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Essay on Historical Place

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The Munich Agreement

In conclusion, collective security was the most effective response to aggression because more countries disagreed and were against Germany because it was threatening the peace of Europe. England, Britain, and America were against Germany acquiring land from Czechoslovakia while the Primer Minister Neville Chamberlain favored it in order to avoid war. Adolf Hitler used propaganda to maintain his po...

India: unity in diversity

understood that all of us have multiple identities religious, linguistic, cultural, regional and caste identities. No one can claim single identity. One who demands single identity i.e. national identity does not recognize the reality but during India 's struggle for freedom no one thought in that manner they just thought of India 's independence. Modern India presents a picture of unity in divers...

The 1980s History Assignment

The policy allowed America as a country to thwart Soviet Union expansion in the Middle East which was good. But the negative effect on the country was that his policies often affected the people of America itself and the many men and women who were sent to defend and protect such policies. Many American households I can imagine were tired of the war and losing of loved ones; still one can only im...

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Mansabdari system - Mughal Empire

The service obligations were reduced as a consequence, and they were paid for the number of months that they rendered service. The princes were the only ones who were paid salaries for twelve months; all the mansabdars were paid for a period of three to eight months, though, in exceptional cases, this could be extended to eleven months. When the empire was involved in continuous warfare against th...

Historical Place - Lucban Quezon

There are so many restaurants at the town center. Prices vary from one resto to another. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of affordable foods in the market where you can buy snacks, lunch, dinner and take out at unbelievably low price. You can also buy fast foods from street hawkers with their push cart in tow selling pansit habhab and other delicacies. Well, of course you won’t leave the pla...

My Trip to Europe

In every country I had stayed in my friend’s house. Their families were so warmhearted. So I got the chance to learn their culture being so close. I felt different environment and culture staying with each family though they all live in Europe. But one thing is in common with everyone that they were so fascinating. While I was in Switzerland I stayed with Kaj and his family. I even attended his ...

Berlin Wall

The fourth version of the Berlin Wall, constructed from 1975 to 1980, was the most complicated and thorough. It consisted of concrete slabs reaching nearly 12-feet high (3.6 m) and 4-feet wide (1.2 m), plus it had a smooth pipe running across the top to hinder people from scaling the Wall. And tentatively approached the border and indeed found that the border guards were letting people cross. Very...

My favorite place

They spend their honeymoon in the city with glorious history and beautiful buildings. City atmosphere cannot leave you without romantic mood for all the time you spend in France. My parents booked the table in the Eiffel Tower restaurant, and it was wonderful evening for them. Amazing view struck them, memories from this day help them now, all the time when they have problems in our family they re...

Golden Temple

It’s hard to do justice to the Golden Temple in writing; it was an incredible experience of community, of giving and taking, together. Perhaps photos make the aforementioned descriptions more relevant. It was heavenly being inside the Golden Temple, it is definitely one of the most peaceful and tranquilizing places I have been too. If you ever stop by at Amritsar, a visit to th...

Vacation Around the World on Your Budget

To concludes we have to enjoy in our vacation by planning the target place which will match Our budget. We spend our vacation in our country like Canada, travel little bit further like United States and South America, or travel to long distance places like Italy and France. We have to plan Very well and enjoy our time without thinking about luxury places if we are not able to visit that place. The...

Reasons for Mughal Empire Decline

"The Mughal Empire and with it the Maratha over lordship of Hindustan fell because of the rottenness at the core of India society. The rottenness showed itself in the form of military and political helplessness. The country could not defend itself: royalty was hopelessly depraved or imbecile, the nobles were selfish and short¬sighted; corruption, inefficiency and treachery disgraced all branches ...

Importance of historical places

As often as not, these buildings are being replaced through economic necessity as they are no longer financially viable. They are being replaced by supermarkets or modern cinema complexes that cater for the demands of the twenty-first century. There is probably no one solution to ensure that these buildings are preserved. One possible step though would be for the civic planning authorities to list...

I History of Taj Mahal

The cenotaph of Shah Jahan that was added much later is bigger than the cenotaph of his wife and is more simplistically decorated than his cenotaph above. Although the same designs appear on the sides of the sarcophagus elements, they are smaller in size. Coming out of such elaborately designed structure as Taj is like coming out of an era that had gone by, an era that added to the world in more t...

Historical Place Mount Fuji

The Fuji we see today developed on top of two older volcanoes. About 10,000 years ago, one of these mountains, Old Fuji Volcano began throwing out huge amounts of lava everywhere. Over the next thousand years, out of this chaos came the shape of the mountain that now exists. Other later eruptions gave the finishing touches to the beautiful cone seen today. The most recent violent activity lasted a...

Historical Places of Bangladesh

The excavated evidence suggests 7th century AD as the date of the beginning of these monuments. The site continued to be occupied till the 13th century AD as indicated by an Abbasid gold coin recovered from an upper level of the site. Charpatra Mura is another interesting small site, where was uncovered the remains of a small Hindu temple dated in the Chandra period (10th-11th century AD). It is ...

The Battle of Marathon

The Battle of Marathon, although only a single event, had an unquestionable impact on western civilization. Marathon allowed Athens to raise itself to a position of prestige and importance in the Greek world. The Athenians were given the opportunity to become culturally, politically and economically the centre of the Greek world because of the result of the battle of Marathon. Without the Athenian...

"Mending Wall" by Robert Frost

If imagination is applied in interpreting this part of the poem, I think these lines could also mean that the persona was comparing himself to an apple orchard, he is nice and he can bear fruit, and the fruit is sweet. The apple here may symbolize the persona's thoughts and ideas, which is quite right and brilliant. The neighbor is compared to a tall, unbendable pine tree, which symbolize that he ...

The Great Pyramid of Giza

There are many unanswered questions about the Great Pyramid of Giza but the one that always seems to stand out is, "Did the aliens build the Great Pyramid?" Clearly, whoever built the Pyramid had a great understanding of the Earth and knew more information than humans did at the time. Evidence have been found from the drawings presented on the inside walls of the pyramids that perhaps aliens did h...

Essay sample (Eiffel Tower)

Burton, R. (2001). Blood in the City: Violence and Revelation in Paris, 1789-1945.Ithaca, NY:Cornell University Press. Darras, J. and Snowman, D. (1990). Beyond the Tunnel of History. Ann Arbor, MI:University of Michigan Press. Hutton, P., Bourque, A. and Staples, A. (eds.). (1986). Historical Dictionary of the Third French Republic, 1870-1940.Vol (1).Westport, CT:Greenwood Press. Lienhard, J. (20...

Stasiland sample essay

After the initial dismissal from Scheller and his articulation of the residual "embarrass[ment]" felt by the Germans in the wake of the GDR, Anna Funder's pursuit to portray the lives of the ordinary citizens is rewarded with several "great stor[ies] of human courage". Her tenacious investigative work delving into the isolated society praises characters who challenged and survived the regime whils...

The best place i have ever visited - Istanbul

Moreover, many of these shops are famous such as the Grand Bazaar (Kapalıçarşı), Taksim Square (Taksim Meydanı), and Istanbul Sapphire which is the seventh tallest skyscraper in Europe. Also as a tourist, I would highly recommend using the many transport systems available in the city including The Metro System and the Sea bus. As a busy city like Istanbul, traffic sometimes gets the better of...

The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Safavid and Mughal Empires

The three gunpowder empires were at the peak of their prime in the 16th and 17th centuries, but they ultimately disintegrated by 1800. This document goes to show what were some of the factors of the rise of these empires, and what were causes for their collapse. Big factors in play here were the use of religion to favor the people, how mighty was their army, and how they treated the common people....

Hawa Mahal in Jaipur

The majestic Gateway of India is a glorious historical memorial built during British rule. This magnificent monument has been built in Indo-Sarcenic style to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Bombay. Gateway of India is one of the finest example of colonial architectural heritage in India. This grand structure stands at the Apollo Bunder, a popular meeting place in Mumbai. T...

Mongols: Culture and History

A stranger anywhere in the Mongol empire never needed to worry about lodging or necessities with a set series of laws like the one previously mentioned. Another important topic addressed was adultery. Adultery was no joking matter to the Mongols. Anyone guilty of committing it was executed – no exceptions. A married woman in Mongolia was not to be touched under any circumstances even if she was ...

Historical Places in India

The Papanatha, Kashi Visvesvara, Jambulinga and Galaganatha temples noted for their curvilinear shikhara represent the former style, while Mallikarjuna, Sangameshwara and Virupaksha temples having a square roof of receding tiers, represent the later temple style of Dravidian temple building. The Lokeshwara ( Virupaksha ) and Trailokeshwara ( Mallikarjuna ) built respectively by Lokamahadevi and Tr...

The Best Journey In My Life

In Paris we lived in the city center at a close friend of Paulina’s brother. His apartment was in a fantastic skyscraper, from which we could see the entire city. We were so impressed by the city. We visited the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Note dam Cathedral. At night we went walking though Paris with all the bright lights and passion that comes from this city. We were there four days. Our time the...

Urdu - The Origin and History of the Language

Nazam has changed the social and political structure of nations. The most popular nazam writers are Allama Muhammad Iqbal and josh. Both nazam and Gazal played a tremendous role to transform the thoughts of individuals and groups alike. In the history of Urdu literature Josh Mallihabadi was the grand poet who’s contribution is remarkable in the Urdu literature. Other forms of Urdu poetry are al...

The Mansabdari System

The watan-jagirs were normally granted to those zamindars who were already in possession of their watans (homelands) before the expansion of the Mughal empire. The mansab was not hereditary and it automatically lapsed after the death or dismissal of the mansabdar. The son of a mansabdar, if he was granted a mansab, had to begin afresh. Another important feature of the mansabdari system was the law...

Agra city

The most famous marble structure in Agra, in fact the most beautiful and fascinating monument all over India, completed the construction in 1653 AD. The Mughal King Sha Jahan built this as the final resting place for the queen Mumtaz. It is believed that it took nearly 22 years to complete the grandeur palace. There are 22 small domes over the Taj Mahal, denoting the 22 years and the verses of hol...

The Mughal Dynasty

The first six emperors, who enjoyed power both de jure and de facto, are usually referred to by just one name, a title adopted upon his accession by each emperor. citation needed] The relevant title is bolded in the list below. Akbar the Great initiated certain important policies, such as religious liberalism (abolition of the jizya tax), inclusion of natives in the affairs of the empire, and poli...

Geneva Conventions

For Magen David Adom there was a nice alternative – the Red Crystal, so they should’ve just displayed it in the context of international conflict to have all protection needed. All three emblems are appointed the same legal status, which means they are totally equal. Emblems can have a protective use, as well as an indicative use. Medical and religious personnel may mark themselves, their vehi...

My Favorite Sights in China

When I was a little girl, my father took me to the Great Wall, and I was absolutely astonished by the majestic view from the beacon tower, the continuous mountain, the vast blue sky above, and the most important—the dragon-shaped wall, and once you climbed up to the top beacon tower, you would never be able to resist yourself taking pictures of the splendid landscapes. Beijing—a city combined ...

Berlin Wall versus “The Wall”

The name of the formal U.S.A. is Gilead, it is originally comes from the bible. Margaret Atwood uses this name because from the Bible, it describes Gilead as a country that is always in the war, this matches the situation from the novel, the handmaids’ talks about the war all the time: ““The war is going well, I hear” she says. “Praise be,” I reply.” (Page 24). Furthermore, the coun...

The European Witch Craze

And finally why women? Changes that brought with it social order created new roles for women and changed women’s roles within the family. The proportion of unmarried women was evident in line with prostitution, infanticide and contraception was part of the problem. The female became a symbol of the witch and as such was pivotal to a demonological ideology. The witch craze ended as it was no long...

Kamkhya Temple a Pearl of India

The Kamakhya Temple has a beehive like shikhara. Some of the sculptured section seen here are of interest. There are images of Ganesha, Chamundeswari, dancing features etc. The temple is a natural cave with a spring. Down a flight of steps to the bowel of earth, is located a dark, mysterious chamber. Here, draped with a silk sari and covered with flowers, is kept the "matra yoni". There is no imag...

Important Parts In History

Ratification of Pinckney’s Treaty came quickly. It was immensely popular, especially among westerners eager to use the Mississippi River to transport their crops to the market. “Jay’s Treaty”, “The Whisky Rebellion” and “Pinckney’s Treaty” are very important parts of the Domestic Politics during the 1700’s. About every person in America has been taught these three important par...

Brihadeeswara Temple - master piece of architecture

Most of the deaths were reported be caused by the inhalation of carbon monoxide and a few due to burn injuries. The Tamil Nadu Government announced a compensation of Rs 100,000 to the families of the deceased and the injured were paid from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 each. Government of India, Mumbai Mint issued Rs. 1000/- coin to commemorate the 1000th year of the temple. And at last the Brihadeeswara...

Spanish: Philippine Revolution and Spain

The peace under the Pact of Piak-Na-Bato did not last long due to mistrust between rebels and Spanish government. The Filipinos were suspicious of the Spaniards and did not surrender all their weapons. the Spaniards also failed to fulfill their promises. the Spanish Authorities resumed arresting rebels and their sympahtizers. Soon fighting between Spanish and Filipino forces erupted in various par...

Techniques of Imperial Administration

Both the Roman and Han China civilizations had a great deal of imperial organization. They both had well developed cities and roads, which helped spread culture and made the lives of their citizens easier. Furthermore, both civilizations had immense empires that were difficult and costly to protect. In contrast, the Han had a Zhou philosophy that the emperor was related to the gods while the Roman...

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