How Social Network Kills Face To Face Conversation?

What do you see on these images? You can see that there is no communication between these 2 people. They are sitting in front of each other but without any communication.

Did you know that there is 25% of people chat to each other in the same place, 32% of people between the age of 18 to 29 spend more than 8 hours a day using social media, and the other 43% communicate more on social media than face to face?

In 2019, there are more than 2.77 billion people using social media around the world.

Is this our society? where people choose to socialize with others by an electronic device and not face to face.

Don't' get me wrong or misunderstand, I accept that social media is an excellent idea, it’s a useful device that is created to share information easier and to bring the world and people together. Social communication is recognized globally, it helps families and friends to be connected with each other, despite living in different countries or continents.

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In the last centuries, communication between people from other continents wasn't only difficult, but also costly. Such as making a long-distance call was a time-consuming process and it wasn't anything cheap for it. But nowadays, this situation is totally different. In these days, people have the advantage to use several free social services accessible for anyone that has a smartphone, which able them to communicate with anybody, in anywhere, and also for looking information about any topic that you are interested in and it is just simple as a piece of cake thanks to the internet.

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All these features are extraordinary for the internet, which their purpose is to connect, communicate, and notify. But sadly, the usage of social media is damaging our daily life connection and personal communication. As the social media advance over years, it is almost impossible to meet someone face to face and have a decent conversation, all because of the attraction from the media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and other services that make daily communication easier between family, friends and between business partners. It helps strangers to enable communication between others, and this is what social media are definitely good for. It has many amazing characteristics, but it does also come with a price.

People from many generations use these networks every day, but it is slowly taking over their real life. Somewhere now people use the internet network more than communicating with others, a conversation where people need to socialize and talk face to face seems to be difficult nowadays. I’m not the only one, as the whole room in here is addicted to these kinds of apps or websites, that cause an individual to be like a machine or robots chatting all day long, while with the electronic device could make their life easier and save time and energy, that’s why I believe that these apps destroyed our ability to communicate with another face to face.

Another issue is that people can simply spread information over the internet. This makes an easy way for individuals to express their feeling and share unsuitable things such as cyberbullying, it is also known as online bullying, it is a form of persecution by electronic devices. It is when someone, typically in the teenager, that harass others on social media. Cyberbullying is increasing around the world. The harsh comments and personal attacks disperse like wildfire on the internet network and lead people. Who goes through cyberbullying to commit suicide or other critical condition.

Hopefully, is not too late to start practicing our traditional way of communication that is face to face communication by having good verbal technics, trying to put away the electronic devices, having more eye contact with others, and try to listen to others. I need to accept that social communication changed our life. It is an amazing concept when people used it properly, it helps us to connect individuals from each part of the world but not with the ones who stay at the next door! That’s why, if we could use the media correctly, social communication will become better for us. Be the first one to change, and you will see the difference.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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