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Online Social Network (OSN) is an online virtual community that helps people from anywhere to connect, share their views, ideas with each other and express themselves without any restrictions on social networks. Sometimes, in such a network one person’s view or idea can make an impact on another person. Hence OSNs play an essential role in the choices and forming decisions of a person. The person that can make an impact, help, or influence another person in any kind of issue is what we call an opinion leader.

Impact of Social Networking Sites on Students
Words • 941
Pages • 4
Abstract The main aim of this research is to how social networking sites are impacting students. Students are having a negative or positive impact. Most of the students spend a lot of their time on Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc because of which he/she is unable to concentrate on other works. Social Networking Sites which are a big area in themselves, this help is also enough in today’s modern era, but only when we use…...
College StudentsInstagramNetworking SitesSocial NetworkSocial Networking And YouthSocial Networking Disadvantages
Online Social Networking and Mental Health
Words • 740
Pages • 3
Today’s world is filled with technology like social media has a great impact on teenagers as well as adults nowadays.phones, laptops are proved to be the worst culprit. Social Media plays a major effect on a person’s sleep and many mental health disorders. The major comeback is stress on teenagers as well as adults for example if we spend our time, looking to problems or arguing with people we may go through stress which will eventually have an effect on…...
AdolescenceComputer securityHealthMental HealthSocial MediaSocial Network
Why Instagram is So Popular Through Social Networks?
Words • 671
Pages • 3
Instagram is a social media platform with one billion active users. Usually, photos and videos are shared on Instagram. The reason why Instagram is so loved by people is that it makes photos and videos more beautiful thanks to many filters. and you can also post your shared posts on Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and Tumblr. You can also share instant stories on Instagram. Instagram is a free application. It has a social network feature. Because there are also three features…...
InstagramSocial MediaSocial NetworkTechnologyWorld Wide Web
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How Social Network Kills Face To Face Conversation?
Words • 701
Pages • 3
What do you see on these images? You can see that there is no communication between these 2 people. They are sitting in front of each other but without any communication. Did you know that there is 25% of people chat to each other in the same place, 32% of people between the age of 18 to 29 spend more than 8 hours a day using social media, and the other 43% communicate more on social media than face to…...
Social MediaSocial NetworkTechnologyWorld Wide Web
Social Networking: the Promise, the Reality, and the Dark Side
Words • 1555
Pages • 7
In 1995 the first social networking site, theglobe. com, was established (Nickson, Christopher). The way humans connect and interact with each other- and the rate at which they could do it- was never the same. Today, people can contact their aunt 20,000 miles away with the simple click of a button. However, social networking did not start with Facebook and MySpace. Social networking sites were born from the BBS, which stands for the Bulletin Board System (Nickson, Christopher). These online…...
AdolescenceBullyingMyspaceSocial NetworkWorld Wide Web
Social Networking: A powerful tool
Words • 985
Pages • 4
Have you noticed how our world is different and how it has completely changed to adapt itself? Over the last few years, a new world was introduced to our society: Social Networking. While some people see it as a dangerous weapon, which it can in the wrong hands, I see it as a helpful and very useful tool. What does social networking mean to you? If you think it’s only Facebook, then maybe it's time to expand your definition and…...
FacebookSocial NetworkTechnology
Twitter Analysis of NeverAgain
Words • 1912
Pages • 8
In 2018, seventeen students and staff members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSD) were killed by a former student armed with an AR-15 rifle. Four days later, students of MSD began an activist movement known as Never Again with the goal for stricter background checks for gun buyers (Witt). Since then, #NeverAgain has emerged as a broader movement on social media for "genocidal remembrance and awareness" and "human and civil rights" (NeverAgain). A current overview of Twitter reveals that…...
Gun ControlImmigrationNewsPoliticsSocial MediaSocial Network
Diffusion of New Products in Social Networks
Words • 442
Pages • 2
Consumers' increasing distrust in traditional advertising (Chalmers, 2017; Lee, 2012) has led them to rely more on reviews from prior buyers connected with them in social networks to learn about new products' characteristics. This consumers' new reliance on social networks has encouraged researchers to i) include consumer-level interactions in social networks to study new products' life-cycle, and ii) exploit information about how consumers are connected in a network to design marketing strategies for new products.Early literature on diffusion of new…...
DiffusionSocial Network
QS Assignment – Social Network
Words • 592
Pages • 3
INTRODUCTION: Communication is an ikey to success in any industry in order to get succeed, social media plays Ian important role in communication with a wide range of people from different locations at a single time, by using social media ione can access to their work quickly without any delay and makes cost savings in the project. Coordination can also be called as the interdependent, responsibility and authority management where resources of the organisation are used most effectively in order…...
Social MediaSocial NetworkTechnologyWorld Wide Web
Social Networking is very frequently used among kids teenagers
Words • 1496
Pages • 6
Social Networking is very frequently used among kids, teenagers and even adults. It is a form of communication that helps us to be socially interactive on internet and introduces us to an environment which persuades us to solve our daily life problems instantly. Our generation has made social media apart of their daily life. The impacts and the effects of social networking cannot be ignored with the increasing popularity of the internet. Almost one fourth of world population is social…...
AdolescenceSocial MediaSocial NetworkTeenager
Music, Popular Culture and Social Networks Today
Words • 1312
Pages • 6
Whenever Declan McKenna songs come out from the radio, I audibly remember the times when I found out about my individuality through music. The atmosphere, the chills still runs out in my mind that day. It was a normal summer break day in a local vintage coffee shop, breezy air smoothly swept through the trees while the gloaming light shined through my eyes as I sat alone near the roof drawing my sketchbook while I lifted up my coffee cup,…...
Culture And MusicMusicPopular CultureSocial Network
Social Media and Social Networking
Words • 2154
Pages • 9
Social media and social networking seem to play an imperative part of peoples lives around the world. There are some who debate whether it is improving or crippling communication skills. Sitting behind a computer communicating with cyber friends can be easy and fun but can weaken a person’s verbal communication skills. I will not only focus on the negative impacts on communication because there are some positive impacts on communication through social media. I will explore how social media and…...
FacebookInternetSocial MediaSocial Network
Advantage of social networking
Words • 367
Pages • 2
These social networking websites create an online community of Internet users, each offering different advantages of social networking to its many members. There are three common advantages of social networking and there are communication, up-to-date information and business opportunities. The first advantages of social networking site is that the people can communicate regardless of distance from each other at very low cost. Relationships among family, friends and relatives grew closer. With one click, they can share the latest news or…...
InternetSocial MediaSocial Network
Computing &Social Networking in Air Asia
Words • 376
Pages • 2
We are pleased to present you this exciting report on strategies to implement Green Computing & Social Networking in AA. This report was prepared in accordance to provide AA the importance to implement Green Computing and Social Networking as a communication tools to embark on. Our reports include details on the strategy and methods to apply those activities. Based on this report, we have included a few recommendations to AA in our Conclusion section. Please do contact us if you…...
AsiaSocial NetworkTechnology
Negative and Positive Impact of Social Networking Essay
Words • 834
Pages • 4
The development of Internet has lead to the spread of social networks which have become the essential part of everyday life. Modern social media has formed a new means of communication which has its peculiarities just like talking via phone, letters, or messaging. Lots of teenagers spend hours surfing the net, looking for updates on the profiles of their nearest and dearest. The virtual world has become more lively than it can be noticed outdoors. The social media essay sample…...
AdolescenceInternetSocial MediaSocial Network
Social Networkings Negative Effect on Society
Words • 985
Pages • 4
Social networking sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram are changing the youth’s focus from productive activities, to the indulgence of their adolescent egos. Many teenagers growing up today have chosen to pursue accomplishments that hold no meaning, such as getting 100 likes on their photos. What is worse is that the youth subconsciously know that having this-many followers or that-many likes will get them nowhere yet they still devote so much of their time to social networking sites. These…...
MyspaceSocial NetworkSociety
Social Networking Has Caused More Harm Than Good to People
Words • 886
Pages • 4
Social networking has become a major part of society. Even big businesses and celebrities are jumping on the social networking bandwagon. Many people wake up each day and check social websites first thing in the morning instead of reaching for a newspaper. According to, as of June 2010, American Internet users spend more than 22 percent of their online time using a social networking site. Since people are spending such a large amount of time surfing social networks, it…...
CommunicationPeopleSocial MediaSocial Network
Online Behaviors And Impression Management
Words • 1493
Pages • 6
Introduction With the rapid development of technology, the Internet has become an effective mechanism for social networking. People can not deny the fact that a successful social networking is more possible to lead a successful life. A personal impression serves as an important role in establishing new networks and managing old ones. It was proved that people have more opportunities presenting themselves in the computer-coordinated communication settings than face-to-face environments. Therefore, regardless of generations, the ways how people interact with…...
BehaviorHuman NatureManagementPsychologySocial MediaSocial Network
Social Networking vs. Face to Face Communication
Words • 709
Pages • 3
With social networking at its peak, face to face communication has become scarce in modern society. With sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace face to face communication lost its indicative value. Social networking has become so widely spread throughout the world that it has become the primary form of communication. Both face to face communication and social media have limits and boundaries that contribute to their major distinctions. With social networking the rules that govern communication have crucial differences…...
CommunicationConversationMyspaceSocial MediaSocial Network
Stages of Social Transformation
Words • 735
Pages • 3
Communications drives everything and influences everyone. Society, organizations and individual transformation (change) happens as the result of communications. Nothing changes unless the who, what, why, when, where and how is communicated. Wall Street moves based on the communication of information. Organizations move based on what is communicated internally and externally. Religion moves people based on the communications and agreement of religious doctrines. People are influenced by communications and the subsequent actions create transformation of relationships, markets and the entire economy.…...
CommunicationCommunication ProcessCreativityEducationEffective CommunicationImportance Of Communication
Stranger Danger in Social Networks
Words • 692
Pages • 3
Social Networks are, on these days, the perfect way to communicate and keep in touch with your friends and family, and even to let them know about your plans and lifestyle. The disadvantages of using social networks are commonly ignored by users. I must say, I used to do it too, until one day. That morning, as the sun was rising from beyond the mountains and gradually changing the color of the sky from dark to blue. My day was…...
Social MediaSocial Network
Critical Writting
Words • 1273
Pages • 6
The article "Is Facebook Making Us Lonely" was wrote by Stephen Marche and was published in the Atlantic. The article catch the eye of the reader because it can be relate to our daily life in this generation. Social network is a medium where everyone involve themselves in. The article is about the loneliness of the people that communicates using the social network. The social network can broaden one's companionship, but it will increase one's loneliness. The article starts with…...
CommunicationFacebookInternetLonelinessMyspaceSocial Network
Social networking in our lives
Words • 677
Pages • 3
As technology advances it becomes a big part of our lives and has changed the way the world communicates. Being a teen in this generation we have basically grown up with cell phones and social media. Some say that these two things have greatly impacted us in a negative way. According to Alive. com a study showed that 73% of teenagers use some type of social networking and along with the usage of social media, teens today are at risk…...
AdolescenceCause And Effect Of TechnologySocial MediaSocial NetworkSocial Networking In Our Lives
Social networks and our young generation
Words • 363
Pages • 2
Introduction: Good morning. How are you? It’s been great, hasn’t it? I’ve been blown away by the whole thing. In fact, I’m leaving. Question: Well I Have a Question for you Guys What If Facebookwill Dissapeared? -many of us will shock! Right? Answer: Imagine this doomsday scenario: Like a technological version of The Leftovers, Facebook suddenly disappear, Many friendships would end due to trusting Facebook to always be the lifeline between these people and never considering the alternatives to speaking…...
CommunicationMyspaceNetworking SitesSocial NetworkTechnology
Pros and Cons of Social Networks
Words • 1112
Pages • 5
I bet that if I go onto Facebook or Twitter right now, I could find almost every one of you on there. When someone says “social network,” the first site to come to your mind is Facebook, right? Facebook is now the most identifiable social network, and according to Facebook statistics it’s recently reached over 300 million active users. Combined worldwide, they all spend over six billion minutes online every day. I got most of my information about social networking…...
InternetNetworking SitesPros and consSocial MediaSocial Network
Disadvantages of Social Network
Words • 631
Pages • 3
Having a social network or using social network might bring a lot of benefits for students but it is not all sunshine and roses because everything in life will have it own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the first disadvantages for using social network are it can reduce one learning and research capabilities. When it is too easy for them to have information the students will rely on the accessibility of information on social media specifically and the web in general…...
Social Network
Validity, Reliability and Credibility
Words • 407
Pages • 2
Information that is found on blogs, social media, net and .org are not always valid. Credibility is information or data that will have reference and resources. When it is researched you can determine the reliability of the data or information by its sources. The author or source of information will have validity from peers, journals etc. There was recently on Facebook, about 2015 taxes being delayed until October of 2015. There was many on the social media that was responding…...
Critical ThinkingHumanSocial MediaSocial NetworkWebsite
Positive and negative impacts of social networking sites
Words • 1169
Pages • 5
THE POSITIVE PART Social networking Web sites are helping businesses advertise, thus social networking Web sites are benefiting businesses - economically. Social networking Web sites are helping education by allowing teachers and coaches to post club meeting times, school projects, and even homework on these sites. Social networking Web sites are enabling advancements in science and medicine. Job hunting Stay in touch with friends Positive causes/awareness THE NEGATIVE PART The very nature of such sites encourages users to provide a…...
AdvertisingNetworking SitesSocial MediaSocial NetworkWebsiteWorld Wide Web
Role of Social Networking and Media in Political Awareness in Public
Words • 457
Pages • 2
Social media become an important medium of communication in the modern time in which it is provide powerful channels of information between politician and citizens. Besides that, the social media act as proactive devices for encouraging the citizen to participate in democratic process. The social media an important medium of information have influence people's thought and action about politics and encouraged people to give opinions, critics and suggestions as well as participate in politics. Therefore, the social media is one…...
Media And PoliticsPoliticsSocial MediaSocial Network
Social Networking on Human Interactions
Words • 709
Pages • 3
Social networking is a tool used by people all around the world. Its purpose is to promote and help communication. This type of technology might be doing more harm than good. Sarah Zay, of USA Today, stated that "With the rise of websites such as Facebook, social networking may be on the verge of replacing traditional personal interactions for the next generation" It is not only changing how we communicate, but how we interact with each other in daily life.…...
CommunicationHumanHuman NatureSocial MediaSocial Network
Are social networking sites good for our society
Words • 317
Pages • 2
Are social media websites great for our society? In todays way of life it is confessed that Social media network Sites bring convenience, performance, quick, speed and width for teenagers' interpersonal relationship development. With numerous ongoing debates about why social networking might be bad for society, I have discovered it to be helpful for society. Social networking is available in many types. It is available in the kind of facebook, twitter, and even professional forums such as Linkedin. In such…...
CommunicationMark ZuckerbergNetworking SitesSocial MediaSocial NetworkSociety
Pros and Cons of Social Networking
Words • 1056
Pages • 5
There are many different pros and cons of social networks. Social networks allow for easier communication and allow people to make new friends. However, these sites allow pedophiles to groom kids and allow for bullying. Social Networking sites have allowed easier communication between family and friends. This means that instead of having to meet in a certain place to speak to your friends about school or what they are doing at the weekend, you would now be able to switch…...
Networking SitesSocial NetworkWeekend
Private Life on Social Networking Sites
Words • 760
Pages • 4
Social networking sites can be defined as an online platform where people create their own profiles, share them with the public, and communicate with other users on the Internet. The increasing popularity of these sites affects our lives in many aspects and the most important one is the privacy issue. It can easily be observed that social networking sites are a real threat for the user’s personal privacy. First of all, there are some threats arising from security vulnerability on…...
Identity TheftInternetLifeNetworking SitesPrivacySocial Network
The Effects of Social Networking Sites
Words • 1339
Pages • 6
The rise in popularity of social networks over the last few years has altered how we utilize the internet. But most significantly, how we study and how we discover. Social network has actually provided us the ability to share concepts, sensations, and information at unbelievable speed. We can now interact faster and wither higher performance with our lecturers and professors. Trainees can make use of social media by posting, sharing notes and lectures online, or watch a video referring to…...
InternetNetworking SitesSocial MediaSocial Network
Is social media ruining our lives? Do you think social networking sites like Facebook have an over all negative effect on society ?
Words • 1175
Pages • 5
The Negative Effects of Social Media & Technology Why so many people cannot live without their phone updating their face book? In this generation people are so addicted on face book. Before and after they go to bed they cannot help themselves checking other people’s status and updating their personal life. According to Web tends, “Social media is form of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, and personal messages. Face book is a…...
CommunicationEffects Of Media On SocietyInstagramNetworking SitesSocial MediaSocial Media Negative Effects
A virtual community and a social networking web site
Words • 752
Pages • 4
QUESTION 1. Compose a paragraph to explain and compare a virtual community and a social networking web site. In Social networks everybody has their own social media (whether online or offline). Everyone has good friends, households, and individuals they are acquainted with. An online social networking site just makes our social networks visible to others who are not in our instant network. So the single crucial function that identifies a social media network from a community is how people are…...
CommunitySocial Network
Social Networking Disadvantages Today
Words • 750
Pages • 3
Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society? What about our communication skills? Well, there are many social networking sites out there. “35% of adults and 65% of teens in America who use the internet have profiles on social networking sites”. I feel because so how many have an account on these sites it is hurting our society. Additionally, people are not having face to face interaction, and these social networking sites are hurting peoples communication skills.Everyone has social networking…...
CommunicationHuman NatureSocial MediaSocial Network
Advantage and disadvantages of social networking
Words • 550
Pages • 3
Since the advent of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, there has been much debate on their benefits and detriments. While social networking sites are a useful tool in our increasingly connected world, they can also adversely affect our development and the nature of our social interactions. Hence, it is important to first identify their advantages and disadvantages to effectively use them. Social networking sites offer a medium for people to keep in touch with their acquaintances and…...
CommunicationNetworking SitesSocial MediaSocial Network
Social Networking And Its Effects On Young Generation
Words • 2190
Pages • 9
Social Networking Sites is a web-based service, with a large online community. Websites like Face book, MySpace or Twitter provide social networking services like bring people together all over the world by allowing them to get to know each other. This interaction is likely to include families, friendship and romantic and group relation. With the help of networking, it can help people make friends and to search to find some personal relationship and families can stay in touch more easily.…...
Case StudyInternetMyspaceResearchSocial Network
The Effects of Social Networking on Teenage Lives
Words • 642
Pages • 3
The life of an average teenager is filled with excitement, curiosity, love, and the constant addiction into the world of social networking. Teenagers seem to have this double life when interacting with different social networking sites. From Facebook to Twitter to online games and game systems, teens are overloaded with several options to stay connected with their friends. Average teenagers are constantly updating their status, playing against other users on online games, tweeting their favorite quote, or using up all…...
Networking SitesSocial Network
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Influence in OSNs 

In this paper, we present the need, characteristics, and different methods to identify an opinion leader. In the present scenario, an OSN is becoming very popular, it plays a vital role not only in the economy but also in a person’s life to share their ideas and interact with each other. People while making some decisions seek for other people’s advice or views they trust. An opinion leader is someone who has the ability to influence people’s choices and decisions with their decision, opinions, or views. The opinion leadership concept was developed in the 1940s by U.S. socialist Paul Lazarsfeld and his colleagues, and then it was further developed by different studies and theories. According to a study in[1], it is basically a two-step process. In the first step, the opinion leader understands and analyzes the views and ideas of other people and in the second step they form their own views and provide it to people. After the emergence of Web 2.0 technology, the opinion leader concept has been developed drastically. They play an important role in a person’s life since at some point of time everyone looks for advice or opinion.

According to Roger and Cartano[2], opinion leaders can be anyone including friends, family, relatives, or an online friend whoever is in a person’s social network. An online opinion leader is envisaged and resembling an opinion leader in reality. When an opinion leader happens to be the one from somebody’s own circle a person trusts them even more compared to some other person from the outer circle.

Opinion leadership can be distinguished into two types: monomorphic and polymorphic. Generally, opinion leadership is viewed as a domain-specific measure of people’s differences, that is a person can be an opinion leader in one domain and be a follower in another domain. In contrast, polymorphic opinion leaders are the ones that can influence other people in almost any domain by their views and ideas.

Mass Media and Opinion Leaders

According to the model, the two-step flow of communication model [1], mass media doesn’t directly influence a person. In fact, the information flows from mass media to the opinion leaders who understand and analyze the information and put it into context for the wider population. Thus people have a feeling of more trust towards opinion leaders as compared to the advertised media. Opinion leaders can identify in several domains.

Online Networking and Leadership in Marketing 

In marketing and digital marketing, whenever an opinion leader reviews a certain thing or service, the prevalence and the sales of these items increase early as compared to other things. So, opinion leaders can influence the choice or decision of another person by providing them with more information about things through their own experiences[4]. According to a study[5] by Hsu, Lin and Chiang(2013) it is shown that recommendation does influence a person’s purchase choice. Their studies also verify that consumers get influenced by online product recommendations before making the final purchase decision. Likewise, an opinion leader can be seen in online reviewing something and can influence online consumer behaviour and a person’s choice and decision by their own information and experience.

From the previous studies, it has been shown that an opinion leader is a progressively complex, profound mastermind and to some extent has higher social status and higher skill level when contrasted to other individuals. Generally, opinion leaders can be seen as dependable or trustworthy, and non-purposive. When people seek advice for something they listen to other people or an opinion leader’s experiences and information with an aim of not getting deceived in a specific direction. However, the media can be seen as a fortifying agent while an opinion leader can be seen as having a more decisive role in a person’s decision or choice.

FAQ about Social Network

Why Instagram is So Popular Through Social Networks?
...If we give an example to vertical networks, they are platforms that are state-bound and we cannot share anything, that is, we cannot express our opinion. such as e-devlet, e-okul etc. To summarize, all these network connections we mentioned all work ...
How Social Network Kills Face To Face Conversation?
...Hopefully, is not too late to start practicing our traditional way of communication that is face to face communication by having good verbal technics, trying to put away the electronic devices, having more eye contact with others, and try to listen t...

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