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Freedom Of Speech Essay Examples

Essay on Freedom Of Speech

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Essay on the Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the press should be a valued privilege and has to be safeguarded. It is a sacred right, which should be zealously promoted. Governments owe it to themselves to guarantee it from all arbitrary interference. Editors owe it to the public to maintain an honest and fearless attitude in favour of the people, against party or class interests. And the people owe it to their country to demand an...

Hacktivism as a Cyber Crime

The anonymous might continue with same name or with different name, as long as, people looking for the truth and freedom hacktivism will stay around and grow. The Anonymous is a group of people from all over the world doing illegal acts, but most of the time they are showing the bad activity that government big corporation does to the people. And is hard for any government to follow them and a res...

Personal freedom

For example, we can see in Russia – where drinking is a problem – roads are becoming unsafe and the freedom of innocent passer-bys are compromised just so as to give the Russians ‘freedom to drink’. If more was done to curb drinking, this can result in not only the lives of these passer-bys to have more freedom but also the families of these drinkers. Not only would theses families have mo...

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The Great Debate: School Uniforms

School uniforms are a bad idea because they are expensive, violate the first amendment right, decrease comfortable, and do not decrease violence. Education itself is more important than how someone dresses while in school. Everyone is there for the same reason: to learn. No one wants to look the same as someone else because it takes away their individuality. No one wants to be uncomfortable sittin...

Media Law Case Studies

4. Section 8A(2) of PPPA is merely a statutory presumption which operates at the trial stage, arising only if the prosecution are able to prove – when prosecuting the accused in court – that the news published is false. Section 8A(2) is, in no way, equated with pre-censorship, which can only take place before publication. Moreover, Section 8A(2) does not restrict freedom of press either direct...

Freedom of Speech vs. Censorship

Cox, A. A Freedom of Expression. Cambridge: Harvard University, 1981. Print. The Declaration fo Independence and the Consitituion fo the United States. The Declaration fo Independence and the Consitituion fo the United States. By Roger Pilon. N.p.: Cato Institute, 2000. 1-10. Print. Farber, D. The First Amendment. New York: Foundation Press, 1998. Print. Sunstein, C. Democracy and the Prolem of Fr...

Freedom of Speech and Expression in Malaysia


Hate Speech

This idea about ridding children of hate speech should be a global consensus. Children should play with other children of another religion, race, colour, ethnic, origin or sexual orientation, for example. It is important because the children should learn with different people and new cultures to see that hate speech is not necessary because all of them are equal. Family's beliefs are to keep the f...

India needs leadership

Even in the 21st century Indian women are vulnerable and rape and molestation cases are reported throughout the country from upscale Delhi to the remote villages of Burdwan. India needs a really strong leader who can make the country safe enough for our women to move around fearlessly, with their heads held high. • Dictators have incentives to promote development and diminish social differences...

The road to Mecca Among Plays

Helen explains herself to Marius: when her husband, Stephanus, died she “lost faith” and used as many candles as she could find, because the “candles did all the crying”. She created her own “Mecca” as personal goal to set herself free. The candles that were lit after the funeral inspired Miss Helen to express her inner feelings: “I had all the candles I wanted”. Elsa says it beaut...

Argumentation Essay: Facebook

The employer knows nothing about the applicant other than what they have stated on their resume. An applicant could lie about his or her age, obligations, or even the county they live in. It is only natural to do a check up on the applicant to make sure they look eligible for the position. Think of Facebook as a back ground check. Mostly every employee has to have a back ground check of them befor...

Computer Hacking and Cyber Crime Law

If Jimenez simply alleged in the information that they are (or at least one of the offended parties) presently residing in the City of Makati at the time of the commission of the offense, that is enough to vest jurisdiction to the RTC-Makati and enable the letter to hear and decide the case on the merits. The case was dismissed because RTC-Makati failed to acquire jurisdiction of the case NOT beca...

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

It was also not the proper way to deal with a situation like this so her father did not want his daughter to get into trouble even though she was not treated as an equal. Though others may disagree and state that it was completely Scout’s fathers’ decision to defend the African American, he deserved the decision he made. Scout’s father stood up for Tom Robinson because he knew that he was in...

Freedom of Expression in the Philippines

At this juncture, if one has to violently disagree with me and confront me in the form of a lawsuit (God, I hope not), I leave the world of Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist, Mahar Mangahas. “If any citizen is free to openly agree, but not to openly disagree, then freedom of expression does not prevail. An individual’s option to openly express disagreement without risk of any personal injury...

Freedom Of Speech In Cyber World

I think it is acceptable to bad mouth your professor on your facebook/twitter as long as you keep it private for nowadays posting how we feel for your professor is also another way of expressing to comfort ourselves even if it is morally wrong. e. it is acceptable to bad mouth your parents or siblings on your facebook/twitter as long as you keep it private so that no one can see it. Sometimes we j...

Athol Fugard’s play “The Road to Mecca”

In conclusion, the play, The Road to Mecca, sends out an important message of free expression that all women deserve and are entitled to and that women's problems and rights appear to be mainly caused by men. Athol Fugard distils the intimate personal stories and the physical and spiritual struggles against apartheid in South Africa that women have to face and he voices the concern that they were ...

Media Policy

This regulation occurs through the medium itself. Implicit internal regulation happens when different sections within or sectors involved with the medium influence the publication or broadcasting of information. Such sections include boards of directors of media institutions, editors, advertisers, consumers, journalists, etcetera.These regulators cannot be ignored as they have the power to influen...

Internet Censorship Research Paper

1 SIRS Issues Researcher. Web 05 Mar 2013 Dobby, Christine. “Muslim Countries Filter Web on Faith Grounds, Report Says. ” National Post. 04 Aug 2011: FP. 12. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 05 Mar 2013. Ghazal, Mohammed. “Internet Freedom Activists See Bad Precedent in Drive to Censor Porn Sites. ” Jordan Times. 02 May 2012. N. P. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 27 Feb 2013. Hitzik, Michael. “...

This house believes it is sometimes right to restrict freedom of speech

The article manly talks about, how freedom of speech has never been absolute. In Thomas’s opinion, absolute freedom of speech means slandering others, making terrorist attacks ext. Meaning, we will never have absolute freedom of speech rights. There are many possible solutions for this problem. One I recommend is creating new freedom of speech laws. If our government came together and made laws ...

Censorship in north korea

(Climax) To conclude, the North Korean government's extreme media censorship should be suspended. Censorship in North Korea is used mainly for the governments own purposes — not for the people. With so many wrongful reasons of the censorship, should people just allow that to continue? (rhet) Henry Steele Commager, a famous historian once said, " censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it ...

Law and the legal system


Students Freedom of Speech in School

Understanding the two sides of the view the best conclusion of the topic of whether students should or should not have the full protection of freedom of speech in school comes to that students can speak their mind on issues if it will bring about a positive change to the mindset of others around them on the topic. Whether it be drugs, wars, or sexual contents as long as the students are able to pr...

Freedom of Speech on the Internet

11, no. 1, (p. 135-148) Howard, R. (1995). “Why Censoring Cyberspace Is Futile,” Computer Under- ground Digest 6. 40 (1995). Kretzmer, D. & Hazan, F. K. (2000). Freedom of speech and incitement against democracy, ISBN 904111341X, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers Matas, D. (1997). Countering Hate on the Internet: Recommendations for Action, retrieved on July 16, 2010 from http://www. media-aware...

The Benefits of Democracy

Freedom of speech is the most important of all to a well being democratic society. There is the ability to state your opinion in a non-respectful way in which the person will not be punished unless violent. Freedom of speech is not only communicated, radio, and television but are presented in novels, poems, films etc. In a democratic country, one can express their political and religious views thr...

Censorship or Freedom Of Speech

If such actions are enough to warrant bloody rebellion, surely students yelling really loudly or setting off fire alarms to cut off hate speech means that the conservative “victims” got off lightly? Leo’s reverence for the Constitution is rooted in the idea of it as a civilizing force that created the greatest nation in the world; hopefully, it is only a matter of time when he realizes that ...

Free Speech

Within the same amendment the right can sometimes conflict with some or all of the other rights protected by the constitution. Balancing the rights of citizens with the demands of government is not a battle that will ever be won. Due to changes in the worlds ideas and cultures we must, as Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. suggested, be “Eternally Vigilant” (Holmes, Abrams v. United States, 1919) in pr...

Alfred M. Green Speech Analysis

Although Green does make certain condescending arguments towards the white audience by the end of the speech he has “united” both American Americans and whites by focusing them against a common enemy: the South. He does want change, but he knows that defeating the Southern slavery system is much more pressing and important in the long run. Green is careful to “hope of the future” but still...

Free Will: Philosophical Term

Free will is the horizon of our everyday lives. It is the element that gives meaning to the actions we are going to undertake. Free will can get muddied by its archaic name and the strong emotions it excites. Free will comes from a pre-scientific worldview, which saw the mind as quite separate from the body and the brain. It is said that “an action is freely chosen if someone decides to do it wi...

Freedom of Speech in the Philippines

It may be noted that the obligation to respect freedom of expression lies with States, not with the media per se. However, this obligation does apply to publicly-funded broadcasters. Because of their link to the State, these broadcasters are directly bound by international guarantees of human rights. In addition, publicly-funded broadcasters are in a special position to satisfy the public’s righ...

Free Press and Democracy

In a nutshell, it can be inferred with all this information that democracy and free press needs to come handy, together in order to give people the freedom that they deserve to take their own opinion in a determinate matter. In my opinion everybody have the right to take their own decisions and to have their own opinion in all aspects of live. Without free press there is no democracy, no freedom o...

The Most Hated Family in America

To not carry out those actions in their personal life is their own choice, but they should not take it to such a level to where they are trying influence others and disrespect them for lacking common beliefs. As we are all aware, America takes pride in its rights for freedom of speech and that is what we are known for, That being said, after viewing this video it is plain to see that those rights ...

Social Harmony and Human rights

The example of the mass exodus of North-East origin Indians living in other parts of the nation, to their hometowns is an alarming and eye opening one. The outrageous fire-like dissemination of the false alarm via the internet begs us to have curbs on free speech! Take the example of the 10th article of the European Convention on Human Rights, “Everyone has the right to Freedom of Expression, ho...

Yahoo Ethics Case Study

It also helps American companies get involved in the enforcement of international law which requires member nations to comply with local jurisdiction when operating overseas. Despite the guarantees of free speech, reasonable limitations exist when the “free speech” denies the mutual values of all human beings. Protecting the right of minorities from being affected by racial bigotry, vilificati...

Thomas Hobbes and John Stuart Mill

However, what one thing is best for one person or a group of people may not be best for the rest of society. There would be conflicts because of the increase in freedom for everyone in society. Therefore, I agree with Hobbes’ idea of a government because I also believe that people are greedy and have unlimited desires, and that in order to live in a peacefully functioning society we need to be c...

Free-Speech on College Campuses

I believe that prohibition of hate-speech or any speech which constitutes a “clear and present danger” to students is an important issue for all citizens, but especially to those who may be impacted directly by hate-crimes. Most minority students wqill probably be sympathetic to my thesis while "conservatives" will see it as an infringement of civil rights. Ironically, l...

Value of Freedom

Real independence will only be achieved when a hungry family from Kalahandi manages to get two square meals a day, a freedom from hunger for a day at least, a labouring child freed of his duties. Real independence will only be achieved when a child will be exempted from death irrespective of gender and when innocents are given the assurance to live. ‘When the world will be sleeping we will awake...

Hong Kong Identity

July 1st Protest Conclusion Identity illustrated by July 1st, 2003 • Widening gap • Antagonism vs. Pragmatic Nationalism and Liberalized Nationalism • Cosmopolitan identity: HK’s dream, opportunities in society, has affected to local’s commitment to democracy Introduction July 1st Protest Conclusion 3. Conclusion • Evident that Article 23 politic widened the gap of “issue in rights o...

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