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The Hero’s journey comprises a set of observations and patterns that involves a hero and an adventurous journey, where through numerous stages, the Hero returns home victorious and transformed. The Hero’s journey typically begins with the Ordinary World, and after various stages, concludes with restoring the world. Almost every hero in any book or movie will have to venture through a hero’s journey. While both Odysseus of the Odyssey and Marlin from “Finding Nemo” complete a hero’s journey, Marlin is a more legitimate hero due to his determination in finding his missing son, and his outgoing personality which helps him face the unrealistic tests and trials he had to overcome during his journey.

The Hero’s Journey
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There are many steps of “The Hero’s Journey”. The first step of The Hero’s Journey is the ‘Ordinary World’. The ‘Ordinary World’ allow us to get to know the Hero and identify with him before the Journey begins. This step refers to the hero's normal life at the start of the story. Next, is the ‘Call to Adventure’ and the hero is faced with something that makes him start his adventure. This might be a problem or a challenge he…...
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Heroes in Action: Odysseus and Spider-man
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Pages • 10
The idea of what exactly a hero is, is subject to change with whoever is answering the question because the idea of a hero is redefined as society changes and its pantheon of heroes changes (White, O’brien 17). Some will say a hero is a someone who saves other people or someone who has powers or just simple someone people are able to look up to. Christopher Reeve, popular for playing one of the most well known heroes, Superman, is…...
HeroHero journeyOdysseySuperhero Spiderman
The Stages of the Hero’s Journey
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The Hero's journey is a change that a normal person takes to become a hero. It has a set pattern of events taking place and the journey forms the basic template for all the stories and folklore that have been narrated since the beginning of time. From very original bedtime stories to traditional and popular fiction, the protagonist's journey is the path the story's narrator takes. The journey is best described in a book called The Hero with a Thousand…...
HeroHero journeyJourneyStar Wars
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Gilgamesh: a Hero’s Journey
Words • 1517
Pages • 7
Gilgamesh, written by David Ferry, illustrates a story about a man who knows everything, but continues to try and learn more. Although Gilgamesh may be arrogant, he still remains a great ruler and commander of Uruk. Throughout the book, the adventures of Gilgamesh fit Joseph Campbell’s idea of the hero’s journey. After analyzing the pieces to the hero’s journey, Gilgamesh is proven to be a true hero because his journey parallels that of the hero’s journey described by Campbell. The…...
GilgameshHeroHero journeyJourneyTsotsi
The Hero’s Journey: Avatar the Last Airbender
Words • 1762
Pages • 8
When the typical person believes of folklore, they are more than likely to consider antiquated stories about gods and heroes with fantastic powers and histories. While residing in our technologically sophisticated time period, these myths that we find out about were once typical teachings in ancient lands used to discuss natural phenomenon and teach moral standards to individuals. As wonderful as the stories of misconception seem like, lots of individuals dismiss them and presume these stories of dream no longer…...
AvatarHeroHero journeyJourney
Lion King Movie: Simba’s Heroic Journey
Words • 1238
Pages • 5
The Lion King is a true hero's journey that takes place in the savannas of Africa. The title "The Lion King" emphasizes that a lion is king, referring to the main character, Simba. Simba is the hero in the story because he regains his kingdom and defeats evil. He takes responsibility for his actions and his kingdom, and regains order and control. Simba takes part in a hero's journey by being a part of the departure, initiation, and the return.…...
Hero journeyJourneyLionMovie
The Hero’s Journey—Kung Fu Panda
Words • 1590
Pages • 7
Many people believe in heroes, who are selfless and willing to sacrifice themselves to benefit others. Heroes also exist in different cultures, and they usually represent courage and adventurous. According to Joseph Campbell’s theory, heroes in stories undergo a process called “The Hero’s Journey”, which is the classic plot structure of heroic stories, in order to achieve great deeds. Kung Fu Panda, a movie by the DreamWorks, demonstrates the theory of Hero’s Journey. The movie is about fat and lazy…...
HeroHero journeyJourneyPanda
The Heroic Journey of Odysseus
Words • 895
Pages • 4
In almost all of the stories that have been written, there is a journey that the character undertakes to become whole and balanced, also known as the heroic journey. In the first stage of the journey, the departure, the hero leaves their known world and begins their adventure. After the hero undergoes the departure, they then move on to the next stage, the initiation, where they are put through tests and venture into the world of hero or magic or…...
Hero journeyJourneyOdyssey
Hero’s Journey- Ender’s Game
Words • 907
Pages • 4
Enders Game, written by Orson Scott Card is a “classic novel of one boy’s destiny among the stars”. The representation of Ender as the typical hero partaking on a hero’s journey is shown through the language devices and the characterisation of Ender. Card presents the conventions of a traditional hero, namely qualities of bravery and wisdom, leadership, responsibility and the tragic or traditional weakness. Card explores the idea of a traditional hero’s weakness, through the character of Ender, who undergoes…...
Enders gameEnders GamesHeroHero journeyJourney
“Heroic Journey” in “Secret life of the Bees”
Words • 3626
Pages • 15
The classic tale of the hero's journey can be recognized in almost every situation. It is not only apparent through daily life and historical events, but in this circumstance, a fictional novel, as well. As an epic voyage, it can be recognized in the vast majority of books throughout the course of history. One specific example where it is carefully and intricately exhibited is in Sue Monk Kidd's novel, The Secret Life of Bees, in which a young woman's search…...
ArchetypeHero journeyThe Secret Life Of Bees
Finding Nemo
Words • 1821
Pages • 8
The motion picture we are applying or using is Pixar's "Finding Nemo". Our hero would be Marlin, the timid clownfish who lives safe and secluded in the colorful and warm tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef. After the devastating, life changing event when starting a family, specifically when a hostile fish devoured his wife and all his unborn kids, Marlin had been a cowardly, cautious individual who lacks socialism and simply "can't tell a joke". He limits, rescues, protects…...
Finding NemoHero journey
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Marlin’s Ordinary World

The Ordinary world is the first step in the hero’s journey, and it depicts the world the characters lived in before moving through the stages of a hero’s journey. In the movie “Finding Nemo”, Nemo was the only egg remaining after an angry shark attacked his mother and her eggs. That incident would define the world he only knew, being a single dad raising his only son in the coral reefs was Marlin’s Ordinary world. In the book “The Odyssey”, Odysseus lived in the peaceful land of Ithaca where he is married to the love of his life and serves as a respected king.

The next stage in a hero’s journey is the Call To Adventure. The Call to Adventure signifies the start of the journey in a story plot. In Finding Nemo, Marlin first experiences the Call to Adventure when his son, Nemo, gets abducted by scuba divers after Nemo attempts to touch their boat. In the Odyssey, Odysseus experiences the Call to Adventure when he is drafted into the Trojan War and asked to attack Troy.

 Call To Adventure and Refusal of Quest

The Refusal of Quest/Accepting the Call stage is described to be the stage in which the hero initially feels fear, or insecurity when heeding the call but subsequently comes to the realization that there is no better person qualified to accept this responsibility. In Finding Nemo, Marlin wants to find his son, but is scared to venture out into the deep sea as he has not attempted that since his wife died. Eventually, Marlin believes in himself and begins searching for his son, in what feels like the neverending sea. Odysseus however, tries to refuse the call to war by pretending to be insane. He would plow a field with a donkey to prove his point that he is in no shape to go to war. Odysseus was tricked when a soldier used his son Telemachus to determine whether he was putting on an act. Odysseus ultimately revealed his sanity and his love for his child. Marlin and Odysseus both realized that they had no choice but to heed the call and rescue their loved ones, their sons.

Entering the Unknown

Upon Entering the Unknown, Marlin is determined to find his missing son, but is not sure how to go about it and is grateful that Dory, his new friend, can read the address on a mask that belonged to one of the scuba divers. In the Odyssey, Odysseus Enters the unknown, when he joins the army, and leaves Ithaca to go to the Trojan war.

Throughout their adventures, both Odysseus and Nemo experience the tests and trials that expose their vulnerabilities. For example, Odysseus and his men were in search for food and stumbled across a cave. Upon entering the cave, they were confronted by a Cyclops, whose name was Polyphemus. He was large and thus was very intimidating to Odysseus and his men. The cyclops was not happy that Odysseus disturbed him, and in revenge rolled a huge stone against the mouth of the cave to block the entrance. The Cyclops became enraged, grabbed two of Odysseus’s men, smashed their heads against the rocks, and subsequently ate them. Odysseus dared do nothing to the Cyclops, since only the Cyclops was strong enough to move the stone away from the mouth of the cave. Odysseus and his men had to formulate a plan, which included creating a spear using timber found in the cave. As the Cyclops awoke from his nap, he moved the stone that was blocking the cave. Odysseus executed his plan and offered the Cyclops wine, causing the Cyclops to fall into a drunken sleep. Now that there was a clear exit, Odysseus threw the spear in the Cyclops eye, and then quickly fled the cave. Furthermore, Odysseus encountered a witch named Circe who later turned all his men into pigs, and made him stay on the island for a year before being able to escape. In Finding Nemo, Marlin also faced tests and trials of his adventure, which included an encounter with Bruce, the Great White Shark, surviving a sea of jellyfish, and being chased by trench fish.

Supreme Ordeal Stage

The Supreme Ordeal is the essential stage in a Hero’s journey, as it aids in the connection between the audience and the hero. In this stage, the hero faces his biggest challenge and is ultimately reborn. In Finding Nemo, Marlin makes eye contact with Nemo after days of being apart, which is one of the most important parts of the movie. In the Odyssey, this connection happens when Penelope mentions that she will marry the suitor who can string the bow, and who can then shoot an arrow through a line of twelve axes. Odysseus manages to shoot through all twelve axes, which ultimately impresses Penelope. The two characters, Marlin and Odysseus, manage to fiercely advance throughout the hero’s journey up until this point.

The Reward

The Reward of the Hero’s journey is typically depicted when the hero accomplishes his goal. When Marlin finally rescues Nemo, he finds the puzzle piece that he was missing in his life. For Odysseus, he finds his way home, kills his suitors, and gets his power and family back. Both stories have the typical ending to every hero’s journey, restoring the world where order is being restored in the journey. For Marlin, he was finally able to venture out and handle the world outside of his anemone, along with saving his son; For Odysseus, he is once again King of Ithaca and his family is reunited.

In the end, it is my opinion that Marlin is more deserving of the title. Losing his wife and babies, running away from sharks, going through a maze of jellyfish, and entering the dental office, all in an effort to be with the one person he loves the most, his son Nemo.

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