The Little Rock Nine: The Hero of the Nation

It is the let century and the thought of an all white or all black school in the United States seems inconceivable. However, just 60 years ago this was reality. In the United States up until 1954 segregated public schools were considered constitutional. Three years later on September 4, 1957 nine Black students tried to enter Little Rock‘s Central High School, Due to the orders from Governor, Orval Faubus, the Arkansas National Guard was present “to prevent the entry of African American students” (Anderson 2010) Upon their arrival, on September 41h, these nine students agreed to the conditions set for them, which included not being allowed to, “participate in any extra curricular activity; attend activities such as football games; run for an office student council; be on a team, in the band or in the choirt And the young Black males were to have no association whatsoever with the school’s White female students” (Joiner 2007).

This did not matter to the students because all they wanted was the best education possible.

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So, not only were the Little Rock Nine not receiving a fair experience by attending Central High School in the first place, they were being treated inhumanely. The adult white mobs gathered in front of Central High School every morning for weeks to torment the Little Rock Nine. These mobs made it impossible for these students to receive an education let alone a “fair” one These mobs formed riots targeting innocent teenagers and are “remembered as one of the ugliest and meanest white mobs of the entire civil rights era” (Steele 2007).

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The Little Rock Nine are looked at as heroes by our nation. Although racism is still not obsolete, when it comes to education we live in a country where everyone is able to receive an equal education no matter their race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic status, etc, and without the Little Rock Nine who knows if this would be possible today.

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