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Kindness Essay Examples


...August Pullman is a character in the book wonder and is completely normal in the inside, however suffers from facial deformities on the outside because of a birth defect. He begins attending school for the first time and is instantly picked on by his face. His peers do not appear to appreciate that he's just like them in the inside as a result of they are too frightened to travel close to him, in order that they value more highly to bully him, thinking that everything are going to be better that...

My main reaction to this section was to be annoyed with Katniss

...A lot of mentoring happened in this section. Peeta and Katniss seem to have three mentors currently: Effie, Cinna and Haymitch. At first, I thought that Haymitch was going to continue being useless as a mentor (after all, they had to practically carry him to the shower after he vomited on himself), but he actually began giving Katniss and Peeta advice in this section. I think he might actually prove to be a valuable mentor to them. I also didn’t think Effie was going to be a mentor to Katniss o...

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