an individual. Also, in large letters on top of the ad, “Never Hide” is written with a red outline. This clearly illustrates Ray Ban’s message of being individualistic. They are encouraging one to never be afraid of whom they are and learn to stand up for ones beliefs. Therefore, the company’s message is that any person can express themself through their product.

Next, the focal point grabs the attention of someone, which makes the ad effective in displaying its message. If someone were to look at this ad, their attention would first go to the main figure’s face with the sunglasses because it is centered and what is most intriguing. There is so much going on in the background and the main figures face is kept more simplistic so it becomes easier to grabs someone’s attention. Also, another detail that draws attention is the two rainbows pointing to the focal point. The company did a good job on getting the consumers’ attention toward their product. The original message of American value on freedom of expression is shown through extra emphasis being on the focal point, the main figure’s face, showing that man expressing himself. Another focal point in this ad is the background of the picture. The background has a lot going on and it really gets the attention of people. The background has pictures of faces, animals, and all sorts of things that to some people could just be a background with random pictures, and yet to others could hold a special meaning. But the underlying message of the background is the freedom of expression in America that represents different people expressing themselves in various ways. The focal point really catches the attention of many people and emphasizes the message even more.

Lastly, the shape, color, and contrast bring out the true meaning of the message of individuality being said in the advertisement. The background consists of many shapes and bright colors that are used to look appealing to the eye. The shapes used in the background vary in sizes; some are small and some are large. These different shapes and colors demonstrate how different people all throughout the world express themselves. However, the main figure’s face is kept somewhat plain to contrast the many colors and shapes in the background. There is still a good amount of color and shapes on the main figure’s face to look appealing, but not as many compared to the background. The background consists of a lot of the color red and yellow, which are known to be the colors that attract the most attention. There are also a few contrasting colors in this ad. The main figures face has parts of black and white on his face. The black parts of his face represent his darkest feelings and emotions, which he might not want to express, and the white parts represent his good qualities and other things he wants to express. Overall, shapes, color, and contrast enhance the deep message being said in the advertisement.

Because young people go out and spend tons of money on sunglasses, the sunglass industry is booming in today’s economy. An example of a company that makes a lot of profit of their products is Ray Ban. The way they make so much profit is through their ads. The Ray Ban ad that was used in the analysis for this essay portrays the American value of freedom of expression through elements such as composition, focal point, color, shape, and contrast. The company is saying that one can express themselves freely through our product and because of this they make a lot of profit and their business booms and contributes to the already booming sunglass industry.

Updated: Feb 29, 2024
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