Internal and External Analysis of Tesla

Tesla motors is able to differentiate itself from its rivals by offering a product that has yet to be matched. No other automotive company has been able to produce a car that is all electric and can travel 250 miles on a single charge. In addition, no other company has a network of charge stations allowing Tesla owners to drive across the country if desired. Finally, Tesla motors has created a brand of elite cars, it has been said that Tesla owners may be more of a cult than that of Mac owners.

The Tesla Model S is equipped with nothing but the best. From its 24 inch LCD screen, to its leather seats. The 90 kWH battery allows the Model S to travel 300 miles without being charged. This allows the Model S to be very light weight and travel 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds.

In addition, some intangible strengths of Tesla are its leadership, drive for innovation, and customer service. Tesla is run by Elon Musk, a man driven for success, and also has capital to support the company.

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Tesla is the first car of its kind, and hopes to continue to deliver quality products. Tesla hopes to be among the first to offer an auto-pilot car. Soon they will be launching their Model X, an SUV of equal quality to the Model S. In the near future Tesla is looking to launch a pick-up truck as well. Tesla offers quality customer service, if ever there is problem Tesla representatives will quickly arrive to pick up your car and leave you edition of the Model S, while yours is quickly repaired.

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Tesla plans to deliver the best cars in the world, and so far they are succeeding.

Tesla processes are highly automated, allowing them the advantage to save on labor costs. Most of the manufacturing is done using 10 ft. tall robots. These robots are able to weld, rivet bond and install different components. Eight robots work on a single car, and are able to produce 83 cars a day. These robots can also be programmed to develop the Model X as well.

One area which a Tesla receives a bit of grief for, is not allowing other dealerships to sell Tesla vehicles. While this may cause some bad press it allows Tesla to keep full proceeds, and ensure that all who are interested in investing in a Tesla receive the full experience and learn from an expert. This also comes into play when selling used vehicles; it allows for greater salvage value and allows the Tesla Model S to retain value for a longer period of time.

Lastly Tesla, spends no money on advertising, and does not plan to. Tesla has a small in-house marketing team and an internal team to help run the Tesla website. “Right now, the stores are our advertising. “We’re very confident we can sell 20,000-plus cars a year without paid advertising . . . It may be something we’ll do years down the road. But it’s certainly not something we feel is crucial for sales right now,” said spokesperson Alexis Georgeson.

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