Influenza Essay Topics

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Emerging infectious diseases are diseases that are new or changing, and are increasing, or have the potential to increase in incidence in the near future. (Pearson, Microbiology) Some important contributing factors to the development of EIDs are evolutionary changes in existing organisms, the movement of previously identified diseases to new geographic locations and populations by… View Article

Ethical Issues in Influenza Pandemics

Throughout history, there have been significant pandemics that have left a great impact on humankind. The first influenza pandemic to occur took place in 1918-1919. This pandemic was later classified as the Spanish influenza A H1N1. Successive outbreaks of influenza had occurred almost simultaneously throughout North America, Europe and Africa with not much being know… View Article

Bubonic plague versus influenza

The bubonic plague, also called the Black Death, was considered the largest demographic disaster in the history of Europe. It arrived in Italy in late 1347 through its clockwise movement across the continent fizzling out in the Russian remote areas in 1353 (Routt). It had killed about eight million people (Routt). Before the bubonic plague,… View Article

The Great Influenza Pandemic

For most of the people of the world, the year 1918 was one of great challenge and hardship; for much of Europe, the implements of war and the men and boys who wielded them cut a swatch of destruction and death across an entire continent. Among these weapons was one of a relatively new nature-… View Article