Campaign Analysis- Ipl Advertisement Campaign By Swiggy

Swiggy being the associate broadcast partner for the Indian Premier League 2018, it’s creative campaign during IPL 2018 was one of the most noticeable and relatable advertisement campaigns. The 51 day campaign tapped the cricketing jargons and kept us entertained during the nail biting competition and stuffed ad space. Given that Indians love cricket as much as food, the campaign won a lot of hearts which resulted in a lift in their sales and further ensured a spot for Swiggy in the unicorn club later that year.

From superfast delivery to run outs, Akash Chopra and Harsha Bhogle’s signature commentary proved to be highly effective. Apart from the six creative advertisements, the ‘Match Day Mania’ campaign was the silver lining. The food festival offered lucrative deals and attracted customers like swarms of bees shooting up the figures for the brand.

The ‘Gulab Jamun’ advertisement involved tremendous exchange of expressions between the delivery executive and the middle aged man highlighting the online food aggregator brand’s supremacy when it comes to ‘no minimum order quantity’.

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The ad referred to as ‘No order too small’ delivered the message with the same finesse as of Akash Chopra’s engaging commentary, ‘Naak ke niche se ek run chura liya’. The situation is a regular scene at any Indian household where diabetic prone men face restrictions at houses and neglect their sweet tooth. The smirk in the end of the 21 second commercial, thus, packed a strong punch.

‘Oh, he has given away his wicket really cheaply there’ represented the exchange of remote between the siblings in return of a food parcel delivered by Swiggy formed the perfect blend of cricketing jargons and food.

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The advertisements consistently focused on the brand’s efficiency while keeping the audience engaged.

The brand proved its prowess in category communications and did not restrict itself to television only. From print media to social media, the game of hash tags kept going strong. It engaged newer audiences on Twitter and involved an IPL trivia. The captions like ‘What a superb catch!’ and ‘Snack it for a six’ made them a huge favorite on Facebook too, thereby increasing the audience base. The advertisements influenced search behavior of people on Google as stated by Amit Duggal, Integrated Planning Lead, at Group M. The search behavior as experienced by Swiggy rode a steep rise for at least 30 days.

IPL being a huge platform to target varied demographics, investing in the advertisements and making relevance were the key aspects to focus on. The year 2017 had also seen lifts in terms of orders and acquisitions and the pre-season advertisements also proved to be effective and thus, the idea of airing the long campaign resulted in huge lifts.

According to Srivats T.S., Vice President- Marketing, Swiggy, the brand saw a rise of 40% to 50% in terms of new acquisitions, on a month-on-month basis. Furthermore, the brand witnessed a one-fourth growth in orders during the Indian Premier League 2018. The sources from the brand shared that people searching for ‘Gulab Jamun’ post advertisements increased ten folds. Chandigarh, the home of Kings XI Punjab witnessed a 100% rise in orders of traditional Punjabi cuisine. Chennai saw the highest rise in orders which was about 44% followed by Pune and Delhi. The ‘Match Day Mania’ involved around 12000 restaurants across the country. The time being scheduled at 7 P.M. involved a lot of office goers who relax with their families and watch the IPL. The tailor made deals like 20% off on InstaPizaa for existing customers and 25% off for new registrations meant business for both Swiggy and the favorite restaurant brands. The Naturals’ Ice Cream director also considered this to be a win-win situation.

All these campaigns were launched in Hindi, English and also in several regional languages. Post IPL 2018, Swiggy proved its mettle and remained strong in their mission of ‘Changing the way India eats’ which they had previously carried out successfully. The significant rise in their facts and figures might be another huge reason for the heavy funding which they received recently. Swiggy did manage to sneak a few runs in the match against its competitor.

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Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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