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The Hero’s Journey: An Ogre’s Perspective
Words • 687
Pages • 3
Shrek (2001), directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson, is based on William Steig’s book about a giant green ogre. This computer animated fairy tale is aimed at people of all ages. The film begins with Shrek reading a fairy tale and suddenly stops when he was getting up to the part when the prince kisses the princes. Shrek, who is a feared character from the start of the book does not believe in love or friendship, therefore does not…...
Why Bill Gates Is a True Hero
Words • 446
Pages • 2
When some people think of a hero, they might think of Hollywood actors or Bollywood actors, but think about these actors make a difference in society. A true hero is who thinks about other people, not only about himself or herself, so Bill Gates has the ability to take risks for bringing positive changes in the world; also, Bill Gates has proven himself as a person with his successful attributes of work ethics. Moreover, there are five main reasons why…...
What It Means to Be a Hero
Words • 736
Pages • 3
A hero is someone to look up to. They are always doing something good and are there to impress. A hero is someone that helps no matter what the situation is. It ought not even to be an enormous issue. For example, getting someone a roll of tissue when there is none in the bathroom. Some people will label it and say you are my hero. A hero can be anyone on this earth. Most people think a hero is…...
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What Made Gilgamesh an Epic Hero?
Words • 2097
Pages • 8
The word hero is a broad term and can be defined in many ways. A hero has several qualities like courage, respect, and strength that can define heroism. When it comes to heroes, most people like to believe that a hero would always be there to save humanity as needed however, that is not always the case. All heroes are different, but what makes them epic is that they are formed in an epic narrative. Also, their accomplishments in the…...
The Heroic Traits of Odysseus
Words • 671
Pages • 3
In the eyes of a regular day civilian, a hero is someone who is untouchable, one who doesn’t doubt their virtues and morals, and one who, faced against all odds will prevail undoubtedly with a heart of gold. Odysseus was someone who was celebrated by the people of his time for his heroic endeavors and was placed on a pedestal for him to be seen as an example for all future heroes to fall in pursuit. But looking through the…...
Odysseus as a Hero in ‘The Odyssey’
Words • 1965
Pages • 8
A hero is a character who is especially virtuous, usually larger than life. The character Odysseus in the text of The Odyssey is considered heroic. The act of being considered a hero goes beyond that something is required but exceed when people are in need the most. Also, a significant benefit would know that there is a personal risk involved and sacrificing yourself in the interest of others. However, heroes in our society serve a purpose by giving people hope.…...
Odysseus’ Heroism in the Odyssey
Words • 415
Pages • 2
The Ancient Greeks’ view of a hero is classified as “A man or woman, often of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great courage and strength, celebrated for his or her bold exploits, and favored by the gods”. In The Odyssey, Odysseus is oftentimes considered to have different combinations of both foolish and heroic traits and qualities. Although some may argue that Odysseus acts foolish at times, it is obvious that Odysseus is mostly a heroic character throughout The Odyssey…...
Odysseus is a Hero to Nobody
Words • 878
Pages • 4
The Odyssey is an epic poem that was originally a verbally told story from the 8th century. It was later written into 24 books. It is a story about Odysseus and his journey home from the Trojan War. A hero is someone who is loyal, focused on goals, honest, and selfless. Odysseus doesn’t fit into any of those categories. Even though Odysseus is courageous, he is not a hero. He is unloyal, not honest, only has his best interests in…...
Theme Of Heroism In To Kill A Mockingbird
Words • 1003
Pages • 4
A hero is someone who stays strong even when facing the most difficult problems. They are recognized and admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, and noble qualities. Most importantly, they persevere when they’re facing a conflict. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee displays the theme of heroism through several characters. These characters show both physical and moral courage when facing difficulties. Harper Lee shows courage and dignity through the characters of Boo Radley, Mrs. Dubose, and Atticus…...
The Heroic Impulse in “The Old Man and the Sea”
Words • 1025
Pages • 4
The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway is a short novel written in 1951 in Cuba, which was published in 1952. It was written when there are important political changes in Cuba- and the Cuban government was in decline and the situation later changes to a dictatorship that had made it endured to this day. Ansari, H. (2016) claims that “Lost generation is generally applied to those who had actively participated in the First World War and as…...
Achilles’ Heroism in The Iliad
Words • 1230
Pages • 5
In the 8th century, a Greek poet decided to write a heroic poem named “The Odyssey.” The person who wrote such an epic poem goes by the name of Homer. The Iliad was a sequel to the Odyssey. The Iliad discusses war, the Trojan War because it was around those times, the Trojans and Achaeans, the gods and their goddess, and the violence that was around it. The Iliad portrays the fight by the Greeks to capture the city-state of…...
The Role Of Heroism And Bravery In Beowulf
Words • 501
Pages • 2
A hero is revered for the courage and noble ideals they stand by. Heroism plays a vital part in the lives of Beowulf and Sir Gawain. These characters represent what a hero stands for, but their lives as heroes are told differently in their stories. They are both seen to be brave, noble, and skilled men on their journeys, but the strengths portrayed through these heroes are of inner and outer strength. Though while both Beowulf and Sir Gawain show…...
What Makes MacBeth A Hero?
Words • 772
Pages • 3
In the play Macbeth, Shakespeare explores the concepts of heroism and villainy. Macbeth is a tragic hero because of a grave error of judgment and his own ambition that causes him to murder others which ends up leading to chaos, destruction, and eventually his own death. His fall from grace carries impact, and this is what happened. Macbeth’s reputation begins with a positive outlook with his Christianity and , then as he ends up meeting the three witches. The term…...
A Hero for a Good War: Captain America
Words • 872
Pages • 4
Did you know that superheroes have been around for 80 years? It is a funny thought that your grandma is possibly the same age as Captain America. Captain America is easily one of the most patriotic and influential superheroes of all time. Captain has been around for many years, from 1941 to the present day. He is a figure that everyone has heard of and seen. Marvel Studios is continuing to make him a well-known icon. Not only has Captain…...
John Proctor The True Tragic Hero
Words • 534
Pages • 2
A flawed hero is defined as a character that has heroic traits but also has flaws or makes mistakes that lead to their downfall. John Proctor’s flaw was his pride, and his willingness to protect it. Unfortunately, Proctor dies from his commitment to protect and honor his name. Throughout the novel, it is clear that Proctor’s flaw is his pride. “He was the type of man- powerful of body, even-tempered and not easily led- who cannot refuse support to partisans…...
The Stages of the Hero’s Journey
Words • 879
Pages • 4
The Hero's journey is a change that a normal person takes to become a hero. It has a set pattern of events taking place and the journey forms the basic template for all the stories and folklore that have been narrated since the beginning of time. From very original bedtime stories to traditional and popular fiction, the protagonist's journey is the path the story's narrator takes. The journey is best described in a book called The Hero with a Thousand…...
Joseph Campbell’s ‘The Hero’s Journey’
Words • 1985
Pages • 8
I can recall watching DreamWorks Animation’s ‘Megamind’ with my family upon its initial 2010 release in theaters. Despite only recently revisiting it for the second time in over a decade, I have discovered a newfound interest in not only the film’s message but in their main title character’s internal journey throughout the film. The classical structure for many stories, showcased in many story-driven mediums that we consume, was coined by Joseph Campbell as ‘The Hero’s Journey’. This broad template is…...
Odysseus and The 12 Stages of a Hero’s Journey
Words • 775
Pages • 3
Thesis: The quest of Odysseus to return home follows Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey Topic Sentence: Odysseus, The hero, departs and begins his journey when he must leave Ithica, His home. His call to adventure starts when he is called upon by Agamemnon to help Menelaus rescue Helena, His wife, who has been kidnapped by one of the Trojans, Paris. Odysseus refuses the call, Wanting to stay by his wife and child. Odysseus and Achilles attempt to avoid the war by…...
The Trail of Tears: The Cherokee
Words • 1912
Pages • 7
The Cherokee is a large native american thriving tribe that was located in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. This tribe was forced out of its land and into another region, because of greedy people, who wanted more money, land for themselves and land for their gardens. The government, is Andrew Jackson, tried to get the land because it was land that he needed. He needed this land because he felt it would affect on increasing of white population and give him…...
What Are Some Qualities of a Romantic Hero?
Words • 688
Pages • 3
When many people think of a romantic hero they think of the 19th century and heroes like Walt Whitman, but what many people do not know is that Walt and many others helped shaped the image of a romantic hero and many famous protagonist like Luke Skywalter, Indiana jones, and many others. To be a romantic hero you must have at least some of these characteristics. Most romantic heroes look young and have a very youthful vibe to them. What…...
Is Joseph Stalin Hero?
Words • 839
Pages • 4
Heroism is a very ambiguous concept so it is often difficult to tell the difference between a hero and a dictator, since many people have different perspectives and opinions on what makes someone a hero. One of the controversial heroes would be Joseph Stalin, the supreme ruler of the Soviet Union. Joseph Stalin, one of the most influential leaders in the 20th century, is somehow the most respected person yet the most criticized person in an academic and historical perspective.…...
Types and Identifies of Heroism
Words • 975
Pages • 4
Courage, determination, bravery, nobility, the ability to sacrifice oneself in the name of another person or a meaningful idea are the main features inherent in the true hero. History knows many examples of how persistent and strong-spirited people sacrificed themselves, deliberately getting involved into desperate ventures and accomplishing great feats. However, heroism can manifest itself not only on the battlefield or during global catastrophes. In everyday life there’s a place for heroism and the manifestation of the nobility of nature.…...
The Role Of Heroism In Beowulf
Words • 673
Pages • 3
The definition of heroism is defined in many distinct ways. Different traits like respect, strength, courage, willingness to take his or her life, and loyalty can all define heroism. That hero is recognized for his or her extraordinary actions for being daring, strong, and acting with high respect. Beowulf, the fundamental character, demonstrates these qualities by protecting his people, the Danish King, and Hrothgar in the epic poem, Beowulf. He is a genuine hero by honoring his country and applying…...
Heroism in Movie “Gladiator”
Words • 625
Pages • 3
The idea of the “hero amongst men” has enticed and seduced various thinkers for centuries. Throughout the ages, selected character traits became associated with the idea and the ideal of man, known as heroism. But what defines a hero? What is the virtue most necessary to be a hero? By using modern films such as Gladiator and 300, one can compare and contrast contemporary definitions of heroism to the ancient Greco-Romans’ conceptualization. Deciphering what characterizes a hero greatly reveals culturally…...
False and Wrong Heroism
Words • 1641
Pages • 6
Examples of the phenomenon of pretend heroism consist of the so-called exploits of terrorists, killing, torturing and abusing hundreds of people for the sake of an idea. This is a vivid example of false, wrong heroism, since no goal is ever worth a drop of innocent blood spilled. Some young people engaged in gangs, and boasting of their actions, can also be attributed to pretended heroes. However, there are many examples of heroism for example Irena Sendler, she was a…...
Humble Heroism: Frodo Baggins as Hero in Lord of The Rings
Words • 2004
Pages • 8
We always come across so many heroes in literature, history, or daily life. A hero is a model for humanity. Adults, youths, and children wants to behave like a hero; however, we know that a hero has so many different features like supernatural, emotional, and physical aspects. These features are changeable according to matter. “A hero leaves his comfortable, ordinary surroundings to venture into a challenging, unfamiliar world “(Zimbardo,2017). So that a hero must start new beginnings to protect in…...
The Sports Heroes
Words • 1343
Pages • 5
Many people look for their sports heroes to demonstrate courage, strong character, discipline, and success. Sport heroes can be people, as well as animals. Two famous sports heroes are Shoeless Joe one of the greatest professional baseball players ever. The other one is Seabiscuit, a famous racehorse. They both were viewed to be sports heroes during their time because of the way the impacted other people around them. On July 16th, 1887 in Brandon Mills South Carolina one of the…...
Heroic Characters in The Outsiders
Words • 395
Pages • 2
There are many heroes in the book The Outsiders by SE. Hinton. In my opinion, the most heroic characters are Johnny, Ponyboy, and Cherry. A quality that Johnny has is that he is brave. Johnny takes a risk when there was a fire in an old church. In this way, Johnny shows bravery. Johnny is heroic because he never gives up and always keeps on trying. Johnny values love and support, even though he didn’t receive any love or support…...
Heroes and Villains: The Contradictions
Words • 937
Pages • 4
Heroes and villains share many similar qualities but their overall actions are what causes them to be different. Heroes are most likely to see the morally right in a situation and act based upon what they see wrong, villains are the ones who cause the situations that the heroes have to act upon. Section 1: Characteristics that both heroes and villains share and why heroes take action on issues the villains create. Villains may seem to be the opposite of…...
Modern Day Heroes: Who Are They?
Words • 754
Pages • 3
Ladies and gentlemen, I am here today to convince you that we do not live in an unheroic age. Compared to the ancient societies of our world, and indeed to those prior to the twentieth century, our society certainly lacks clear heroes and idols. However, I don’t believe that we live in an “unheroic age” - in fact, exactly the opposite: we are living in an age of more heroes than ever before. We may not live in an age…...
Heroes in Software Projects
Words • 2439
Pages • 9
Abstract- A ‘hero’ in a software project is a highly skilled developer who operates almost single-handedly to make the project a success. To be precise, a software project is said to have ‘hero’ developers if more than 80% of contributions are made by less than 20% of the developers. In literature, such projects are deplored as they might slow down the project by leading to a bottleneck between development and communication. However, there is little to none evidence for the…...
What Makes a Hero?
Words • 739
Pages • 3
Heroes, the fan-fictional people with flowing capes that fly around, typically saving the entire world, with their superpowers. What a stereotype!! Heroes can be typically anyone who tries to make a difference in the world. “A hero is a person admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” — Mashable.com A hero doesn’t have to be wearing a cape, or flying around saving the day. A hero could be an ordinary person that is doing something nice or kind…...
The Medici: Heroes of the Renaissance
Words • 504
Pages • 2
The Medici was a very interesting documentary due to the fact that I was going in to film not knowing to much about The Medici. The relation of the Medici to Italian mobsters they were not villains of the renaissance they are heros. The Medici were connected with the church, and used their extensive wealth to promote religion. The Medici became powerful as a result of being the official Papal bankers. They used their power and wealth to give back…...
Heroes in Ancient Greece
Words • 444
Pages • 2
We’ve all heard the stories of the classic ancient greek heroes, Odysseus, Achilles, Hercules and so on, but what qualities did these heroes show that made them different to the average guy? And does being a hero in Ancient Greece still mean the same thing as it does now? In this essay I will explore how heroes in Ancient Greece were portrayed as having strong Arete, meaning using all of their faculties e.g wit, leadership, strength to achieve a goal,…...
Odysseus vs. Achilles – Great Greek Heroes
Words • 1197
Pages • 5
Achilles and Odysseus are the two great Greek heroes of the Odyssey and the Iliad. Odysseus faces a tough ten year journey filled with mystical creatures and the wrath of the Gods. He never gives up, and eventually arrives back home to his wife and son. Achilles is the almost undefeatable Achean warrior in the battle against the Trojans, who died by an arrow in the heel. They both had a special ability, with Odysseus being exceptionally clever and Achilles…...
Beowulf Compared to Modern Day Heroes
Words • 443
Pages • 2
Most of us have heard of modern day heroes like Batman, Spiderman, Black Panther, and Iron Man. Each is a hero to many children. From Beowulf to Iron Man our ancestors and cultures have always created heroes. We might have political, social, economic and religious differences, but at the end of the day we all have one thing in common, heroes. They help us figure out who we are as humans and what we want to do or be in…...
Disney’s heroes
Words • 845
Pages • 4
'Shrek' a Dreamworks-produced animated film has a cast of characters that could show Disney's heroes a thing or two. The opening of Shrek is reminiscent of Disney's Snow White. One thing about Shrek that comes as a surprise is how it incorporates the traditional fairytale. Forget the handsome prince, damsel in distress and living happily ever after, Shrek stars as a hideous beast with an unattractive princess, whose best friend is a donkey with issues, yet they all live happily…...
Virtues of Heroism
Words • 1280
Pages • 5
A hero is an idealized individual, who exemplifies the finer qualities of man. He is distinguished by his exceptional courage, fortitude, and bold enterprise. In the epic poem Beowulf, by Anonymous, Beowulf (the central character) embodies the distinctive qualities of a noble hero. His character illustrates a perfect parity between the natural forces instinctive within the nature of man. Throughout the novel, his righteousness combats the malevolence thriving in his harsh world. This environment is a melting pot of multiple…...
Vanity Fair: A Novel Without a Hero
Words • 934
Pages • 4
In his novel Vanity Fair it is Thackeray’s intention to create a canvass where all the characters are vain. The intention is announced in the subtitle, which reads “A Novel Without a Hero”. There is no character in it with heroic qualities to admire, and we search in vain for a reference point of virtue by which to compare the rest. It is not Thackeray’s intention to explain why certain people are vain, or to provide a lesson in how…...
Unlikely Hero Essay
Words • 581
Pages • 3
He was rewarded by three Presidents of the United States. won the Congressional Medal of Honor. and built a multi-million dollar company! Who is this enigma adult male? The most improbable hero of all times. Forrest Gump. Whether. because the idea of his darling Jenny or his best friend Babba aid him to maintain on traveling. Forrest Gump went from underdog to the most improbable hero in more than one juncture. Forrest. saved Lieutenant Dan from decease. maintain his promises…...
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Why Bill Gates Is a True Hero

...Instead of staying in a comfort zone, he believes in himself is the last reason why Bill Gates is a hero. Dropping out of college might not sound like a good decision for others, but Gates knows what a good education can provide; therefore, he believ...

What It Means to Be a Hero

...A hero may be one who is ready to assist another in varied ways. A person will become a hero by saving somebody. A hero does not continuously have to show spirit he is often afraid however still be a hero through his or her different actions. I do be...

What Made Gilgamesh an Epic Hero?

...Epic heroes are exceptional personals. Not every hero can be an epic hero. To be an epic hero, one must meet all the necessary criteria. As Beowulf and Gilgamesh are considered as epic heroes, they didn’t gain their title in one day. It took them t...

What Makes MacBeth A Hero?

...Macduff then kills the all-mighty Macbeth. The witches predict that Macduff will not be killed anyway and the reason for this is Macduff is not born of a woman he was a caesarean section and Macbeth believes he cannot be killed by any born men or wom...

What Are Some Qualities of a Romantic Hero?

...Indiana Jones is an archeologist who loves to go explore the world and its ancient ruins, with Jones picking this profession it shows to him that he is one with nature and that he loves to admire it because he is always traveling or exploring. He is ...

Modern Day Heroes: Who Are They?

...Heroes could also be people that have overcome the same struggles that someone has had it going through presently like Nick Vujicic. Nick Vujicic was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. His...

What Makes a Hero?

...Therefore, in conclusion heroes can be anyone. I could be a hero, and you could be a hero, anyone. You don’t have to wear a cape, or fly, or have lasers shooting from your eyes. You don’t have to miraculously save the girl, or guy, or the city in...