Schools Kills Creativity Essay

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Schools Kills Creativity

Last year, I came across a video on that really grabbed my attention and I thought Id discuss it with you today.

Once a child enters a school their creativity is imprisoned in their own head because schools do not encourage creativity. Schools nowadays are using the same system that the people in the 19th century were using. As Ken Robinson said, they do not understand that all individuals are “born artists and then are educated out of creativity”. In addition, during that time a person wouldn’t be able to make a living if he was an artist, but now it’s possible therefore educators should encourage people to do what they love.

Each person is special in his own way and wants to flourish into something different; not all people want to become doctors or engineers. Every educational system around the world positions the subjects by how important they are, shockingly every one of them rank the Arts last and have Mathematics, Humanities, and Languages at the top. Ken Robinson, an author, speaker, and international advisor on education, states that creativity is a major aspect of learning and he says that “public education is educating students out of their creative capacities”.

This is exceedingly true because each student has a unique talent; whether it is dancing, singing, or painting, but the school does not encourage it. As the famous Pablo Picasso one said “Every child is born an artist; the problem is to remain one once they grow up.” Schools or education in general, makes it difficult for its pupils to do what they love because they are forced to take subjects that they don’t like in order to help them in the future.

In every system they don’t care about the arts as much as the Math, History, and English because they think it’s not as important. As children grow up, educators focus on teaching subjects like mathematics, and forget about mucic, drawing, singing…this makes the children’s creativity fade. The only reason teachers teach is because they want to help their students pass their exams. How is originality and creativity rewarded on a multiple choice test? It isn’t.

Encouraging creativity has many advantages, but the most important one is that it makes peoples’ minds more original. All the great people, such as Thomas Edison, have originality. In addition to that, it also expands the mind and makes it less difficult for students to solve problems given to them. If they’re creative, then that means that the person is flexible and imaginative therefore will be able to come up with unique solutions. When a student is encouraged to express their thoughts without limitations, they significantly progress and stand out. A students’ creativity is expanded when allowed, thus leading them to discover their abilities and explore their imagination. Robinson says that “…the human brain is diverse…we think with sounds, visuals…intelligence is dynamic…wonderfully interactive.” This quote shows that each individual will discover myriad ways of learning if they investigate their artistic skills.

In conclusion, the educational system does not focus on the Arts and this is very unfortunate. Most students nowadays are forced to study subjects they consider extremely unpleasant. So why not expand and encourage children to pursue what they truly love? People should focus on building an excessively creative future for students and children because human imagination is a gift and it should be appreciated and not hidden.

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