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“Idiot Nation” by Michael Moore

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In the reading “Idiot Nation” by Michael Moore, he focuses on how the United States is becoming lazier and is being filled with idiots. Moore goes on to explain how our political system, lifestyles, and technology are the reason for our country’s becoming so idiotic. Nevertheless he believes the educational system is suffering the most. The American people as well as politicians are somewhat at fault as they continue to contribute to the regression of our educational system. Moore argues that politicians and the American people have continued to ignore the education system and have prioritized less important issues over future generation’s education.

Admittedly I would have to agree by prioritizing less important issues, the education of future generations will continue to suffer. First of all politicians are partly responsible for America’s idiocy. The priorities of our politicians are unacceptable. According to Moore, our political leaders “have decided it’s a bigger priority to build another bomber then to educate children” (135).

As a result any schools throughout the United States have overflowing classrooms, outdated facilities, and below average teachers. Moore as well as myself feels that politicians should change their focus towards education.

A focus on education would result in updated schools, structures and teachers. Politicians should always focus on education because today’s students will affect tomorrow’s history and future. Politicians and parents must work together in order to a focus on education. I believe that parents should responsible for maintaining adequate schools. They need to take action and be more involved in the well being of our schools.

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Instead of expecting politicians to make changes we can take the correct steps for a better educational system. One way we can help is by making libraries up to date and accessible to students. Another way we can help is by making sure students are receiving the correct nutrition from school lunches. Parents can setup their children for success by making sure that they have rested, completed their homework and prepared for school. We need to take action and work together as a whole to improve the education system in America. In order to improve our educational system we must be to solve what’s wrong with it. Today our country seems to focus on technology. Before technology existed, almost everything was done by hand.

People had to work hard in their jobs but in the world we live in today they rely on technology to the work for them. We even give children toys such as Ipads, which do not allow them to grow mentally. More says, “There are forty-four million Americans who cannot read and write above a forth-grade level-in other words, who are illiterates” (122). More and myself feel because we reply so much on technology, the ones paying the consequences our children. They are growing up in an environment where technology allows them to take the easy way out. The environment we allowing our children to grow up in is not only affect their education but their lifestyles. Many teenagers much rather stay update with there social media than reading a book, study, or learn about history. We are given three chances to gain education, in elementary, middle school, high school, and college. Many take part in gaining an education but many not even explore it. These education opportunities are to help our nation to become smarter and succeed. The lifestyles of teenagers have leaded them to feel not motivated to learn or do better in life.

Another way my education was affected was by budget cuts made my to school. Programs that were offered were no longer available to me or my friends. For example, in the fifth grade our physical education class was cut due to lack of funding. This was something students looked forward too, it allowed us to play and be active. Another way was by our library was cut, so we are stuck with the same books every year. I could see how the lack of new books and physical education was affecting us in and outside the classroom. Moore was right in believing how the United States is becoming lazier and is being filled with idiots. Our political system, lifestyles, and technology are the reason for our country’s becoming so idiotic. In turn our educational system is suffering the most. Schools are no longer a place of personal expression, not allowed to think for them, or even allowed to rock the vote. I feel if we continue on the track we on right now we will ruin the education of tomorrow’s generation.

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