Advertising Paragraph Tenth Essay

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Advertising Paragraph Tenth

Advertising is one of the best ways to get consumers’ attention. When the ad is spiced up with handsome men and beautiful women enjoying the great outdoors, people are likely to take a look at the ad, thinking it may be for a nice vacation or possibly for something healthy, but to the consumers’ surprise, it’s an ad for “Newport” cigarettes. How does this affect the audience? By creating an environment on the ad that is bright, lively and colorful, along with attractive men and women, it really gets the consumer’s attention well. The cigarette companies have used this strategy for years to reach their audiences, and the “Newport” ad is no different. The advertisement for “Newport” brand cigarettes does a good job of getting the consumers’ attention and even selling cigarettes in general, but when it comes to the advertisement of its own brand, the ad really lacks effectiveness. Looking at the picture, the only part of the ad that sells the “Newport” brand are the three small packs of cigarettes in the top right corner and the word “Newport.”

Everything else in the picture is just for getting the consumers’ attention. The main target audiences for this product are most likely avid male smokers, however, the ad can be geared towards both sexes. By showing the man running in front of the woman with the boogie board, he becomes the focal point. When looking at the picture, with the three packs of cigarettes and the text “pleasure” sitting directly above the man’s head along with the phrase “fire it up” pointing directly to the male, really shows how much more attention they want on or even from males. Also, by matching the colors of the man’s bathing suit, boogie board and the text, shows that the ad is more interested in helping the consumer focus on the man rather than the woman. It is because of these points that the ad fails to sell the “Newport” brand to both sexes. Another reason this ad fails to sell its product well is because it seems they put more attention into the picture, its surroundings and exaggerations, rather than the actual product “Newport” cigarettes.

It seems they are depicting that even when the consumer smokes cigarettes, he or she can have a sexy, toned, muscular body and feel great all the time. This obviously is not true, considering that cigarettes contribute to weight gain, loss of respiratory stamina and many forms of cancer. Along with these disadvantages come stained teeth and bad breath, which all accompany the true criteria of an everyday smoker. One of the most interesting selling points in this picture are the words “fire it up” posted right above the surgeon general’s warning. Positioning these words above the warning is a gross example of how much the cigarette companies don’t care about the negative effects their cigarettes have on their customers.

Knowing that their product kills hundreds of thousands of people a year and permanently disables thousands of others, their decision to place this phrase above such a serious warning tells me that they want to convince the consumer to completely disregard how unsafe cigarettes really are. Also, the fact that the phrase “fire it up” does not include any information about the “Newport” brand cigarette itself also shows that the company really failed to sell its own brand. For an avid male smoker such as my-self, this ad does what it is intended to do. It makes us think to ourselves, “man, I could really go for a cigarette.”

The ad does this well by setting a trigger off inside the consumer’s head, to start thinking about cigarettes. Unfortunately, when it comes to the advertisement selling its own brand, the ad really falls short, since the company producing the ad put more money into making the advertisement visually appealing rather than focusing on selling their own brand. In the future, it would be more advantageous for the company, if they focused more on integrating the specific benefits of using their brand over others, rather than creating an “eye pleasing” advertisement.

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