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The Roman Navy: Masters of the Mediterranean
Words • 1596
Pages • 6
Roman ships varied in size and shape, and each one had a different purpose. For instance, the smaller boats unloaded cargo from the larger, import ships that brought the goods Rome survived on. There were the thin, but powerful warships that could ram enemies, but also be rowed up rivers for sneak attacks. There were also the large, intricately designed merchant ships that were so big, they couldn’t fit into the Roman ports. All the ships were beautiful works of…...
HistoryNavyRoman empireRowingWater Transport
Titanic Diary
Words • 1363
Pages • 5
Dear Diary, We arrived yesterday, Mother, Janie and I. Here at Uncle Harvey's house in New Jersey. So much has happened to me since I last wrote to you. Even now as I sit here a week later I am still trying to make sense of the huge string of awful events that have been this last week. My hands are shaking like mad .I can not even think about this without tears welling up in my eyes. We left…...
RowingTitanic Ship
Risks and hazards associated with sports participation
Words • 686
Pages • 3
Virtually all sporting activities involve an element of risk to the performer. Potential hazards should be identified to prevent risk of injury to the performer. Risks can be categorised into how likely they are to happen from ‘high’ to ‘low’. Hazards can be divided into three main groups. People Factors Warming up before performing helps reduce the risk of injury such as muscle strains. Warming up helps the circulatory system pump blood to the muscles gradually. Cold muscles do not…...
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The impact of tourism on the hand weaving
Words • 2261
Pages • 9
Inlay, second largest lake in Myanmar, is located at the Shan Plateau, 900 meters above sea level. The lake is 22km long and 10km across, and inhabited by many different ethnic nationals of the area. The Intha, Lake dwellers, are unique for their leg rowing. Leg rowed traditional boats are the main ceremonial attractions of the Inlay Lake. The area of the lake is originally 190/100 square feet but currently it was only 60 square feet in the rainy season…...
The Scarlet Ibis by James Hurst: Pride Theme
Words • 747
Pages • 3
Gaining from the ameliorate of ones disability, makes a person seem self-centered or conceited. The Scarlet Ibis, a short story by James Hurst tells the story of two brothers. Brother tells the story of his actions that contribute to his younger brothers death. Brothers pride is the main reason for Doodles yearly passing. This idea of pride, is a central theme in the story. Pride, a feeling of importance, merit, or superiority, can cause both positive and negative consequences. Moral…...
PrideRowingThe Scarlet Ibis
Essay on Black Man and White Women
Words • 791
Pages • 3
The story "Black Man and White Women in Dark Green Rowboat”, written by Russell Banks, is about an interracial relationship on the brink of disaster. The story opens up on an extremely hot day in August at a trailer park that is right next to a lake with a variety of people who live there. I was not immediately aware that the black man and the white woman were the focus of the story, but those characters gradually emerged and…...
“Syriana” and Successive Marxist Theory
Words • 824
Pages • 3
Stanley Aronowitz and William Difazio’s work on contemporary Marxist theory following and analyzing Fordism views of labor as a means to exploit and control workers is very interesting when applied to the film, “Syriana”.  Their ideas illuminate the problems with Fordism (referring to Henry Ford’s method of car production) and its technological effects on control of both workers and their time. Creating “endless” work through technology and its reach beyond the workplace (cell phones, internet, etc...) and, also, alienation from…...
MarxismPhilosophyReligious ExtremismRowingTheory
How Biomechanics Influences Olympic Rowing?
Words • 1356
Pages • 5
Rowing is a sport in where athletes compete against each other in specially designed boats on rivers, lakes or oceans depending on the type of race and the discipline. Different types of race include endurance, time-trial, side by side Olympic rowing and many others. Rowing can take one of two formats * Sweep rowing – each rower has one oar, held with both hands, commonly done in pairs, fours or eights. * Sculling – each rower has two oars, one…...
Words • 723
Pages • 3
Humor is infection. The sound of roaring laughter is far more contagious than any cough, sniffle, or sneeze. When laughter is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness and intimacy. Laughter also triggers healthy physical changes in the body. Humor and laughter strengthen your immune system, boost your energy, diminish pain, and protect you from the damaging effects of stress. Best of all, this priceless medicine is fun, free, and easy to use. see more:laughter is the best medicine…...
Human NatureHumorLaughterRowing
Problems faced by the sugar industry
Words • 956
Pages • 4
Topic: Problems faced by the Sugar Industry in the British West Indies specifically Jamaica. Research Question: The problems faced by the Sugar Industry affected the British West Indies during the period of 1838-1876. In light of those problems to what extent did this result in the decline of sugar and the economic state of Jamaica. Rationale/ Aim It is believed that the problems faced by the sugar industry were caused due to the fact that the planters had a very…...
The Influence of pH on the Activity of Catalase Enzyme
Words • 1203
Pages • 5
Introduction The biocatalyst activity is influenced by a number of factors, such as affinity and substratum concentration, temperature, pH-medium, the presence of activators and inhibitors. Experts identify four types of elements that determine the catalytic spree of an enzyme. First, we need a chemical apparatus in a dynamic center, capable of deforming or polarizing bonds of a substratum, which makes the latter more reactive. Secondly, a fixation core is needed that immobilizes substrata in the correct position to other reaction…...
“The Open Boat” by Stephen Crane Short Story Analysis
Words • 713
Pages • 3
In the story "The Open Boat" the author, Stephen Crane, uses a lot of figurative language. Figurative language is used in this short story to give a valid picture of what the men are going through by comparing something that the reader probably hasn't seen. Examples of how figurative language works in this story are showing the comparison to how small the boat really is and how big the waves are. They are so big compared to the boat that…...
RowingShort Story
A Mile In My Shoes
Words • 705
Pages • 3
Someone once said, you don't really know a person until you walk a mile in their shoes. Whoever said this must have met many a person like me. Where one's shoes have been and what they have done can give you a great deal of insight into a person. I think my shoes reveal a lot about me—not only my everyday activities and hobbies, but the events that have shaped my inner self. If you closely examine my shoes, you'll…...
Learning means to commit to memory
Words • 788
Pages • 3
Introduction: Someone has very rightly quoted; learning is like rowing upstream. It steers us through all difficulties, but cramming leaves us nowhere. Learning means to commit to memory any given text. This process of memorizing surely helps students to absorb informational materials in a no specific amount of time while cramming is the practice of working intensively to absorb large amounts of informational materials in a short amount of time. What is the meaning of cramming? And what are the…...
Human NatureLearningMemoryPsychologyRowing
Analysis of a Short Story The End of Something
Words • 1217
Pages • 5
"We Required More Lumber: A Literary Analysis of Ernest Hemingway's 'The End of Something'" Describe how the different aspects of the setting represent and reflect Nick and Marjorie's relationship and how they felt towards each other in the story Remaining in a relationship includes something a lot more than merely being bound together by the very same interests or doing activities together. Everyone needs to have shared respect, trust, and have direction in order to keep a strong, long lasting,…...
MoonRowingShort Story
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How Biomechanics Influences Olympic Rowing?
...The drive phase of the stroke can also be analyzed in terms of segmental co-ordination in order to improve performance. Nelson and Widule (as cited in Soper, 2004) found that in novice rowers, there was a delay in the peak angular velocity between th...

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