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My Favourite National Hero
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In today’s society, defining a hero has changed over time. Now, a hero can be the heroic figure from the movies like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman we watched. A hero can also be people like our parents, teachers, or even politicians we look up to. Throughout history, people around the world have named their national hero because of their bravery, determination, nobility, and the ability to sacrifice oneself for another person well being. Bold and daring in war are a…...
HeroMy Favourite National Hero
Harry Truman as National Hero
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Harry S. Truman was an amazing idol and hero as he saved his country from hardships time and time again. His work as president changed the way we live today and shaped a more peaceful and civil society. Truman paved the path for future presidents to come, as he showed us how to optimally run a successful campaign. Even when faced with the most unfavorable choices, Truman showed the people that quick and rational thinking was necessary for his position.…...
HeroMy Favourite Hero In HistoryMy Favourite National HeroTrue Heroism
Fredrick Douglass My Bondage and My Freedom
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Although Fredrick had many obstacles to fight he was still able to achieve many accomplishments. The early life of Fredrick presented so many challenges that he never thought he would make it in life. However, his challenges turned out to be the strongest pillar in attaining all he had in his life. The slavery life induced too much pain in Fredrick, which created an avenue for him to fight for people who were like him. However, there had to be…...
African American CultureMy Favourite National HeroOur National Hero
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Dr. Jose Protacio
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Dr. Jose Protacio mercado rizal y alonso deserves to be the country's foremost national hero because of his achievements. He knew that by writing the noli me tangere and the el filibuterismo thereby exposing the injustices committed by the civil and clerical officials would put his life and his family's life in danger. He did not retract his writings because he was thinking not only of the welfare of the present generations but also of the future generations. Through his…...
My Favourite Hero In HistoryMy Favourite National HeroOur National HeroPhilippines
My Favourite National Hero Jose Rizal
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Republic Act No. 1425, known as the Rizal Law, mandates all educational institutions in the Philippines to offer courses about José Rizal. The full name of the law is An Act to Include in the Curricula of All Public and Private Schools, Colleges and Universities Courses On the Life, Works and Writings of Jose Rizal, Particularly His Novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, Authorizing the Printing and Distribution Thereof, and for Other Purposes. The measure was strongly opposed by…...
My Favourite National HeroOur National Hero
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