Interpretations with Shakespearean Drama Essay

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Interpretations with Shakespearean Drama

As the director of this precise production, my idea and vision for the 21st century version of “The Seven Ages of Man” is to a certain extent, altered. There is a merely different scene, so I want to set it where it rather emulates the poem. Though it cannot befuddle the audience’s attention away from the speaker and poem. However, I do want the scene to be conspicuous and speak for itself. Generally, movie producers choose prevalent places for precise movies, for example, California, New York, Atlanta etc…

I chose to go a different route for this movie. I chose to do this scene in the mountains of Colorado, during the fall. Furthermore, I cannot disdain the character because he or she is a vital aspect to the movie. No doubt the person I choose for this movie is Denzel Washington. I have a vast amount of confidence in him that he is a prodigious person to play the part. This 21st century movie will be similar in specific ways, for example, the mood in this movie will be the exact same as in the second video on page four in the lesson.

I want it to start the same way as well with Denzel having his arm on a tree and speaking the poem with an infuriated tone. Also, there will be a guy holding a war knife looking miffed and discerning about what ensued. The only difference will be is that there will not be anyone standing expect for Denzel and that there will not be a light for him to touch and the girl will not be touching her hair. Generally speaking, my new advised version of this play is awesome!

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