Ethics Essay Topics

Ethics and Legal Issue

At the time I worked as a custodian in a department store, I was faced with an ethical dilemma of whether accepting a bribe from a colleague of higher position to manipulate cash transactions in her favor. This was of course an issue for me since I knew manipulating business transactions is unethical and wrong,… View Article

Ethics in Economics and Finance

Ethics is defined as a standard of human behavior that offers how to act in many situations with friends, family members, employees, business people, professionals, etc. It is necessary to mention that to make really ethical decision means to use trained sensitivity to ethical issues. In other words, ethics is associated with acceptable human behavior… View Article

War and the Integration of Ethical Principles under the Golden Rule

In today’s moral climate, where the sanctity of life is unappreciated, it is fair to say that the adoption of a comprehensive ethical approach to human interaction should be based on the golden rule principle adopted by Thiroux. Many wars have been fought throughout the history of time, and the taking of human life is… View Article

Research Ethics Board of Canada

There are many rules that must be adhered to when describing a course of ethics. The purpose of this reading, “Ethics,” was to inform readers of the rules and regulations set forth by the Research Ethics Board of Canada. The ethics board keeps a close watch over matters of all types of human research. The… View Article

Ethics, Morals, or Values

My ethical judgment was put to a severe test only once in the past. However, when it happened, it completely overwhelmed me that I could never be certain until now whether I made the right decision. It involved my 90-year-old great-aunt whom I loved dearly and who had no other living relative besides me. She… View Article

Ethics, Discretion, and Police Misconduct

Ethical police conduct is not as complicated as everyone assumes about defining the perimeters that “ethics” cover. Ethics, for a lot of people, is a vague concept. Then again, being ethical as a servant is simply doing what one needs to do to deserve the term “professional. ” In this case, ethical police is about… View Article

Ethics and Philosophy of Social Research

The social research shares with all scientific endeavours the necessity to balance scientific zeal with other ethical values that derive from the social context in which all social research takes place. To some degree, the research ideal of objectivity unavoidably conflicts with humanistic values. Therefore, all researchers must at some time come to grips with… View Article

Ethical Theory, Business Practice and the Corporation

If I would be about to handle the situation of Speedy Motors, there are some things that I would consider first before making decision especially the crucial ones like this. I think it would be best to solve this problem by finding the equitable welfare for all the stakeholders of the company. Given there are… View Article

Ethical Considerations For Testing

There have been many debates throughout the years regarding ethics and when, where and how they are to be used. Many people are unsure of how ethical beliefs should be combined with the proper ways of instructing and testing. Is it ethical to give someone a test if they are not prepared for that test?… View Article

Ethical Systems

Ethical systems form the basis of moral beliefs; they are the moral philosophies that order moral principles systematically. (Thomson and WardSworth, 2005) Ethical systems can be broadly classified into deontological and teleological ethical systems. A deontological system concerns itself with the nature of an act that is under judgment, if an act is good but… View Article

Ethical Standards for Human Research

Ethical standards in human research should be followed strictly as they encourage the participants of the process to get involved in experiment as far as these standards are met. The ethical standards ensure that the risks he/she can be exposed to are taken care of to ensure maximum benefit at the end of the exercise…. View Article

Ethical Pursuations

Each of the three different theoretical approaches proposed for public relation ethics has admirers and detractors as well. All the three theories require practical ways of incorporating them into public relation campaign, using the suggested pyramids (Barney & Black 1994:233-244). Virtue ethics involves fostering a strong internal moral compass to guide anyone in choosing the… View Article

Different Views on Ethical Perspectives

We, as human beings are more often aware of our actions. Before we make decisions critical analysis comes with a great consideration. We are able to analyze these things because are considered as rational beings and we have the ability to think to the highest level we can. We opt to consider whether these things… View Article

Ethical Perspective Paper

I. Introduction This Paper through The Ethics Awareness Inventory seeks to describe the writer’s own ethical perspective. The Ethics Awareness Inventory refers to a series of characterizations representing the four prominent categories of ethical philosophy: character or virtue, obligation or deontology, results or utilitarianism, and equity or relativism. The writer’s scores are as follows: character:… View Article

Ethical or Not

As far as the media is concerned, one ethical standard I know they must follow is responsible reporting. If this alone is the standard, then I would give a thumbs up for the showing of the documentary. By this criteria alone, the airing of the documentary is already ethical. As claimed by the article itself,… View Article

Ethical issues in work

In group work, pressure on the individuals involved is inevitable. However, there are distinctions between therapeutic pressure as well as undue pressure. Therapeutic pressure results in adaptive anxiety. The mere presence of others will put pressure on each of the individuals in the group to behave in a certain way during each session. This is… View Article

Ethical Issues in the Professions and Business

Professionals and other business personalities all share a common ground of responsibility towards that people that they particularly aim to serve. As individuals handling several procedures of servicing the society, it is undeniable that professionals follow a certain line of responsibilities that lead them towards the procedures of being able to complete the said tasks… View Article

Ethical dimensions associated with Information systems

The ethical dimensions linked with the information systems bring professionalism and work ethics to its full extent. It strives to achieve the best quality, effectiveness and decorum in both the process and products of professional work. It must believe in acquiring, nurturing and preserving the organized nature of information systems. Optimally taking care of comprehensive… View Article

Ethical Dilemma Faced in Combat

When two primary values are conflicting there should be a good ethics code to serve as an arbiter. Ethical dilemma is therefore said to arise when there are two primary values conflicting in an individual for example a solider is supposed to be with his family but at the same time he is required to… View Article

Ethical Decision making by School Principals

Principals are faced with the challenge of managing schools and there is need for them to be ethical, respectful, inspiring, creative and knowledgeable about methods of instruction and the culture of the school and curriculum. These principals are also faced with the challenge of knowing and identifying areas of support that is able to enhance… View Article

Ethical and Legal System

For many years healthcare industries all over the world are known for operating under various legal regime systems, which often threaten hospitals, health plans as well as physicians with very severe and stiff sanctions for any violations they perform on the standards that are set for the healthcare industries. In this case, legal systems in… View Article

A Study on Accenture and an Analysis of its Ethical Culture

The current paper intends to make an in-depth investigation and analysis of the ethical culture and performance of a large organization which can be a prospective employer to the members of the workforce. This paper will discuss on Accenture, as a competitive international company, and how it promotes ethical culture with its operations. Accenture is… View Article

John Rawls Ethical Theory

On February 21 on the year 1921 a man who’s in the future will be regarded as a prominent philosopher John Rawls in Baltimore Maryland was born. He graduated in Kent School in 1939; Rawls completed BA at Princeton University and received in here his Ph. D. in 1950. Great American Political Philosopher John Rawls… View Article

Professional Ethics of Detectives

Criminal Justice Careers can be very exciting but also a risky job. Detective is one that interests me more. Detective went through intensive trainings. The profession requires Diplomas from high school institution they came from. It is also required that they take courses in English, Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Physical Education. Skills in foreign… View Article

Professional ethical dilemma paper

The dilemma I went through had something to do with integrity, friendship, and professionalism. I was in a quite major project with a classmate, let us call him JK, and my classmate was financially supportive of the project. I am not very close to JK, but we are nice to each other and he has… View Article

Code of Ethics for Engineers

In his essay, “Thinking Like an Engineer”, Michael Davis argues that: engineering is a profession which requires a code of ethics, and that the engineers must abide by the code of ethics. He argues that engineering is a profession which requires a code of ethics so that engineers can be expected to follow specific normative… View Article

Report on the Case Study Tata Steel’s Ehtics

Executive Summary The gender balance group was given a case study into Tata’s contribution to ethical business practices and sustainability to investigate into. The ten (10) member group shared the research questions amongst themselves for effective and efficient exercise. The group researched into the general view of ethical business practices as behavioral moral values and… View Article

Ethical Issues

Different people have different understandings of what constitutes ethical behavior. There are laws that help define what is legal and what is not, but the differences between moral ethics are not always clear. These types of moral ethics often lead to ethical dilemmas. According to Trevino & Nelson (2007), “it might surprise many people to… View Article

Business Ethics Reflection

In any organization workers can face ethical dilemmas. On a daily basic people are posed with ethical dilemmas and have to decide to making the correct or the wrong choice. Some may not realize but we make ethical work choices at times and may not even realize it. For instance you are late to work… View Article