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Family Essay Essay

Paper type: Essay Pages: 4 (807 words)

Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove – Freedom Essay by Callum Powell 8A The phrase to “set himself free” is used a lot throughout a bridge to Wiseman’s cove, whether it is to do with family issues or just common everyday tasks. Carl is constantly trying to let himself free and sometimes succeeds but other times doesn’t. Some examples are that if he’ll see his mother or every stop looking after his little brother Harley. Throughout “A bridge Wisemans cove” he goes through a mental journey facing evil family member (usually Beryl) and friends.

An example of setting himself free is at the end of the novel where throughout the book where he has been looking after Harley, feeding him, caring for him and most importantly keeping him out of trouble. Such as when Harley is caught stealing from the local store, by the time he gets back to Aunt Beryl’s house she lashes out and threatens to kick Harley out but Carl intervenes and give Beryl some of the money that Sarah gave him earlier on in the book so that she can be kind to Harley.

So by the end of the book when Harley moves in with the Duncan’s.

Carl feels a sense of relief and freedom, because he no longer has the responsibility for Harley and he no longer has to worry about him. ““When Beryl chains Harley up, Carl finds the courage to confront her at the bowls club where she has been all day playing the pokies. If you’d stayed with him, kept an eye on him, if you cared about him, he wouldn’t get into trouble. ” This is another part of the book where Carl “sets himself free” he finally sets free how much he despises aunt Beryl, she has been mean and cruel to them and trying to find any reason to kick them out.

So this is when Carl sets free how he feels and puts his foot down. Another example of setting himself free is also at the end of the book when Carl finds out that whilst on her way home from her ‘holiday’ Kerry died in a bus crash. “Carl Matt opened up too, letting go and feeling a freedom flood into him … he knew at last that he was alive to feel it” (page 241) this moment was probably one of the biggest revelations for Carl as he finally felt the sense of freedom as he was always wondering when his mum would return or if she would return.

So when he finally finds out that his mother had died of course he felt sad and depressed but at the same time he felt closure and freedom as he didn’t have to worry about her or didn’t have to always be thinking of if she will come and pick him up. This is a very important part of the novel as the premise of the book is based on family and love but Carl and Harley don’t have either all they have is each other so when they find out their mum is dead it hits them hard but also sets them free.

One last example of letting himself free is whilst Carl is working at Skips barge. Because working on the barge helps Carl get away from all his troubles and more importantly the people that don’t accept him such as Beryl. Whilst working on the barge Carl finds the freedom to try a lot of new things. “You love that barge, don’t you, Carl? …You’re the best thing that could have happened. ” Finally people were starting to notice Carl, then he had the freedom to show himself.

Throughout the book he was shown as a very shy, lonely and awkward kid who didn’t know many people and didn’t really talk or try to communicate with them. “Carl shared in…the freedom of the bird itself. Elation, freedom. He felt them both” (page 158) in some sense Carl wished that he was the bird so that he could fly away from all of his problems ad just leave them all behind. Although Carl keeps working at the barge by the end of the book he still senses a feel of freedom being away from everyone and having somewhere just to relax and forget all of your troubles.

To conclude Carl found many ways to find freedom whether it was mental or emotional freedom. The ways he exampled freedom in the text were standing up to Aunt Beryl for Harleys sack, working at the local barge and finally he having the freedom to stop worrying about is mother as he didn’t know she died on her way back home. So by the end of the novel Carl found the freedom for a lot of things and didn’t regret any of the decisions he made.

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Paper type: Essay Pages: 4 (937 words)


A family is the most important social group to which a person could belong to. Our families teaches us about the importance of knowledge, education, hard work and effort. It teaches us about enjoying ourselves, having fun, keeping fit and healthy. It teaches us all the social and moral etiquettes which a person learns and they learn them because of their family environment. The conditions in a family very much affect the livelihood and working of an individual. There for making your family very important.


There are so many reasons why a family is important. A family is what a person has been around their whole life they have helped that person even if that person doesn’t notice, the family has helped. and no matter what there is a bond between each person in a family a love that you can’t quite explain even when someone in the family has done something to hurt you no matter what happens you will love them even if you don’t think so now.

But that is not what this speech is about, I will be focusing on how a family helps; 1.)shapes the personality, 2.) develops emotional strength, and 3.) can work as a support system.


I.It shapes the personality. Now how dose our family shape our personality? A.Well since childhood, we are taught be in accordance with the family traditions and cultures which have been going on since generations. B.The basic principles of life and lessons to live it nicely are also given to us by our family. C. The social, moral, and educational background decides the present and future of the child and that is decided by the family, especially the parents. (Transitional Phrase: It is the family which helps us to grow well and deal with the challenges of life because of how our emotional strength was developed).

II. When the family goes through a hard time or a joyous time all the members of the family go through it and that is how our development of emotional strength is started. A.When family environment is good and stress free, then the mind of an individual remains delighted and free of any pressure. B.But if the family is broken or if there are continuous family problems every now and then, this leads to serious mental stress. C.This in turn, has difficult effects on the education, career and future of a person. In other words, the emotional strength of a person and our ability to overcome crisis situations for the most part depends on how we have been brought up. (Transitional Phrase: When a family is well put together the and family members encourage us to do something we will certainly feel confident about whatever it is even if we are not that great at that certain thing.)

III. Whenever we are looking for support we always look to those that we know will support us and so when our family works as a support system it will certainly help us a lot. A.And in order to do any job well, a person needs some backing or support to keep their confidence level high. B.Family is the biggest source of this because the family members know that person better than anyone else. therefore they know what is right for the individual and what is not and family should tell you what is not good for u or what they know you certainly cant do. C. If the family always help and encourages that person and that person can trust them then they and will go to them for advice or support trusting them to help them and trusting their judgment if they should or shouldn’t do something. D. Most importantly the family will always be with a person, even in the worst times of that individuals life the family will go through it with them.


Therefore “Cherish your life, Cherish your health, Cherish your family, and Cherish your friends. For these are the things that money can’t buy and will define your true wealth”.-unknown Appreciate your family because when everything goes downhill your family will be right there with you. And some people don’t have that, some people have to deal with struggles on their own and have a hard time because they do not having a family to help them go through it, yes they might have friends that will help them but there friends don’t have the deep connection that you have with your family they haven’t gone through all that you have because they haven’t been at your side as your family has. You might think that your brothers and sisters haven’t gone through the same thing that you have but there is such a deep connection between a family that they have dealt with you and how you take the situations. There is a reason why God gave you your family and not just a friend that you know for a couple of years. there is a reason why you will have them in your life forever. However as I said before there is so much more but now is not the time for that, for now I hope you can see how a family is important because of how it helped shape the personality, develop emotional strength, and works as a support system. Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions but our roots remain as one. So “No matter how bad things get, no matter how wrong things go, family will always be there! So treasure the family you have and don’t take them for granted!”- Nishan Panwar

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Family. (2016, Feb 27). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/family-essay

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