Charles and Keith Wong

Charles & Keith is an international fashion footwear brand with more than 190 stores all around the world. Charles & Keith were founded in 1996 by brothers Charles and Keith Wong. With the key concept of ladies footwear and accessories brand, the brand has flourished and grown into a global international brand. Now, with young and trendy designs to catch the attention of the youth, Charles & Keith has developed a line of fashion designs that cater to the latest and trendy, creating and growing the brand , allowing the expansions of more stores especially in one of the world’s busiest business and trading centre, Shanghai.

Background Charles & Keith has managed to develop a distinctive line of fashion forward designs that caters to market sentiments, dedicated to the trendy shoppers, Charles & to provide shoppers with a plethora of latest styles of footwear and accessories to allow their wardrobe to be more fashionable and complete with the latest styles. The first Charles & Keith store opened in 1996 at Amara Shopping Centre in Singapore.

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The first store was first located at the Central Business District, and within a short span of 2 years, 4 more Charles & Keith stores were located island-wide in Singapore. Following the success of 5 stores in Singapore, the launched new stores across the region of Asia, with the first international store opening in Indonesia in 1998, moving on to the Philippines’s Charles & Keith store in 2001 and even Dubai had been influenced by the company’s expansive potential, opening a store in 2004.

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Over the years, Charles & Keith has managed to earn the investment of one the world’s famous brands, Louis Vuitton in 2011. Other milestone like ‘Entrepreneur of the Year award’ was awarded to Mr Charles Wong himself in 2008. Profile Charles & Keith annually produces 750 designs of footwear and around 300 other designs of bags and accessories design annually, the company has a steady and developed Shipping and Logistics team which ensures that the distribution of the orders run smoothly and all the shipping goes well, with around over 5million products shipped annually.

The brand Charles & Keith has managed to capture the attention and interest of industry scouts and the adoration of fashion-conscious individuals through its high street fashion shoes and accessories, making the company a marketable and fashionable footwear brand in the international scene of today. Charles & Keith have managed to open in 303 locations around 34 countries worldwide. The brand is guided by strategic plans, managed by the international division of the company, with strong individuals and teams working in the company.

Brief Description and supporting evidence of existing customer profile Charles & Keith is a renowned global fashion brand that currently sells ladies footwear consisting of their signature label shoes, formal shoes and casual shoes, as well as bags and purses. They also sell accessories like sunglasses, bracelets, scarfs, necklaces and belts. Charles & Keith primary customer segment are working class women, with middle to high level income and purchasing power and they must be willing to keep up with the latest fashion trend.

The company focuses mainly on women and offers a wide range of quality footwear, bags and accessories for women. This can be seen at their retail shops and online store, selling a variety of quality and elegant shoes, bags and accessories for women. (Refer to fig 1) Charles & Keith launched the Signature Label event in 2007 for fashion conscious ladies. They also go in depth to their assortment on their products that they are selling, which mean that their existing customers can select their most preferred products such as the colour and design that they want.

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